Wednesday, 22 August 2007

This week so far.

Not been a terribly eventful week so far this week.
Have swum, made four quilt panels, done housework, been a nice walk with my youngest.
That's about it.
I have arranged to see a explore if I have grounds for a compensation claim.
More on that later.
The new neighbours across the street have pulled the kitchenm out, and are putting a new one in......Must be a pain when you are actually in the house having that done.
Mind you..when they first moved in....I think they lived off chinese takeaways...from our handy Chinese, at the end of the street.
One lot of the Eastern European neighbours is STILL away..and the ones I'm not too keen on have now brought a boat up the street. At one point they inflated a bouncy slide thing to clean was huge..and the generator droned for such a long time. Let's hope they aren't going to try to flood the street to test the boat. (They are very strange.)

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