Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday night TV

Sum it up in one word......RUBBISH!
I caught part of a programme titled "So you think you can dance?" I think that was the title..anyway...the people I saw obviously couldn't. In fact, if I saw someone making those movements...I'd be on the verge of ringing for an ambulance, as I thought they were having an epileptic episode.
Now I know why I get through so many books.


I have a facebook many people...tonight I replied to a comment made by someone who knows my family..yet they presumed to know about my parents than I do?
I got a bit narked and corrected the wondering if it will elicit any response?
The person had made a comment about a certain designer..and how she went to the same school as my parents..I added that myself and my two siblings had also attended the school that this designer had...only to get a comment back that we were not the "same generation" I commented back..that the designer went to my Dad's "primary" school...not the "grammar school both my parents went to.
It ain't that important...but the designer did not go to the same school as my any point.
Unless you know won't have the foggiest what I am wittering on about.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Why would anyone do this?

Just a quick question really
Recently there has been an advert on the radio by a company who will "take your rubbish/waste away!"
Why would anyone in their right mind avail themselves of this "service"?
It amounts to paying double for your refuse disposal, as I very much doubt that the local council would reimburse anyone the "refuse collection/disposal" portion of their council tax.
If the service does take off, and find itself blooming it will probably be businesses who use the service, as ...and please correct me if I'm wrong here, they do have to pay an additional tariff to their local councils for their waste collection.
If an ordinary householder uses this service, they are in essence paying twice for the same service, and only getting it once.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Have you ever had sleep evade you, no matter what you do?
We all have coping mechanisms that we employ when we can't sleep. Tonight/this morning, I'm going with one I have never tried before....if you can't something until you feel sleepy again. So far I have been awake for 2 hours. I woke on top of my bed. I had fallen asleep reading. I got into bed, and then found I couldn't settle. Perhaps it's the fact that this week the weather has warmed up considerably. The temperature on the local weather station, that I looked at just before starting to write this said that it is between 9 and 10C. A couple of weeks back that was normal daytime temperature.
I don't mind the warmer weather.....but I do mind the fact I will not be able to wear sandals...AND walk in them...ever again. Ever since my ankle operation I have had to wear insoles in my shoes,and support my ankle, as I have been told it WILL give way again, and next time there is nothing they can do. As soon as the weather started to warm...out would come my sandals, and they would only go away when the frost started to nip at my toes. Now I wear Doc Martens every day, as they are the only thing I have found that will accommodate my insoles. I am so glad that Docs are available in different colours. So..I either wear flowery ones and plain socks..or plain ones with stripey socks. I might have to go all Aussie if this warm weather continues..and wear boots with shorts...who knows?

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I like watching Waterloo Road...fact.
Today I was stood in the office at work...(a school,) and a member of staff walked in with someone...
My first thought...that must be X's brother/relative, (X being a member of staff.)
Then I thought..hey..he looks like the bloke who plays Grantly Budgen on Waterloo Road...but am not a big "celeb" I just finished what I was doing, and carried on with my job.#
Later...I found out he was who I thought he looked like! Duh!
At least with folks like me around "celebs" won't need to worry about attention.

Friday, 1 April 2011

what is life for?

when you are young enough to have children.....and you WANT them...a happy settled life in which to bring the children is your ideal.
Later on, when the children are young adults, all you wish for is that they are happy and don't go through the "doo-doo" that you did.
My children are now at that last stage..and it is good to hear one of them laughing with their partner.
My life stinks at the moment..but at least my kids are ok