Monday, 24 November 2008

It wasn't my fault!

Nearly every workplace has a fire drill every so often, just to check if "the system" for evacuating the building/s works. But....when do they do these drills?
Well, I work in a school, so when do you think they are carried out? At the change of lessons, or just before/during/after? No, they are usually when a lesson is halfway through,and the teacher is half expecting it, so they don't particularly engage the children's attention.
So what happens when it is for real? Like today, well the evacuation works reasonably well, but.....why when the pupils had been told to go to the junior block dining room for their inners, did the insist on trying to go back into the main block where the fire had been? After 35 minutes the all clear was given.
What had been the cause of the smelly electrical type fire? A faulty light fitting. I had switched the light on it the store, and left it on. [It is normally left on] And that is here the fire was, it was the light I switched on. I suppose it was very lucky as the server for the computers in that part of the school is in that room, and it was unharmed.
It wasn't my fault...the light is needed in that room and generally left on.

Oh and it made the local newspaper, must have been a slow news day.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Quiet week and weekend

It's been pretty quiet this week and weekend here, but then the week started with Edwin not being so well, tonsillitis, then I picked something up, nearly lost my voice and kept having choking fits, and now Sam has it. Coupled with that Sam managed to scratch her eye taking her contact lens out.
It was entertaining to see that PIRATES! had hijacked a supertanker. Anyone who reads my blog will know that my three are pirate mad. I love this adaptation of Kenya from Weebl's stuff on the pirate theme. (By the way they don't seem to be "growing out" of the pirate stage, suppose they never will. Perhaps I should join them and dress up as pirate myself next time they decide to.)

Saturday, 15 November 2008

And for this Saturday's entertainment

No, it isn't really entertainment, but there's a fire engine just turned up, obviously not an emergency as they didn't have sirens going, but do have flashing lights going. Four firemen jumped out with breathing apparatus. There is a distinct smell of something burning, but I have no idea what, it isn't a car though as I just went out to have a quick look.
Five to ten minutes later the fire engine is on it's way. I presume they went to the houses that have are being done up in the street and are vacant.
If I find out what was the reason for the visit I will post.
Mind you it's still early here; time for more upsets later on. I hope not as I have been sleeping badly, and Tuesday/Wednesday's disturbance robbed me of quite a few hours sleep

I couldn't do that job.

What job would the following qualities be good in?
  1. Ability to hold the opposing viewpoint, even if you actually agree with whatever the person is saying.
  2. Make promises in order to obtain the post,and then promptly forget all your promises when you are appointed.
  3. Have a keen sense of paranoia, especially when considering what other people in the same job are saying about a subject.
  4. Have a thick skin.
  5. Not mind having your every move documented by the media, if you ever become good enough at the job.
  6. The ability to refuse other people a decent living wage, but gladly agree to your own wage rise.

I'm sure I have missed some qualities off this list, but I do know it is a job I could never do. If anyone has any idea what post/job I think requires these qualities, or can supply a few more qualities, please let me know. There isn't a prize unfortunately, it's just for fun.


I finished the earflap hat I was making. I did have to pull it back twice as I got the increases in the wrong place, the first time, the second time I lost track of where I was. My son's gf looked aghast as I just pulled it off the needles and pulled it back. I just had enough yarn to finish it, but there was none spare for pompoms and ties.

However, although I am satisfied with the result, I couldn't see myself wearing it, ever, I'd have different colours. So I put it in the staffroom at work with a note saying if anyone wanted it, they could have it, just give a donation to Children in Need.

Before I did this Sam tried it on, she loved it, but would like a black one. Today I went to the market, bought a huge ball of black wool and a circular needle. Am sure have the correct size in my workbox, but the this moment in time my workbox is buried under a pile of things. And once I knit one black earflap hat, I'm sure that there will be more requests and the black wool will soon disappear.

I also managed to put quite a few more stitches in the remaining birth sampler I have been cross stitching for work colleagues. This last one is taking some time; as it is mother and baby giraffe and the colours are very close. The effect is worth the effort though.

The other thing I have started to do this week is sort out seasonal presents. With only Oliver to sort something major out for now, and my youngest niece. I no longer buy anything for my other nieces and nephews as they are all over 21.

While I was at the market I found three prefect Xmas cards for Mum and Dad, and a couple of good friends. All three are humourous, and although they were expensive, I am sure they will be appreciated.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I have been reading Chronic Knitting Syndrome blog, and am afraid it must have infected me. It's ages since I knitted seriously. In fact I stopped trying to knit anything much around the time my youngest became mobile. He used to play with the wool like a cartoon cat. It drove me up the wall and I started doing cross stitch instead. Since my divorce I don't always find time to do the things I want to do; as at first looking after three children, doing up a house, taking a degree occupied most of the time.
However two things prompted me to tackle what I am knitting right now; one was buying a hat with earflaps for my youngest's girlfriend, and the other was I found this wonderful wool that is just begging to be made up into something. So I looked for a hat with earflaps pattern, eventually found one, but it is knitted on double pointed needles in the round. So I have had to transcribe the pattern in my head so it can be done on two needles. ( I do have double pointed needles, and circular ones, but I can't get at them right now.) As the hat is knitted from the crown downwards the first few rows are difficult, but I'm sure once I have got the required number of stitches, the stiffness will ease. I promise to post a photo of the finished hat.

It's NOT the weekend.

Well, last night I was rudely woken at around 1am. Sound of someone beating on something, then a load of verbal abuse shouted, and fighting ensued.
As the noise had woken me up I looked out of the window to see what was going on. There was a woman screeching at this man, and aiming drunken punches at him. A lot of fighting was going on, I rang the police. after I had called the police, one man was held by one or two men and kicked, just like they show on TV and in films. I wouldn't have believed people could be so vicious if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. The police came, eventually, but it took ages for me to get back to sleep. The whole incident shook me.
I've had a call tonight from the police, it is going to court, as there were three lots of damage caused.
I don't have to watch TV for entertainment, when it regularly happens just outside. Only difference is, real life is scary when it's as close as this gets.
Oh! And why the title I have given this post? Because it is normally Friday, Saturday or Sunday when things kick off like this.

The Return of Rude Food?

For years the UK has been told what fruit and veg it can and can't sell. If a fruit or vegetable doesn't measure up to EU set guidelines, it can't be sold.
To me this seems a total waste of good food, and luckily the EU don't go around people's greenhouses and gardens.
So now, we might be able to go to the supermarket and buy "Rude Food" again. Something similar to the photo at the top, maybe?

Anyway, the link says much more about this subject, that I prefer to think of as EU lunacy

Saturday, 8 November 2008


I dislike fireworks. Have done since I was about 8 years old, when some prat threw a banger at me.

Where do they get their money?
Fireworks going off since 4pm tonight.
Each one seems louder that the last,
Each successive ones giving me a fright.
It’s been going on for over a week.
In the car park behind Coach Mews
A firework spark set the whole box alight.
They didn’t panic they knew what to do.
Shoved a mattress on top of it.
Well, wouldn’t you?
Everyone has one just lying around.
I pray that their money will run out,
lighting fireworks is all their life is about.
Perhaps tomorrow there will be none.
Then Spark can have the late walk,
He longs to go on.
It’s not him they scare,
He’s as brave as can be.
It’s not him they scare.
The scared one is me.

I wrote that poem back in 2002. Where I live now, there are more idiots around with more money than sense, and fireworks seem to start in mid October, and go on until mid November.

I'll be honest, I am amazed that the general public are allowed to buy fireworks these days. Long gone are the genteel fireworks of my childhood. Now it seems bigger and louder are better. What also amazes me is as the fireworks get bigger no-one seems to have anticipated the potential "terrorist" mischief that could be caused. After all, anyone can go into a firework shop, and providing they are over 18, they can buy fireworks. And these days you can buy huge rockets, and batteries! Perhaps I am being a scaredy cat, but what would happen if several of these were bought, and set off in an enclosed space, for example, a shopping centre? The chaos that would cause shouldn't happen. I wish our government would make fireworks only available to people with licenses to put on public displays...after all we are talking about gunpowder in the hands of people who are unaware of the potential.

for further information about UK "Bonfire Night" and Guy Fawkes

and here am I wondering if I should approach my local MP about the sale of fireworks? It really depends on where she spent the or Westminster. If she spent it here, she will know why I am concerned. The firework code does say that fireworks should not be let off within 20, (or is it 30ft,) of a public highway? That is blatantly disregarded here. some even being let off in the middle of the public highway!!!!.
For the past week, and more, I have not taken my dogs out after dark! What happened to Bonfire Night being just one it lasts around a month!


First, I would like to apologise for the run together words and typos in the previous post/ad. That is as it appeared on Freecycle, so typos were not my doing.

Second apology is from me, my PC was very poorly and I didn't have access to my own machine for over a week. I was very lucky and got it fixed, and tomorrow I am baking a cake for the person who fixed it for me. Bartering is alive and well in North Lancashire.

I suppose I should start to think about seasonal pressies and buying them. Last weekend I picked up a beautiful china cup and coaster which will be part of Mum's present. It has Goldfinches on it, she has them visit her garden regularly.

I have just looked and the USA Goldfinch looks more like our Greenfinch. Not being biased, but ours is much prettier
This mug I bought was one for £3.99 or two for £5, so I got two, the second on has the European Barn Owl on it, or in USA "speak" a screech owl. Think I might keep that one for myself.

Not sure what I will be getting for seasonal pressies for people. I have "Old Bean's" sorted, but that is probably the only one, and I had better sort out posting it soon.
On Monday I posted a piece of cheese to Old Bean. It cost more to post than the cheese cost!
Why can't someone over there get their act together, and import the various British cheeses? Anyway, as I told Old's the most expensive piece of cheese she will ever eat, hope she enjoys it.

Freecycle wonders!

This is a real 18 feet long twin keel sailing boat on a road trailer.The boat is structurally sound but needs some tidying up work. Thetrailer has a broken wheel bearing and will need some attention beforethe boat can be moved, or the trailer and boat could be low loaded.The boat was fully re-rigged about four years ago and had a newmainsail and then has been sailed only for a few months. It has asmall auxilliary outboard engine sufficient to push ot along. It hassat on our drive for three years without attention. It is untidy butwhilst it may need consderable elbow grease it shouldn't need muchmoney spending on it.The boat is twin keeled and pretty much uncapsizeable so is ideal forpeople new to sailing or a for a family. It's four berth so you canovernight on it. We sailed it on Ullswater and it was superb.I need to move this boat quickly which is why I'm putting it onfreecycle rather than to selling it.My strong preference is for this boat to go to a family who will enjoyit or perhaps a youth group of some sort so I reserve the right toconsider all expressions of interest before parting with it, but itmust go.I have to get rid of this boat quickly i.e. within the next two weeksso please is express your interest only if you are sure that you canarrange to collect it within that time period.Pictures available on receipt of an email address.
I know, the things you find on freecycle. The above was posted on my local freecycle. If I could sail I would be quite tempted by that!