Monday, 31 December 2007

Stitches out!

Well, bright and early this morning I went to the hospital, to have my 1/2 cast off, and stitches
The bandage/plaster came off real easy..a few snips with scissors, then snap the cast around my foot.
The plaster-room nurse took the stitches out, except they weren't, they were staples! All 26 of them.
Then the doctor came to check everything had healed as expected.
Apparently my ankle has healed very well, but I have to take their word for it,as I felt distinctly nauseous, and more than a little dizzy.
Whilst waiting for the doctor, the nurse brought another patient in to remove their plaster, so she pulled the curtain around the bed I was sat on.
Now....don't know about USA hospital beds, but in UK, when they pull the curtain around, for privacy, you can guarantee that the join/split lands right in your line of vision, so I started laughing. The nurse asked me why I was laughing, and adjusted it.
Samantha, has only had a brief overnight in hospital, when she had concussion, but she noticed as well.
I was still feeling nauseous, but then the nurse started to remove the patient on the next bed's cast. Samantha had no idea how they removed a full cast, (rofl,) and when the saw powered up her face dropped, I laughed, she looked shocked and asked what was going on. I pointed to the mini saw by the bed I was sat on. Then she guessed, "just a minor amputation then?"
The man in bed next to me asked, when the nurse went out, what I was laughing at, when I explained, he laughed as well.
It made the visit fun, and at least Sam won't faint when they take the saw to my leg to get the cast off.
By the way, I return in two weeks, have it x-rayed, and if the consultant is happy, the cast comes off, if not ...another two weeks.
(Sorry, that sounds daft....whether my cast comes off or not doesn't hinge on whether my consultant is feeling good or not that day.)

Thursday, 27 December 2007


I remember a friend telling me that some friends were just "for a reason" or "for a season".
Well, think I had a for a "reason" one, and now she's totally blanking me. If I ring, she says she'll ring back, and doesn't. she no longer responds to IMs?
I won't name her, or say anything about our friendship, but I don't believe playing WOW, (world of warcraft,) can be more fun than talking to real people who you count as your friends.
She knows who she is. I was there when she needed someone to thrash through things with. Now!!!!!!!!!!
Turned into a phantom.....complete with invisibility.
Perhaps I won't be so friendly next time, but hey! that wouldn't be me.
Never mind. You learn from life's stupid lessons

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Didn't realise it would be fun

Well, just over two weeks after coming from hospital, I spent the bulk of the day downstairs.
I will probably spend most of tomorrow in bed as a result.
After the visitors went, Sam took me to Asda. We rang ahead, checking that it was ok to park in the disabled spot even though we don't have a disc, after all, I can't walk far as I have to keep my foot from the floor. Asda were brilliant, they let Sam bring me from the car in a wheelchair, which she said was surreal, "child pushing Mum!". Then when inside the store I used one of their motorised "buggies" to go around the store.
I must say I was amazed at how manoverable it was, also it was fun. I only crashed into one thing in a major way. As soon as you release the control, the buggy stops. So you don't run over people, damn!
Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I think Sam did as well.
She didn't want to strangle me when we got back.
Not the best way to have fun, but the most I've had in the past few weeks.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Flowers, but no parrot

My room looks like a flower shop.
Flowers from my sister, from the kids, from work.
But, I'm on crutches, hopping around.
I keep expecting the next ring of the doorbell to bring a parrot, cos I'v already got an eyepatch, then I'd be set for any fancy dress parties this yule.
So long as it abandons it's post to answer the call of nature, I'll be fine,

Friday, 14 December 2007

Kitchen cupboards

The oldest of my kitchen cupboards is a little over 6 years old, as I put it in when we moved in. (There are older ones, but they were already there.)
The thing that makes we wonder is, why when they take a lot of trouble for the cupboards to fit together, and be strong, do they then put tiny plastic supports to hold the shelves up? These are kitchen cupboards. A plate, cup, tin of beans, bag of flour may not be that heavy individually, yet when you have a normal amount in the cupboard, their combined weight is heavy, and the tiny plastic shelf support gives way. Why can't they make metal shelf supports, or a piece of timber under the shelf to support it?
I think they expect people to renew their kitchen, but why should you, when all that is wrong is the shelf support is inferior to the rest of the product?
The reason for this question arising with me is that the ones holding up the shelf under my sink have given way.
"Perhaps she has a huge weight on them,"" I hear you say, but you would be wrong. The shelf has my iron on it, and then plastic storage boxes, empty spare ones! So the weight on the shelf is minimal. When I'm fit and well again, that will have to be one of my priorities, fixing that shelf, and strengthening the supports on all the other shelves.

All stamped and sent

I spent most of Wednesday writing my Xmas cards. Then in the evening Edwin pushed them all in post box for me.
Some are still here, cos they can be delivered by hand. I also spent Wednesday sorting out some more pressies for my kids. I really think I should get Edwin another present. They don't have piles of pressies this year, but I have got them what they want. I have got Samantha a pair of straighteners, but let her have them early, as she regularly straightens her hair after washing it. I need to make my partner's present up. Sam has put my sewing machine ready for me to use.
Yesterday I got dressed and was up and downstairs several times, and slept like a baby at night, exhausted. So today I have eased off a little. Just resting.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas cards and pressies

Well, here I am ...trapped, can't move.
I would write all my Christmas cards, but I can't reach them, and my address book is downstairs. If I go downstairs. I shall stop there until they are all written. I had no idea using crutches,as I have to right now, was so physically demanding.
They will get written, but not altogether sure when.
However, I have found some pressies online, and sorted them, will just have to make sure that I am downstairs when the postie brings them. Ah, well. It's only another 5-7 weeks before I can put my foot on the floor, I hope. By then I should have lovely thighs, from hopping and holding the plastered foot up.
When I grow up, I want to be a flamingo.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

At the mercy of the kids

Yes, until I can put my left foot on the floor again, this is how things are to be.
I'm at the mercy of the kids. And although Sam says it has been a bit of a shock, she also said she feels more organised.
This morning she got up at the usual time she does for work, and gave me my breakfast, and saw to the dogs, washed up, with time to spare. She was so surprised that she commented on it.
I'm keeping busy, reading etc. Have been watching DVDs I had bought and not watched, the kids had, but I'd been busy doing something else. Also doing the daily jigsaw at Lemon Grove Jigsaw PuzzleLemon Grove Jigsaw Puzzle

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Symphony of snores!

When I went into hospital on Monday, one of the other ladies in the ward assured me I would be unable to sleep at night due to the snoring of the other patients. She told me that she had encountered difficulty getting to sleep because of the snores.
However, I didn't encounter any problems and fell promptly to sleep. (Due to me making sure I tired myself out before settling down to sleep.) the second night I took a little longer to go to sleep, then I realised that all the snores were different notes, and as I customarily fall asleep listening to music, and concentrating on the patterns in the music, I treated the snoring in the same way. And fell asleep to a symphony of snores. A low rumbly snore, a tenor snore and a soprano snore, punctuated by the percussion of the lady next me coughing in her sleep as well.
I did have trouble one night, but that was due to pain, and not snoring.

Friday, 30 November 2007

100th Post! And it's official, the world has gone mad.

Do I get a telegram from someone?
This is my 100th post.
And I was holding back until I had something worth saying.
I logged onto Yahoo, and saw this story.
So, I thought I'd share,

LONDON (Reuters) - A man has been convicted of racially aggravated harassment after calling a Welsh woman English.

Michael Forsythe was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months, after being found guilty of racially aggravated disorderly behaviour, a court official said.
Forsythe received the sentence at Welshpool Magistrates Court on Tuesday and was also ordered to pay 200 pounds in prosecution costs.
The former lorry driver, who is originally from
Northern Ireland, but lives in Powys, Mid Wales, called Lorna Steele an "English bitch" during an argument after he collided with her parked vehicle in the Welsh market town of Newport in February.
Forsythe has attacked the prosecution as a waste of time and money, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.
"I find it unbelievable that I've been prosecuted for this," he said. "I've travelled all over Europe as a lorry driver and never had any problems with anybody and now they're officially calling me a racist.
"It's political correctness gone mad."
(Editing by Steve Addison)

[News story from Yahoo 30/11/07]

What I wonder is; if he'd called her a Welsh bitch, would any of this happened? From how it reads, it seems to be the fact that he called English, that annoyed her.

That's it, it's finally official, the world has gone PC mad. (Politically correct, not personal computer.)
A few weeks ago my friend's husband was told he was making racist comments. Why? Because he had described the people who had blocked his car and motorbike in, so he couldn't move either as Polish. It was the police who told him this. As he correctly pointed out, he doesn't know their names, and they ARE from Poland. (I tend to call them Eastern Europeans, as they aren't ALL from Poland.) And as the news story above shows, some people take offence to being called the incorrect race.
How else do you describe someone to another person, if you don't know their given names, unless it is a reference to the language they speak, if that is the factor that sets them apart?
So, the world is going mad. Shall we all go mad too? Or should we just sit back and have a good laugh?

Monday, 26 November 2007

Only in America

I heard this story on the news this morning. Don't know where they got it from, other than they get a summary of the day's stories, and it was from there.
Right, what is the story?
Apparently, a man is being prosecuted for not stopping after a traffic accident, but driving away from the scene.
Fair enough, I hear you say. Quite a few people do that.......BUT, how many drive away, and all the way home with the victim on the windscreen of their car?

Didn't he notice that he had a body on his car?
It must have seriously compromised his visibility.
Why did no-one say anything?
I can only presume that this incident took place in one of the sparsely populated areas of the US. I know if anyone saw a car driving around with a person/body on the windscreen here, SOMEONE would report them. (Mind you there are areas of Scotland where I suppose it would be possible, but I really can't see how the driver could see where he was going.)
I'm sorry if the driver was a woman, but I have presumed a male driver. (Just using the default.)
Does anyone know more about this bizarre news story? If so, can you please let me know?
I'd love to know how he defends himself in court.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Funny weekend

This weekend is only half over, but it's been a funny one so far.
On Friday, Sam went to catch the train to Bradford, and she's spending her few days off work going round her friends at uni.
Saturday Edwin went to meet Sam and Oliver in Manchester, they spent the day together, then he was back in at 7pm-ish.
This morning, he's gone into Lancaster to meet Becki, his girlfriend, and will be back later. He usually goes to his Dad's over the weekend.
Sam isn't back until Tuesday.
I managed to walk a fair distance yesterday, unfortunately it meant I was in a lot of pain because of it.
There are so many jobs I'd like to get done, but can't at the moment.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Parent's Evening

Yes, tonight was Parent's Evening meetings, for Edwin.
So, I went along, at the correct time, well actually I was early.
Seeing as we were mailed progress reports from school, I know that Edwin is doing ok.
This was a meeting with the form tutor. He didn't have much to tell me, other than he had no complaints.
I know some parents hate going to these events, and will do anything to avoid them. I don't wish to avoid them, but how can you spend 15 minutes talking about how well you child works etc. The one in front over-ran, and Mum didn't look to happy as they left. Edwin was busy playing music over in the music department, and hadn't even wanted to come with me.

On another note, I was looking for something else completely when I found this website
The title of the site says it all.

Saturday, 17 November 2007


No, not the strange unexplained flying objects.
Unfinished objects, craft things I started and put aside while I did something more important, and somehow never came back to. As I've said in a previous post I am trying to get these sorted, and I finished one today that I started back in April 2000. Nothing spectacular, it's a mini quilt. It was supposed to be a foundation quilt, which means you piece the quilt together over a paper template. I had started to put it together by sewing by hand. After my first ever go at quilting, I felt confident to make this up using my sewing machine, the QE in it's name actually means Quilter's Edition, so, have made the quilt up, without paper. It's not perfect, but it is a decent second attempt. I don't know what I'm going to use it for as it is only about 22 inches square, but I'm chuffed with it.
Yes, one of my three said, "Oh, you've done another quilt! Too small to do anything with. What's it for?" My thoughts exactly, as it is supposed to be a wall hanging, but somehow I don't think it would look right in any of my rooms, just hung on the walls. Maybe if I lived in a log cabin, but I don't.
It's a little too large to make into a "superhero" dog coat for either of my dogs as well. [They look good in their tartan dog coats.]
So, it's back to the cross stitch UFOs now.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

At last

It's come through, at last, the date for my operation.
So now I can order the parrot!
I have to go in the evening before, and will probably be in for 3-4 days after the operation.
So, I won't get to blog while I'm in the hospital, obviously, but might have some funny tales to relate afterwards.
One of the other technicians is having an operation on the 6th of December, a couple of days after mine, so if we manage it to the technicians Christmas meal, we can bookend them. Although I don't know If I'll be able to as I know I have to put no weight on the leg for two weeks, and the meal is just outside the two weeks.
So that gives me two weeks to sort out pressies before Xmas. I have a couple of things for Sam, but need another idea.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

When will I learn?

Yes, I mean it.
When will I learn not to try to do too many things with my ankle as it is?
I just end up totally wiped out the next day, and stop in bed half the day.
Yesterday, saw my bloke, then drove back, saw Edwin off to school, went swimming, went shopping , to Post Office, shopping a bit more, came home, made full home cooked meal, had bath, and even then didn't relax.
Is it any wonder I wiped out all my energy?
And today? I crawled out of bed, saw Edwin off, and crawled back into bed, until almost 1pm.
See, it's about time I realised that I need to pace myself.
This is a huge learning curve for me, I didn't realise that physical injury could make you mentally exhausted.
I will get it, probably after my operation, and am well on the way to recovery.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday evening, again

Tonight, so far, there are no crazy Eastern Europeans yelling at each other, or people nicking cars and abandoning them in the street. There have still been fireworks though. I found out why people might still be setting off fireworks yesterday. One of the local supermarkets is selling them off half price. It's really quiet here, Sam has gone out, supposed to be going to a 21st do for one of her friends.

I finished the t-shirts, but the style doesn't suit me, so am not sure what to do with them.
Have been doing some work on one of my UFOs, (cross-stitch,) and it's taking shape nicely, only trouble is that it is on black Aida, and I can only really work on it during the day time as the colours are very close together, lots of subtle shading. I do have a daylight bulb in my lamp, but it doesn't quite replace real daylight.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Parking, easy?

Parking, it's one of the most difficult things to do when you are learning to drive, ain't it?
And it can be a pain. And if you live in a house with a garage and drive way, and only ever park on supermarket car parks, you might never have to parallel park ever again.
Except, I don't think Eastern Europeans have to learn to parallel park in the same way as we do, or do they? Perhaps they haven't got driving licences, in which case that is a very scary thought, as they are driving HGVs here. Anyway, we have some live up our very short street. And guess how they think the correct way to reverse/parallel park is? You reverse into the space, and stop when you car touches the one behind, then go forwards, until you touch the car in front, etc until your car is in the space that is only 2 foot bigger than your car, if that. My friend's husband wasn't very happy, as his car was one of the ones being bumped. Perhaps they think that is what bumpers are for? At least the one trying to park while I've been writing this decided that the space was too small, and went for a larger one, trouble is, there's a much larger car missing from the street, so it'll be amusing to watch the bigger one get in the space, or perhaps they'll just abandon it blocking another car in, after all, this is a "quiet cul-de-sac"!

Saturday, 3 November 2007


OK, they are supposed to be for Bonfire Night, which is the 5th of November. a couple of interesting points about "Guy Fawkes Night", towards the bottom of the link.But I think the lunatic "Chavs" (look it up on Wikipedia,) have got hold of some meant for organised displays.My dogs are going potty, and I'm not too happy, as I hate them. And to my way of thinking, if you are in your own house tonight, and not at an organised display, it's cos you don't want to be there for some reason. So, people should be allowed to buy fireworks so huge that they shake the house, and light up the whole street. Also, there is a police ruling that fireworks should not be used within 50 foot of a highway, that rules out the people around here letting them off behind their houses, but it doesn't seem to stop them. Also, they think it's OK to put them closer to your house whilst keeping away from their house?So, I just hate fireworks, and the idiots who live around here, "Chavs" seem to let them off from around mid-October until around mid-January. Help!!!!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Pirate Sam! and Drummer Oliver!

Sam has gone to work dressed as a pirate wench tonight, as the bowling alley where she works are having their Halloween celebration tonight. Had trouble getting her to stand still, as she was on the last minute, as usual.

Oliver has come home for a few days after some mid semester tests on his Uni course.

I can tell he's home, the drums have been drummed, at least two short bursts so far.

The picture is courtesy of Sam, she does a whole range of "Stick-pic" portraits of people.

What next?

I found the story below on the homepage of my browser. This is proof positive that the UK is going totally PC mad!

The think-tank in question obviously haven't "thought" their proposal through properly. Christmas is not only celebrated in the UK, it is a worldwide celebration. I realise that it is the commercial side of Christmas that they are thinking of, but it can't just be banned.
Also, as my friend, Blue said to me; "the reason I want to move to another country is because it is DIFFERENT from my own. What's the f-ing point of immigrating elsewhere if you're going to end up living in the same type of environment?????"

Your thoughts on the matter would be interesting.
Although Xmas/Yule has the most importance to me, due to having children.
There were always larger celebrations around that time of year as it was thought to be the turning point of the year, the "darkest day" after that day nights became longer, the earth started to warm up, and soon things would start growing again, animals would have their young, life would re-start. Just my thoughts.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Big Smile

As I posted on here a few weeks back. I have finished my first ever patchwork quilt. I used the step by step idiot proof "lessons" online at Sew a quilt, and when you have finished, you can send in a photo of your finished quilt. So mine's on there. Amongst all the USA ones. It's a lovely little quilt, the only complaint I have had from daughter about it is....."It could do with being bigger so you could snuggle under it when cold". At the moment it's on the back of the rocking chair, it makes leaning back a little comfier. So, I suppose that is another thing to be added to my list, the mental one, bigger quilt to snuggle under when cold.
At the moment I'm making t-shirts, the pattern isn't quite as straight forward as I would expect a t-shirt pattern to be, it's got a fancy over lay on the bodice top, looks nice though.
I think my next project will be making something for someone extra special to me, for his Xmas present.
The link to the quilt site is at the side.

Monday, 29 October 2007

It was a honest mistake

I don't know if TV in the USA is snowed under by "reality" shows, but over here it seems to be.
The other day Sam was telling me about the new series of "Prison Break", how good it was, and had I seen it. (She works lots of evenings, so doesn't know what I watch on TV.)
I told her I wasn't into reality shows, as they bored me to tears. She then explained that "Prison Break" is NOT reality TV, but a serial.

Why did I think it was a reality show? I think because it appeared when there were lots of others appearing, like a rash. And there was something about a challenge, about people "escaping" from prison, and to see how far away they got within a set time. It may have just been a local thing run by the Rotary or Round Table, to fund raise, but this had got lodged in my mind, so when I saw "Prison Break" advertised, I just presumed that was something similar.
Am I missing something really good, or should I carry on, watching very little TV?

Saturday, 27 October 2007


Am sitting here munching my way through some yoghurt coated raisins.
Why? I hear you ask.
Ok. In April last year, I met my soulmate in Eastbourne, (I already knew him,) and I went on a tour with him. [That is love, I hate, normally being driven by anyone else but myself!] I don't know if he knows of my distrust of other drivers, stems back to my ex falling asleep whilst driving. (I bought the raisins in Battle.)
Anyway, the tour for the day was to go to Battle and Hastings, and he added on a trip to Beachy Head at the end of it. We'd been there the evening before, and what I'd thought was just chatting, was my soulmate collecting information, so that his passengers would know a little more about the place they were visiting. [He totally knocked me for six with this!]
I wish he knew how much I care for him, things are difficult for us right now. Him being a tour coach driver, and me being a high school technician, signed off, cos I can't do my job right now.

I won't add the fact his son is currently in his year 11, and can't move schools, [OK, I have done,] but you get the picture.
Without adding that I have an ankle injury that means I am very limited in my movement, you'll see how hard it is
I love my soulmate, with all my heart, soul and body, I know he feels the same, we will get through this

Friday, 26 October 2007

Strange adverts

They are currently running an ad on TV here, and every time I see it, I end up laughing my head off. The first time I saw it I couldn't tell Sam why I was laughing uncontrollably.
You might not think it is funny, but it's a really serious advert about looking after your hair, and this "new" haircare product, that is this years, "simply must have" , if you care about your hair. Straightforward enough I hear you say, trouble is, after showing models with shining tresses, shaking their hair in time honoured fashion of hair adverts, it shows the "brains" behind the new product, and that just makes me laugh.
Should I put it politely, in PC terms, or just be blunt?
He follically challenged, yes, that's right, the brains behind this product is BALD!
Might be being picky here, but I'm not sure that a follically challenged person is the "right" person to be advising people on their hair care. Now, every time this advert comes on, I just start falling about laughing. Well, at least it brightens my day.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Jelly dog?

Well, it was a bit late, but I took Spark for his annual booster today.
What usually happens is the vet checks him all over, says he's healthy then promptly sticks the needle in him, and it's all over so quickly, and he's usually a shivering mess by the time the injection comes.
We have a new young vet though, and today it was her who saw to Spark, she was even gentler than the male vet, that I prefer to see. (Long story.)
However, she gave Spark a good all round check, and said he was a lovely dog and then she noticed his ears, she was checking them anyway, but they have been a bit tender, I just thought it was because Shadow nips at him when she wants to play, but have noticed once or twice he's yipped when I've ruffled his ears. He has an infection in his ears, so she cleaned them out with a warm saline solution, then she put drops in each ear, and massaged the ears, he loved that and was pressing his head against her to help her massage his ears, which is probably why he sat as good as gold for his injection, not even whimpering.
I've to take Spark back next Wednesday for a check up. Shadow, however, sulked at me for going a walk and not taking her with me. Yes! she sat on the settee, curled up on the elephant cushion, with her back to me! Little madam!
Then Edwin came back from Scotland and the dogs were happy.
And I think I had 4 calls from Oliver, he was making curry, and wasn't sure about things. It goes like this, my mobile rings, it's Oliver, and his Mexican Tomato song, he says, "ring me back", I do, usually it's about cooking, or best buys when shopping.
If you want to listen to the song, go to

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Appointments all done

Went for my appointment with the consultant again yesterday. He was running late, so I was in late, didn't ask him about pain relief, but he has put me on the waiting list now,he also sent me for x-rays, there were 4 of them. There was no indication how long I may have to wait.
I went in on the bus, as I didn't want to drive through heavy traffic on my way home, as it would be "rush hour", and I didn't want to put myself through driving in heavy stop-start traffic with my ankle as it is.
Today I'm paying for it, as I have been in pain all day, and haven't been swimming, just been relaxing, either lying down reading my book, or sat on the settee with my foot up.
It's been quiet all day as well, cos Sam has been at Barrow, sorting the bar out there, and now she's working the evening here. She is supposed to be getting the bar in Barrow sorted out, so it can make money, cos by the sounds of things it is only just breaking even.
Edwin isn't back until tomorrow evening, so it's very quiet here.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Challenge from Blue

Blue challenged myself and another of her friends to do this.
The idea is find one of each item that begins with the first letter of my "real" name, aren't I glad I'm not called Zoe?
Anyway, here's my list. Originally the sport team and place were to be USA one's, but as I live in the UK, I used UK ones, until I couldn't find a sport team starting with J in the UK, so I looked for a USA one. (ok, that might have been cheating, but I'm not sporty.)

. Famous singer/band: Jean Michel Jarre
2. 4 letter word: joke
3. Street name: Jepson Way
4. Color: Jaune J (French for yellow ;) )
5. Gifts/presents: juggling balls
6. Vehicle: Jaguar XJS
7. Items on a menu: jumbles
8. Girl Name: Janine
9. Boy Name: Justin
10. Movie Title: Jumanji
11. Drink: juice
12. Occupation: janitor, (or site supervisors are they are laughingly known as in the UK, pc gone mad I tell you.)
13. Flower:jasmine
14. Magazine:Just 17
15. Celebrity: Julia Roberts
16. UK City: John O’Groats
17. Pro Sports Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Jam, traffic was bad
19. Something you throw away: Junk
20. Things you shout: Joy?
21. Cartoon character: Jerry, (from Tom and Jerry)
22. TV Show: junk in the attic? (or have I made that up?)


Here's something I didn't know, pain raises your blood pressure.
I found that out on Friday when I went for my preoperative assessment at Kendal. I don't drive too far at the moment, it was a lovely drive, but once I got there and parked it was a fair old walk in an unfamiliar hospital before I got to where I needed to be. (Oh, didn't find out about pain putting blood pressure up, until my friend B told me on Saturday.) When the nurse took my BP it was high, for me, and I was shocked, started to worry, which probably didn't do me any favours.
Anyway, that is one appointment out of the way, another one tomorrow. Then just wait for the actual operation appointment to come through, which they are saying is likely to be December.
I'm still sewing, reading, and cross stitching, so keeping well out of mischief.
My youngest, Edwin, has gone with his girlfriend to Scotland, to see her Dad, for a few days. So, it's really quiet here, just me and Samantha, and the dogs.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I know it's a while since I wrote anything here, but when you can't go so far your world shrinks.
Mine has shrunk from as far as I could walk, cycle or drive, to as far as I can hobble, and bear to drive. Driving to the city, a mere 4 miles away, (if that,) daunts me. Going to the supermarket for shopping fills me with dread, on two levels, the trolley won't behave, and steering is a chore. Then will some plonker have parked in my spot by the time I get back? Meaning I have to trail my groceries from wherever I have parked.
I hate how my life has been restricted.
The worst of all this is, no-one has offered me a disabled parking disc, let's be honest here, if walking around my house causes me pain, then I am in essence disabled. To think the stupid event that brought me to this!
All this is very self indulgent.
I haven't had much to write, cos my world has shrunk, I can't believe how swiftly it has, and I think it might shrink even more soon, as I am getting cramp early on when I swim now.
Apart from all that, this last week, I've read 2 and 1/2 books, made PJs for my youngest, top and two bottoms, finished a cross stitch project that someone drew, and I translated, (so no-one else will ever have the same thing,) and re-started a cross-stitch UFO, (unfinished object.)

I've done a little knitting as well, I'm determined I won't get bored, frustrated, yes, bored, no.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Still reading and sewing

Not much happening here right now.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Wonderful Wool

Well the wool I found yesterday, looks lovely, BUT it is a complete and utter pain to knit, as it has "popcorn" pieces every few inches on the yarn. No wonder the pattern suggests just knitting it!
Anything more complex would be lost in it, and would cause the knitter to use many strange sounding adjectives.
The pattern supplied with the wool is far from clear, and I had to pull it back, as it just kept getting wider and wider, and when I was struggling to keep all the stitches on the needle at the start of the row, when I'd only strarted off with 12, I just KNEW something was not quite right.

Thursday, 4 October 2007


I seem to have been busy doing stuff all day today.
Doctor's this morning for another doctor's note, as he says I can't work until after my operation.
Then I went to the cheapy supermarket, they had some wonderful small packs of wool, so I bought some, and am going to knit a scarf as a pressie for someone.
Then I went swimming, and after I ate, went to the supermarket. In the middle of that I wrote up my latest book, that I've read, in the book blog, and my friend came across for a chat and a brew.
Now it's getting towards teatime here.
My friend took the dogs on the beach for me, while I went to the shop. I wish I could make it down to the beach. I will do soon.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Things are beginning to move, re my op.
I have the pre-operative assessment on 19th October, but instead of it being at the local hospital, it is at another one, a good 30 minutes drive away. So, I guess that is all I will be doing that day.Not much else happening, apart from sewn a top, that I altered to how my daughter wanted it as I went along. Now it looks nothing like the pattern. She likes it.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sewing and reading

I have done quite a bit of sewing over the past few days, and reading.
My list of jobs gets shorter, and then longer again. As I do things that are on my list, so I can remove them, and then mentally add other things onto the list.
Now I'm starting to decide what to get for Xmas for people. I need to organise some of the presents, and then it hits me that I won't be able to do so much in a few weeks. I can't imagine having my leg in plaster, but I know I will have, and it will be for at leats 6 weeks. One thing that keeps nagging at me is the fact I will have to reorganise where my computer is, as there is no way I will be able to sit here.
But, for now I can move around fairly well, although if I sit still for a while, moving is tricky, as my foot has started to go numb.
Perhaps they should just take me out and shoot me. (Not really.)

Friday, 28 September 2007


I haven't put much on here lately, cos there's not an awful lot happening right now.
What with being off work, and unable to walk about that much. If I think something needs doing, I find myself thinking twice, about whether I actually do need to do whatever it is. And nine times out of ten, I have decided "no, not necessary" if it means going out somewhere. I hate being this tied. I used to walk everywhere I could with the dogs, loved riding my cycle. Loved walking on the beach with the dogs. Now they are lucky if I walk further than around the block with them.
I have been sewing and reading a lot again this week. I've made Edwin a pair of PJs, they don't match, but are warm, and that is all that matters to him.

Sunday, 23 September 2007


I'm not wondering about mine. A couple of times I have put a comment on my friend, Blue's, blog, and when I looked later, despite the doodah saying it was going for moderation, it hasn't appeared. I hadn't put anything that would make it unsuitable for publication, so I can only surmise that my pop-up blocker is being over zealous.
But sometimes I wonder about things like that. You trust things to the ether, or in hard copy, you pop a letter in the post, and then it's completely out of your hands.
Although I haven't experienced it, the post very rarely goes astray.
One year all of one of my cousin's sent xmas cards never reached their destination. She claimed compensation.
That is what I miss, letters in the post, proper letters, not junk mail, or bills, real, letters from people who you know, or don't. They are all fun to have.

Friday, 21 September 2007

A bit different.

As I've been signed off work, and can't recount the daft stuff that happens at work every know and again, I thought I'd share with you this piece of free writing I did. I asked my pal, Blue, for a word, then the idea is you write for 30 minutes. Starting from the given word, you just write, and follow where the word takes you. I thought this one is worth sharing.

They come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve seen Bridget Jones, (crosses fingers as protection,) you’ll know that some people have different knickers for different occasions. When I saw this I didn’t quite understand it at all, after all, they are there to keep your bum covered up…..but now perhaps I am guilty of having different knickers for different occasions. I do have some that I would never wear to work. I don’t know why, cos there is no chance anyone would see them, unlike the kids. Some of the girls wear hipster trousers, with thongs visible, and why is it always the fat, unattractive ones who probably would crawl under the nearest rock if they knew their thong was visible …why is always their thong that shows?
Yes…I do have a thong, two actually, but they came as part of a “set”, I would not have bought them, and I did wear one of them once…just to see if it was comfortable. They must have been designed by a man, as no right minded woman would subject other women to wearing something akin to a piece of dental floss, and like dental floss….they cut in…if not in the right place. (I found this out in around an hour….then chucked them in the wash.) My daughter has a thong…and when I first saw it….I asked her how far she could throw stones with it.
Nobody wears knickers like the ones my grandma used to wear…bigger than Bridget Jones’ “big knickers”….I remember seeing them on the washing line…so much fabric in them that they needed ironing…pink, flannelette with longish cuffed legs. Even the awful knickers I had to wear as part of the uniform at ghastly Astley weren’t as bad as those, but they were green flannel.with elasticated legs and waist. When we did PE, indoor, if we didn’t have our leotards…we were expected to put on the aertex blouse, and strip to our knickers. It was a girl’s that is what we did. And if you didn’t have the right knickers on, you got detention. Lastly, it used to be a word that you would shout at someone in defiance, but I ain’t heard it for many a year. If you ask my brother about knickers.and to recall a childhood incident, he would say me running around at about age 7 in just a pair of red knickers on the beach one hot summer…..they were shorts..Not knickers…Mum would never have bought us red knickers. Then when at ghastly Astley..There was a song in the charts called “Jump up and down, wave your knickers in the air”. I remember some of the girls in my form climbing out of the form room window and singing and dancing to it as a dare one day.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It's my ankle, honest.

I forgot one of my nephew's birthday. He was 25 today, but lately I have been forgetting stuff. I am sure that is just the pain that is making me do it. Before this injury I used to remember birthdays, etc, and people would count on me to remember.
Another thing that annoyed me yesterday was, I went to the market, well drove to a car park and walked the remaining short distance, with both dogs. The trouble is people will pet the dogs without asking if they can. And WHY do they always stand just out of the lead's length, and then when I pull the dog back, cos I am actually buying something at a stall, do they react as if I am "Cruella de Ville's" mentor?
1) They should ask if it is ok to stroke my dogs, for all they know they may not want to be stroked, and 2) if they want to stroke the dog, they should approach it, not the other way around.
One dumb woman nearly had me on my arse as she was encouraging the dogs to go to her, and they had tied their leads around my legs. And SHE had the cheek to tell me off when I told the dogs off for pulling! (shakes head in disbelief)
Next time I go to the market the dogs stay home until I can walk unaided again. I just can't risk further injury to my ankle.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

One Pirate costume later

Well, I had the costume ready for Sam well before 9pm, but she is sad, everyone who would normally go with her has returned to Uni. I suppose that is the downside of doing Open University.
Still, I am getting on with the mental list of tasks I set myself. No! I'm nowhere near the end. I made Sam one pirate-y top. I think she likes it, but the pattern is the oddest I have ever used in the whole of my time sewing. I hope she likes it, except the design is basically designed to be twisted! Have enough fabric left to make another top for Sam, and will do.
Did my swim today, 1/2 mile again, and made proper roast tea, and homemade soup for dinner.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Shock, horror!

I think something very odd might be going to happen before long.
Why? I hear you call.
This morning my daughter washed her car!
She washed all the mud from underneath her wheel arches, bet the car will go faster now. The mud was from her visits to Download and Leeds festivals, working.
I got her to leave the stuff out, and washed mine as well, and my neighbour wanted to know why I was washing it, as "it's not even dirty" he said.
It was, it had bird poop on it.
I finished off the skirt I made for Samantha, now I have to work out how to make the top she would like. And if possible, finish it by Tuesday evening, as it's fancy dress at Rock Nite this Tuesday. And Samantha wants to go dressed as a pirate wench.

Friday, 14 September 2007

The things you find out while shopping

I was up early this morning. Took Edwin to school, then went straight through to Morrisons.
I checked my tyre pressures, they seem to be the only place with a functional tyre pressure machine in the local area.
Then I went into the store to get a few things.
Whilst I was looking for an item I met someone I hadn't seen for years. This lady has an adopted Peruvian daughter, her daughter and Oliver were good friends at primary school. It turns out they are both going to be studying at Manchester University for the next four years.
Then we started talking generally, and as her daughter is her youngest, she never saw me after they left primary. But she told me that it was well known that my ex used to bully me and make my life hell. But the reason no-one ever approached me, or offered any type of advice/support was, because I wouldn't talk about it.
I'll be honest, it hurts me still to think about it. I know it shouldn't let it do, but it does.
We talked about ex's, child maintenance, reluctance to pay child maintenance, then got onto them stopping it. (Apparently he can't, not whilst Oliver in full-time education.)
She told me I need to be tough with my ex. To be honest, I think if he knows it is the law, he will do it.
So now, after 6 years, or more, I have found out that people knew how bad my ex was with me, and cos I just got on with things , no-one knew I could have done with support. It is not their fault, it is mine, for marrying my ex in the first place, and then doing my utmost to make it work, even though I could see it was not doing. I had never encountered the "values" he wanted before in my life, and hope I never do again.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

I am still here

The last few days have been so busy. I haven't had much time to do this.

The masonry on my house has been painted, around the windows. It looks really nice.

I have been helping Oliver get his things gathered together for Uni.

I've also finished off my mini quilt. Sewn a couple of "Viking hats" in fleece fabric.

Filled the book shelf with books from the boxes in the back room. Been swimming twice,and normal household stuff.

And I've been reading.

I have been keeping myself busy cos I've been signed off work, and it will be until I have had my ankle operation, and recovered, so I'm not looking at short term, probably at least 4 months, maybe 6. So I have not got to let myself get bored.

I have a mental list of jobs I want to get done, and am going to work my way through them. (I don't mean the list is a mad list, just that tizn't written down anywhere.)

I have some fabric I want to make into clothes, it would be nice to sit and knit, and have some wool just waiting to be knitted. Also, I intend to make some more quilts. With a view that in the future I will make bedsized ones. (The picture is of the quilt before I quilted and finished it.)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

I hate fireworks!

I know this might seem a strange time of the year to say that, but I do.
I absolutely hate fireworks, they are evil.
I know not everyone thinks the same, and they are welcome to their opinion.
A few years back this weekend would have been "Light and Water" weekend, with the firework display co-ordinated with music, but our council have put a stop to all the festivals in the resort. They used to fund them as they were "crowd pullers", but for some strange reason ours have stopped, whilst the ones in the city, about 3-4 miles away continue. There is a city funded Jazz Festival next weekend , I think.
But I haven't explained why I hate fireworks, probably having a lit banger thrown at me did the trick there.
Also, where I live, they don't wait until bonfire night until they start letting off fireworks, but start around early October, and they startle you if you aren't expecting them.

Friday, 7 September 2007


Regular service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Desparately tired here.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Busy, busy

I should have remembered this, back after summer hols, you have to hit the ground running at my job. The people who don't plan ahead all want their printing yesterday, then you have the new starters, (teachers,) who need help finding their way around the printers. On top of that, our year 6 open evening, for next September's possible intake is NEXT Wednesday!
So, there's lots to do, and one of the machines decided it was going to print black cats in coal cellars. The engineer came and it took 4 and 1/2 hours to mend it.
And I was given a job on coloured paper, with a white copy, I had to find the pages used out of the book I was given, and copy them all in the right order.
No wonder I felt shattered by going home time came around.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Am writing this before I go to work, cos by the time I have finished tonight I know I will be too tired to do anything.
I know I can't stand all day, and will be exhausted by the time it is time to come home. My ankle is hurting already, and I'm sat here crying. I hate not being able to do what I should be able to do easily.
I might write some more when I come home. Although I think I will go straight to bed after tea.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Last day of the holidays

This was an unexpected day.
I had other plans, won't discuss here, but I ended up having this day extra to do things I was going to put off until weekend.
So after a swim, and walking the dogs. Edwin and I went into Lancaster.
The school uniform includes a blazer, as from tomorrow. As Edwin never wore his sweatshirt, I wasn't going to bother, and he wasn't bothered. We had decided that if he ever needs a blazer for school we were going to buy a plain one, and not one of the ones provided by the school supplier. The simple reason being, there is no way he would wear a blazer with the school logo on it anywhere but school, whereas one without could be worn any time he needs to "dress up".
He also pointed out, as there is a six form dress code in operation now, he would be able to use it for sixth form as well. (So, potential 4 years use at school instead of 2.)
I got wadding for the quilt I am making, two books from the bookshop, and various stationery things.
On the way back I stopped at the discount shop, and got loads of fruit and veg, and other bits we needed.
Made spagheti bolognese for tea, so I gained lots of brownie points today, and now I'm worn out.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Back to school/work on Tuesday.

Well, it's come around. Time to go back to work for me, school for my youngest.
Tuesday morning, I'm back at the normal time, and he's back at 10am, but only for two hours.
Hmm! I wonder if the lads will make tea, seeing as I'm out all day, and they aren't.
No, they won't. Although with Oliver going to Uni in self catering accomodation in couple of weeks, you'd think he'd want to practise cooking.
My daughter and her boyfriend have planned a picnic for today, it's pouring with rain, so she says that they will be picnicing in her car.
There was so much I wanted to do this holiday, but have hardly done any of it, as my ankle injury has stopped me. I'm wondering how I'm going to manage to fit my swimming in, when I return to work. I will do though.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Quiet, little cul-de-sac?

You'd think living in a street with only 11 houses on it, (well, 13 ,but two have been gutted by fire in the past, and are awaiting renovation,) that it would be quiet. You've obviously never lived in Morecambe.
For starters there are more cars than parking spaces, and as I mentioned on a previous blog, for some reason the self employed man has brought a boat up the street to do it up, it's beginning to look good, he's painted it a nice bright red, and just adding a yellow border as I type, either he'll be moving it before long.....or.....he knows the long range weather forecast better than we do.
Last night, I was chatting to my friend in New Orleans on messenger, when a car came flying up the street. Bear in mind here, that there is a stone wall across the end of the street, and last night there was a Ford Transit parked there. The car pulled up, sharply, I looked out of the window to see who's car it was. It didn't belong on the street, but I did recognise it as a car from the row of houses nearby. The driver jumped out , ran down the middle of the road, and disappeared into the alleyway between this street and the next. As I told the Policeman, It definitely WASN'T the person I know to be the owner of the car.
Within minutes a police car came up the street, then a very drunk young man staggered up the street, and a girl, who kept protesting loudly that she had two children and she hadn't been in the car, then another police car appeared.
After about an hour the policeman knocked at my door, and I gave him a statement. The driver of the car had almost knocked two police over, one of them was with the one who took the statement, he was a little shaken.
And that was only Friday night!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

If you've seen it, send it back, please.

Where has all the time gone these last few days.
The weekend was really odd, as there was only me and the dogs for two days. Then on Monday evening, I was expecting the youngest back home, and the older two arrived back from the festival in Leeds. They are both very brown, might be something to do with sitting up observation towers, fire watching. They both had a great time, and saw bands they wanted to see, and got paid, because they were working.
The youngest had been sailing with his godfather again on Monday.
I finished my quilt front, first ever, on Monday. I just need to back and bind it now.
I've been busy doing Mum stuff, like washing the two loads of washing they brought back, and getting them dry and ironed.
Been sorting other stuff out as well, and should get my missing certificate before long.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Last couple of days

Right, I noticed how I'd phrased the quilt thing on my last post. It looked like I was going to unpick the whole thing. I was intending unpicking a couple of seams on the last block I had finished, but when I measured it, it was the right size. What I meant was, I am going to make another quilt, same style, different colours.
I finished the statement and e-mailed it to the solicitor, it was like writing an essay for university. (My printer ran out of ink.)
Also, yesterday, I got a swim in, and collected my GCSE result. I'd done Textiles as professional development, I got a A, so am happy about that. (I did put a lot of work into it.)
My youngest is happy, his gf came back from her grandma's.
Last night/early this morning one set of the neighbours surpassed themselves, there was a whole load of noise, shouting, etc. Then a police van came up the street, and a policeman ran up after it. The youngish lass that lives there walked up. The police went, and shortly after more shouting, and questions being yelled at the tops of their voices. I was just considering ringing for the police, when it went quiet. Then the "husband" came out, and drove away. His van woke me when it returned this morning, but usually he's to and fro all day, and there's been no sign. He's self-employed.

Have also been making home-made soup today, as my neighbour is ill, and I know he's been off his food. I made sure there was enough for him as well. Well, the recipe asked for 1/2 tin of tomatoes. What do you do with the other 1/2? Answers on a sealed down envelope or postcard to..........
No, I won't, it's just another of those great mysteries like the ones I asked the other day.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

What to do next?

Have been to solicitors. The nub of the solicitor's problem is proving that the teacher, or the school were negligent. I now have to write a statement of the events, and history. Then ...light the blue touch paper and retire....(I wonder if in this case you also refrain from approaching said explosive device?)
If negligence can be proved, it is then straight forward.
And in the morning, I am going to find out my textiles result. Am not bothered about my grade, as it was done as professional development, and I know I have passed the exam.
I have also finished the 6 blocks for my first EVER patchwork quilt.......Bluejeanfemme asked, "does it matter if it isn't perfect?"...or words to that end. Answer there me..if it doesn't look does matter. I might re-do the 6th block, but then again..I think re-doing the whole quilt will be a better learning curve.
Anyway..tiz way past Pumpkin time here in the UK, so I'll say goodnight to you all

This week so far.

Not been a terribly eventful week so far this week.
Have swum, made four quilt panels, done housework, been a nice walk with my youngest.
That's about it.
I have arranged to see a explore if I have grounds for a compensation claim.
More on that later.
The new neighbours across the street have pulled the kitchenm out, and are putting a new one in......Must be a pain when you are actually in the house having that done.
Mind you..when they first moved in....I think they lived off chinese takeaways...from our handy Chinese, at the end of the street.
One lot of the Eastern European neighbours is STILL away..and the ones I'm not too keen on have now brought a boat up the street. At one point they inflated a bouncy slide thing to clean was huge..and the generator droned for such a long time. Let's hope they aren't going to try to flood the street to test the boat. (They are very strange.)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Not good for sancastles

There was a sandcastle building competition on the beach today, I didn't go down to look, but it's been chilly and overcast. Not ideal weather for building a sandcastle, unless you are a dedicated sand artist.
I did take the dogs a walk, and as usual, little old ladies stopped me. (They just seem to appear, and their sole aim in life is to let dogs lick their faces!......yuck!) But they made all the usual comments. How lovely the dogs are. Aen't they well-behaved? Aren't they clipped nice? Do I like whisky? Do I get any money for advertising? (The dogs are a Westie and a Scottie.)
Squashed a whole pile of washing, and then just relaxed.
Tomorrow is going to be taken up with organising things for Oliver, in preparation for him going to Uni.

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Why do people ask dumb questions on yahoo answers?
Why does it start to rain when only the thickest things are left on the washing line, and you don't notice until they are wet through?
Why do the Eastern European neighbours turn their cars by doing a 3 point turn, rather than reverse down the street? (Either way they are very erratic drivers.)
Why is there never any butter left when I make toast?
Why don't the kids put stuff in the recycling boxes?
Why are all the wine glasses in my daughter's room, when she only has one mouth?
Why won't the dogs go out in the rain, unless you go with them?
Where do the birds go at night?

I don't intend to answer any of these questions, don't mind if you want to though.


We had the delayed celebration for Oliver's exam results.
I'd had quite a busy day.
I swam 3/4 mile in the morning, so am pleased with myself about that, and I wasn't tired when I got out.
This is very brief, cos I'm very tired.

Friday, 17 August 2007


Didn't get chance to write yesterday.
My middle one, Oliver, got his A level results. He got 3 As in Chemistry, Maths and Physics and a D in general studies. So he has his place at Manchester University to study for his Masters in Physics, and in a round a month he'll be off there.
I did offer to make a special meal to celebrate, but he'd arranged to go out with his friends. Some of them were being "difficult". The group he spent some of the morning with had only done their AS levels, and one of their number likes to be the one "in charge", but hadn't the foggiest what exactly they should do. Typical!!
My daughter went out with friends after work to celebrate Debbie's birthday, a day early. So it was a very quiet evening.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Frittering time away

Today has been a day of waiting. And when I have to wait..I find tasks that I know I can immerse myself in, and get them done.
Does it stop me worrying? Nah! just means I get stuff done.
Kids got a nice roast tea, the pile of books on floor has dwindled, and I brushed the dogs.
Talking of which..they are going for clipping in the morning.
More about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tiring Tuesday

Now I remember what I was doing yesterday......I vacuumed. And it is hard work with a stupid ankle.

Today, well got down to the pool in time for the adult session. Today there were only seven people in the pool. I swum, 1/2 a mile again, then went back home, via the post office to pay the Electricity and gas bills.
After eating , my youngest and I walked down into town, and back via the prom, so I could sit on benches like old ladies have to. The dogs weren't being too naughty, and I'd managed to buy all I wanted from town, and posted a parcel, so although it took me twice as long as it used was sucessful, and the rain was very kind, it waited until about 3 minutes after getting in..then chucked it down, hard.'s quiet here..I have some Ozric Tentacles playing, and the youngest is playing on a PC game, while chatting to his gf. The older two are out, one on a date, one at Rock Nite.

Missed yesterday

Was so busy doing...who knows what yesterday, that I didn't blog.
BUT........I did finish two books, one good, one rubbish. I hate it when you read a book and come across a "fact" in it, which you know for a fact is WRONG.
But this book is a non-fiction book, and it should have been properly researched..if I found a bit I know to be wrong, how much more of it is wrong? It doesn't just spoil the reading, in non-fiction, it spoils the credibilty of the author.
The one I found in a fiction book just spoilt the story, cos the author had the characters driving from London to the Lake District, up the M1! Either her geography is as bad as my Mum's, or she couldn't be bothered to check. (for non UK matter where you are on the M1, you still have to cross the country as the M1 is on the Eastern side, and the Lake District is in the North West.)
The other book was fantastic, but I'm glad I finished it. Now I can curl up with a book again.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

The "glorious" twelfth?

There hasn't been a single mention of it being the "glorious" twelfth today. Well, not that I've noticed. Probably cos it's weekend, and it is only mentioned on the news during the week as a "filler". I don't know. It's not a date I can easily forget as one of my Grandad's died on the 11th of August. We went to a walk. Grandad was very poorly, and Dad was going to call in and see him before we went on our walk, the bedroom curtains were closed, so we walked and then called in. He died when we were walking on the moors. I remember the date well, as once the grouse shooting season starts, walking on the moors is restricted, depending on where the shoot is taking place that day. Being an inquisitive sort, I've just looked up on the web why everything seems quiet.
It seems there might be a lack of birds, but also in some places in the UK, the paths and moors could be closed as a safeguard against possible foot and mouth, as sheep graze a lot of the moorlands. Although I have just looked on DEFRAs website, and there it says only footpaths in the affected zone, and restricted zone are closed.
So, it must be a combination of the lack of birds and it being Sunday that have not made it newsworthy.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Saturday, again.

Well, didn't get up until almost noon, then I found out I had a migraine. (yuck.)
So, today has been a lazy day, again. I slept on and off until 4pm, the migraine had lessened a fair bit by then.
The noisy neighbours came back from wherever they went away to. These people are unable to have a conversation in normal tones outside their house. They are always on full volume, two weeks back, one of the household had come outside to talk on their mobile phone. If the person they were speaking to was in the town...they wouldn't have needed a mobile. (So loud, and this was about 11pm at night!)
All is quiet here, daughter out in Blackpool, and boys at their Dad's...just me and the dogs. Think I might have an early night.
Have almost finished my has been hard work reading this one, have never rerad a book that I need to prop on something to read before

Friday, 10 August 2007


This is fun. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you give it a try. OK, the kids do it all the time, but it is fun, and sometimes you can get at cross purposes. If you don't follow the conversation..this could be very funny.
Other stuff that has happened today, err. I swam 1/2 a mile, before my breakfast. Not an awful lot of other stuff, apart from shop at Asda.
Here in the UK, because of the bad weather prices of veg have gone up. Forgive me for being cynical, but.....not every growing area has been flooded. For example, this time of year Cauliflowers are at their most abundant, so why has their price gone higher than maximum winter price? It is sheer greed! Surely it would make more sense to keep the price the same, and make sure that they sold out of the limited stocks, rather than ramp the price up, and risk being left with stock on their hands?? That is how my boss used to operate.....sell stock cheap at the end of the day..and never over-price. And at weekend..anything that wouldn't last..drop the price to sell the stock. Anything that didn't sell and wouldn't keep, I took back home and made wine from.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Was going to blog every day, but yesterday, just as I was about to start last night. I ended up taking my daughter to the Accident and Emergency dept. (She's 20, but had a bang on the head.) They kept her in for observation.
Didn't leave there until 2.30am this morning, not in bed until 3am. Then I had to "brave" the traffic into the city to collect her.
But we came back via the Crook o'Lune, it took the same length of time, but we were moving all the time. It's a lovely drive around there.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Rule of time and work

There is an unwritten rule.
It goes a bit like this, work expands to fill the time available to do it in.
If you are busy, little jobs are just that, little jobs.
BUT...when you have all day to do them in..the cinder toffee does when being fill every spare moment.
That is what happened today...Shopping at hour sure it took almost 2!
Then later on something else took much longer. Only trouble is...the days don't stretch to accommodate these stretchy job times.
Ah, well!
Am off to bed soon...

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sleepy Sunday

I've been yawning my head off all day.
It was warm, and I started with a migraine, so haven't done a right lot today except keep out of the sunlight...which was quite bright. And no, I'm not a secret vampire. (drat!)
What I did manage to do though was read lots of my book, am over halfway through, and am becoming increasing convinced that the only reason it was called an adult book is the sheer weight of the thing, after all..young bones are still setting.
Anyway, am still yawning, so I'd better go to bed, night all.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Reading and chilling

Spent most of today reading Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell.
Drove to Kirkby Lonsdale for mountain wasn't fat enough, unless I cut it crosswise.
Rest of day..just resting really. I want to do things tomorrow, but need a rest

Friday, 3 August 2007

British Summer

I could say, summers weren't like this when I was kid, but I'd be lying. It's the simple beauty of a British Summer. One day rain, next, blowing a gale...who knows.
There aren't many to equal the summer of 1976.
At least the rain is warm in summer.

There was some real bad news on the news before. There is a case of foot and mouth in Surrey. I really hope it is an isolated case, unfortunately the farmer in question is having to have all his stock slaughtered. My heart goes out to him, and I hope it doesn't turn into an epidemic like it did in 2001. Farmers lose their livelihood, so do connected industries. Animals lose their lives, and the landscape looks strange bereft of it's usual animals.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


It's been like a weekend today. Sunday perhaps?
EVERYONE was up bright and early. The boys were going sailing, playing Pirates for the day.
Not really, Edwin's godfather has a boat on Windemere in the Lake District. They were going sailing with him and their Dad. Everyone was up before 8am, and out by just after 9am.
Sam went to work early, so me and the dogs scrounged a lift with her, so that I could walk back, after visiting the market. I got 5 pairs of stripey socks with the money Mum and Dad gave me for my birthday. At the moment, the way I am walking is causing me to hole all my socks, but just the left one, on where the instep should be, due to injury.
We walked back home, me and the dogs.
Then that was it, alone until 8pm, when the "crew" came back. They hadn't made their Dad walk the plank, (he is one, or so one of my friends says.)
It's been a fairly quiet day, although I got loads done in the morning, walk/walk dogs, swim, shop.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Big Books

Am currently reading Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell, but am not reading as fast as I usually do. The reason being the book is huge. I have the hardback version, and it's 800 pages long-ish, so very heavy.
So..times when I read, book held in one hand are not possible......(I'm not Kim Jones, even though I went to school with her for two years.)
So, snuggling down for the night in bed with your book..out of the question. Holding in one hand whilst doing something else, also, impossible.
This is a book you have to sit down with, and put on a flat surface. A table, lectern..if you have easy access to one, or sprawl on the floor/bed on your tummy, book in front of you. Am tending to plump for sprawling, or on a table.
Although, all that aside, it is a very readable book, and I am enjoying it..and perhaps when I've finished I'll look like Popeye, after the spinach, but I'm not bothered.
Other uses for this book could be, as a step for when you are just not high enough, as a weapon, for propping the door open. I'm sure I could think of more.
Incidentally, it is said to be an adults book....I think this might just be a health when they won't let kids "pump iron" until they are 16. It's just too darn heavy for them. At last I've found a book that is heavy going in a totally different sense.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Not recommended, part 1

One thing I don't think you should do, unless you are the Duracell Bunny's closest relative, is stay up late...real late.
It was half past two this morning when I went to bed. Not so bad I hear you say..odd late night never hurt anyone, But I'd been up before 8am!...not done that since I used to deliver milk!
Noooooo....I get up fairly early most days..around 7 on a weekday/workday.
So...I'd been up 18 hours..and with my ankle as it wore me out.

so!!!! to sum up, number one on my not recommended list is getting up early, being busy all day, then going to bed real late.

Might think of some more...

Lastly, why did I stop up late?
Oliver went out and as he's been set on twice by chavs, I was worried, but tiredness won.

Monday, 30 July 2007

change that is gradual..stays changed?

I'm on holiday! yes...and have been since 19th of July.
But today I haven't had a minute to call my own.
Take this for instance, I thought I might sit down and write my blog Monday afternoon, but nope! Edwin didn't get up until 11am, so we didn't set off into the city until 2pm....almost.
First stop....Edwin's glasses!.....On HP7 day they were ready, but some bright spark decided that he was long sighted, not short the glasses then were wrong and had to be remade...yawn!
They are right this we HAVE to visit Waterstones, (bookshop for all USA readers,) but it has to be the branch that was Ottakars, as the staff are much more friendly...and they know me by my first name...can't think why? **** glances at bookshelves****
After that it was a quick visit to Asda..for is always for milk..if I could I would keep a cow...the rate Oliver goes through milk.....and other animals...for eggs, maybe wool, maybe spitting at undesirables..etc! I can never get around Asda in less than an hour...why?
Right..get home...give Oliver the A to Z I bought him......Manchester...fingers crossed he's going there for his M Phys in September. I got one for I can visit my soul mate in his flat...after 20 last he can say that he is seeing me...right now..he's in the Italian Lakes...sleeping peacefully.
other things wanted my attention..
Am seeing to them
Never said about the change...well..when I put on my dressing tied so much easier!...let's hope the scales agree

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Strange Sunday.

Why is today a strange Sunday? Cos I woke at 7.45am, without an alarm clock, and was wide awake.
I'd done all my usual Sunday jobs by 10 am, so the day was my own.
I'd also inadvertently woken Samantha. I didn't even know she was in the house....honest guv!

I sat for a while reading, but the book I'm reading right now is heavy, so you have to rest it somewhere if you want to read long periods of time. (Will need to get a book rest when my tum has disappeared! ROFL)

About 3pm, Samantha surfaced properly. She'd only got in at 4am, been out at Blackpool to a rock club. No...not that kind, although the mental image it conjures up is amusing.

Picture this, shady alleyway, a door creaks open.
"Is the the Rock Club?" a voice asks.
"Shh!" says the disembodied voice from behind the door. "We don't want to invite a raid. Where's your invite?"
The voice in the alleyway produces a hand, in it an embossed invitation, with a pink and white striped border.
"Everything is in order, enter" and the disembodied voice also produces a hand, which pulls the outside voice in.
When our hero, the owner of the voice grows accustomed to the light level inside......wonderful things meet his eyes. He wanders around speechless, as he just gazes at each new sight.
Finally, he finds his voice again. (He got like that sometimes in places he'd never been before, just losing his voice..and it took forever in an unfamiliar place to find again, being a soft brown voice it tended to blend in..or get lost in dark places.)
"I've not seen one like that in ages."
The other voice had been surrounded by a perfectly, ordinary-looking gentleman. (Well, he thought he was, even with his extra long arms.)
"Pulled that one myself. Most like them hooked over, like the small ones you see on Christmas trees, but me, I like them long and straight."
"Are you still allowed to make the blue ones?" our hero asks

And there we're going to leave them, as they wander further into the club and our hero meets other members....will a simply gripping adventure materialise out of this innocent meeting, who knows? (Answers on a postcard or sealed down

Anyway, Sam wanted me to take her for her car...that's why she keeps me around!
Then I went to the market, and bought loads of fruit, and a lettuce. The man who served me informed me "These greengage want eating, love!" What did he think I was buying them for?
(Saying that, I now remember I used the same phrase myself when selling fruit and veg. Must be fruit-and-vegitis. Or as I sometimes call it, stating the obvious.)
After unpacking, I read some more and have read roughly and 1/8th of this huge book I'm is a normal book...with normal print, and only two black and white pictures so far. Apparently the writing style mimics that of Jane Austen, but I will have to bow to that critic's knowledge, never having read a Jane Austen in my life, despite the degree in English Literature....there are only SO MANY books you can read, and write essays on in three years.
Then the lads came back, and the dogs were happy again.

Saturday, 28 July 2007


When you work in school, and end of term comes, the days just merge into each other.
Is it really Saturday today...well......yes..must be. Why?
The Eastern Europeans are all here, so's everyone else, so it must be WEEKEND!...The other thing that gave it away, the ex came for the boys tonight. He only has them at weekend, they leave late Saturday, and are back late Sunday.
So..that is IS WEEKEND.
So what have I done wonderful?
Nothing! Just done every day jobs all day.
So, I might have had more than a week out of my six week break off, but feel like nothing has actually happened.

Friday, 27 July 2007


This is Shadow, she's a real difficult dog to take pictures of because she's black.

Explorer Spark!

I have two dogs, or more precisely, a dog and a bitch.
The dog, Spark, is six next month., the bitch, Shadow, two in September.
Shadow is just beginning to settle down and become quite a nice dog. Spark settled at two year old.
Usually it is Shadow who is doing things she shouldn't, and lately, Spark has "tattled" on her. She digs up my plants and eats the roots, something I don't like her doing, as it kills the plants off. Spark has picked up on this, and now when she starts to dig..he comes and sits by me whining until I follow him. He's done this about other things as well.
Anyway, today, Shadow came and sat by me..and whined, until I followed her. I asked her what was wrong, and where Spark was. She sat by the back gate, just looking out. (It's wire mesh.)
So I called them both in, she came in straight away, Spark came up the alleyway and pushed his way back into the yard. Shadow knew he shouldn't be out alone. (Mental note to self, put hook and eye on bottom of gate to stop this happening again.)
I don't believe dogs should be out unattended, also he's a West Highland White, they are said to be the most stolen dogs in the UK, as to a non-Westie owner, "they all look the same". I think I doubled my dogs "nickability factor" when I got Shadow, as although she is a Westie/Scottie cross, she looks just like a Scottie. When I take them out, I often get comments that they are the "whisky dogs"....or I am the "lady with the Whisky Dogs"

Thursday, cancelled, due to lack of interest!

Sorry about yesterday.
it was cancelled
due to lack on interest.
I spent the day in bed,
My brain was asleep
in my head.
I just couldn't
keep my eyes open.
Wore myself out,
The day before.
So caught up
on sleep.
Hope I didn't

MIght come back and redraft this at a further point in time.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Torture, pampering and visiting

Today has been so busy.
I go up early and managed to swim..for the first time in weeks. I only managed 14 lengths...(2 short of a quarter mile,) but I did them.
I had waited to have my breakfast until I returned from swimming.
Then it was time for torture and pampering, had my legs waxed and hair cut....leave you to figure out which is which.
Then, while Sam was being pampered..I delivered the pressie to Ma and Pa. Dad was pleased with the pressie, I think it is the only one that was bought with both in mind..and long term use.
On the way back home, picked Sam up.
Did other mundane stuff..and now ma worn out and feeling dizzy....but I have managed to be good all day. I promise not to turn this into a Bridget Jones moan.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Can I start again, please?

Although I have got plenty done today..have felt really down all day.
Not feel like saying much here either.
TV works now...after new Aerial installed.
brilliant day for washing and ironing.

Monday, 23 July 2007


I am in ..or have, a quandary!
Lucky the local zoo know? I hear you ask.
I am to lose weight prior to surgery on my ankle. Only because the injury is so bad, I am unable to exercise much. Even swimming is painful, and when I give up because my ankle hurts too much, I can't get out of the pool. I just can't climb the ladder, so I have to pull myself out with my arms.
Am eating less, but as I am not as active, it isn't making as much difference. My daughter says I should try Pilate's, as it should help.
If anyone knows any exercise that can be done safely with an injured ankle, I'd love to know.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pressies, and other stuff!

Tiz Ma and Pa's wedding anniversary on Tuesday...not a bog standard wedding anniversary, but their 50th...wonder if my darling brother can add up.......will he realise that it is their 50th?
I have got them a DAB when I was little the radio always seemed to be on...even now it is.
It is the same here.

The other stuff...whenever I phone my Mum, or my sister, they go on about ..what Kelly did for Erin.....and why she doesn't even want contact with her any more....
They completely blank the fact that for 10 years I was there for Erin...when she found herself pregnant at 16, raped at else wanted to she has decided..for her own reasons that she has no hurt me..but at the time...I could do no other. I know she is fit and well...and now has 3 children..but when all my relatives go on about how her sister is fed up with her..and they have no idea what I did ..just cos I didn't make a song and dance about Kelly makes me sick
One of my nephews is 21 in ex is one of the godfather's...I have mentioned that it MIGHT be uncomfortable for me to be at a function where he is also..but I don't think anyone heard.
If he gets an invite to this event..I WILL NOT GO.
I can't hurt myself like that wittingly.
What would you do?

Saturday, 21 July 2007


Saturday's seem so long, but then so short.
I will hold my hands up, and admit that I miss my kids when they visit their Dad at the weekend.
It is not just the dogs who look for their return.
And today, it is exactly 6 years since I moved in here.
Things are still not finished, and to be honest, the kitchen could do with another coat of paint.
But, most of the work on the house has been carried out by me. (other than heavy stuff like timber treatment, damp coursing, and installing central heating.) The outside paintwork needs doing, but I acquired some "staging" for my friend's husband, he said he would paint my house in payment, am thinking..perhaps I should try to do the bits I can reach myself, as this is some years back now.
But ...can't do much due to injured ankle. Climbing stepladders is out of the question right now. (Well, I CAN climb them, one foot at a time, I just can't get down again.)

Friday, 20 July 2007

Must have been the tomatoes!

Well...the bolognese sauce was back to it's normal self.
There were two possible causes for it being "wrong" last time.
I'd used tinned tomatoes, and chopped them up. Have done this in the past, but lately have been buying chopped tinned tomatoes. I know it sounds daft, but the only other thing I'd done different was not let sauce stand and reheat. although since I've been working ...I have come in, made the sauce, and as the sauce nears it's completion, prepared the spaghetti, or pasta.
It WAS really funny the other night, as my three all sat there...all said it didn't taste the same..and then sat there,going through the list of stuff they know I put in my bolognese sauce...asking...had I remembered to put it in? Then one of them says..."Mum! you didn't put the kitchen sink in!"....It's true...stand still long enough when I'm making just might end up in it. :)

Have finished my crazy skirt tonight..I don't know why it took so long for me to finish it..and now..I'm not so sure I want it....typical.
My brain has been going into overdrive thinking of things I could make.

Lazy Friday

Laid in bed today until around 10 am. First day of the holidays.
Got up, had a lazy breakfast, then pegged washing out, pottered around, cleaned oven. pottered a little more, then had dinner. Now just being real lazy whilst the washing dries...might even iron it later on.
My youngest went out into the city, and has just arrived back. There is the bolognese sauce sitting ready on the hob. (I made some the other day..and I don't know what went wrong, but it had no taste at all.) There were cries of "Muuuuum....what is WRONG with the bolognese?"
I must identify the plant that has decided to grow in my yard this least I don't think this one is a poisonous plant like the one that appeared last year. Have also got the white flowered nettles growing..they look they can stay. (Think they are called dead nettles)
Tomorrow I have to get Mum and Dad a card and present, it's their 50th Wedding anniversary on 24th July. Think the pressie will be a DAB Mum and Dad both like to listen to their radio, and I remember it always being on when I was young.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

6 weeks holiday!

I have 6 weeks holiday from work....but before you all start queueing up to apply for any jobs that are going where I work...think on this... my wage is ok...if you don't have a mortgage..and HUGE demands on your income.
The technicians where I work get paid..."pro-rata"..which means..we work the hours..seems to get paid a real low wage..but what other job had 13 weeks paid holiday/year?
Like I say....OK...if you have no large outgoings.

Anyway, that wasn't really what I intended posting about.

It was the "leavers" do for staff.
I have worked at the school for 2 years and a term now, and although we have the "leaving" bit everyterm..the summer ones make me sad. Today so many of my youngest son's teacher's left. If this had happened 6 or more years ago..I would be very worried, but thanks to his BRILLIANT year 4 teacher..and the lovely teachers after that...he can now cope. He can even cope with the Brass teacher, who taught him for the last 6 years, leaving. And ...even after all this time ..I put his ability to accept these changes down to two people...
The wonderful year 4 teacher, who now teaches at a different school, and the constant brass teacher.
Thanks both to Ian and Peter...I will always be happy that you taught my son that there are men in this life who CARE what you do.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Cake again!

This happens most times after a cake raffle.
I'm usually asked to make at least one more.
This one was for a strawberry cream tea morning..or something similar. It is to be a guess the weight cake. Cake and sealed envelope with weight of cake were delivered today.
Am keeping a low profile tomorrow, until we finish...
Although the head's PA wants to know what was in the chocolate cake that she won in the raffle. :) Don't know if I should say, that isn't one of my Grandma's recipes, but two of the cake recipes were....and the fourth one, I adapted from the original.

Internet vagaries

Am sure I'm not the only one this has happened to.
You see something you want online, decide to order it, place order and it arrives?
Well, that's the theory, and it usually works...apart from the time when you think you want what you have ordered as quickly as possible.
Yes, that is what happened. Ordered a phone, was told it would be with me within a couple of the didn't appear, so I used the order progress said.."problem with your order, we will be in contact, soon". Then phoned the company..."Oh, it will be with you on x-day." x-day came and passed..still no phone, I called again, got same response.
Still NO PHONE!!!!
Called tonight, and the lady was very helpful, she explained that the particular handset I had chosen tended to cancel itself off the otherwords...there was something wrong with their ordering system, that cancelled placed orders.
Nice lady took the order over the phone...and it should appear soon.
Meanwhile, the phone has become less "urgent".
I've noticed this daughter likes e-bay..and has ordered something she really wants..only to be informed the company has shutdown, and they have refunded her money. OK, they refund the money, but when you have planned something special..and it doesn't happen...yawn. Perhaps next time I will just go to the shop.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Am soooooooo happy!
Have heard from my soulmate, after such a long break...but I knew we were ok.
I love him.

End of term!

Tiz the end of term..and the school year at work. however, this doesn't mean that it is wind-down time for me.
I work in DT, and we need all the folders ready and in the correct rooms for September start. There are also the booklets used , and the IEP folders....
New labels to produce, booklets....etc, etc, etc
And there is a chance that I will not be there when school restarts in September, as I am due my ankle operation any time soon.
So, end of term, kids out, bowling, or complete day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It was sooooo quiet.
Lots still to do tomorrow though.

Monday, 16 July 2007


I don't know if I mentioned the Motorsport Club at school. This weekend they entered a soapbox race. Six teams had spent the past few weeks building their soapboxes.
Yesterday they went to the venue, with all six soapboxes. Three pupil built ones, and three staff built ones. There were two classes, rope steered and steering wheel steered ones. The ones from school were all rope steered ones.
Each member of the team was SUPPOSED to drive the soapbox down the course. One of my bosses won the rope steered class. Another staff built soapbox collapsed, the year 10s turned their's over, but just got back in and continued. But there were photos of the competition..teams that had been taking place for years..with soapboxes that looked more like buggatis.

There were several lots of photos flying around amonst the staff today, as it had been the cruise on Windemere on Friday evening. I think a fun evening was had by all despite the weather.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

St Swithin's Day

It's St Swithin's Day today. Started off warm and sunny here, as the day rolled on, the weather cooled. Then we got rain. I can usually tell when we are going to have rain, and I was expecting it between 3 and 4 was around then. I'm not a meteorologist, but am very interested in the weather.
One of my favourite websites is TORRO. This is the UK website for tornadoes, and other adverse weather. They have a wonderful notice that they post when there is no adverse weather expected. It says, " No organised thunderstorms are expected", (or very similar wording.) I wish I could could have that job. It would be great, you'd be at a party and someone would ask you what you do for work, and you'd say "I'm the thunderstorm organiser." Cos there would only be one...there'd have to be! Yes, I do love thunderstorms.
Back to what I started writing about, today where I live, we've had a bit of everything, sun, wind, pretty equal measure. To be honest, I don't think the weather will warm up significantly until about the second week in August. I think in this part of the UK an Indian summer is on the cards. (One last thought, are we still allowed to call them Indian Summer's, or do we have to call them something else..more PC? The world has gone PC mad!)