Thursday, 2 August 2007


It's been like a weekend today. Sunday perhaps?
EVERYONE was up bright and early. The boys were going sailing, playing Pirates for the day.
Not really, Edwin's godfather has a boat on Windemere in the Lake District. They were going sailing with him and their Dad. Everyone was up before 8am, and out by just after 9am.
Sam went to work early, so me and the dogs scrounged a lift with her, so that I could walk back, after visiting the market. I got 5 pairs of stripey socks with the money Mum and Dad gave me for my birthday. At the moment, the way I am walking is causing me to hole all my socks, but just the left one, on where the instep should be, due to injury.
We walked back home, me and the dogs.
Then that was it, alone until 8pm, when the "crew" came back. They hadn't made their Dad walk the plank, (he is one, or so one of my friends says.)
It's been a fairly quiet day, although I got loads done in the morning, walk/walk dogs, swim, shop.

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