Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another butterfly count

Around noon today I decided to do another butterfly count and submit my sightings, as part of the big butterfly count.
There were 28 in 15 minutes.
One I couldn't identify, cos it didn't settle and moved quite fast, and I saw what I think was a Comma butterfly. It's the first time I've seen one of those, so it made me smile.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Dangerous dogs!!! again?

This story is news over here today and yesterday. The puzzling thing I have found is, some "news" reporters say there were 2 dogs, some say 3.
If you are going to run a story about dangerous dogs, or indeed anything, please get you facts right.
Although, to me, even one dog who attacks a child, is one too many. I have dogs of my own, but if either attacked a child I would have to consider the very worst thing a dog owner can possibly entertain.
But to me, the story just shows how lackadaisical are our laws about dogs. Yes, I know that the UK is renowned for it's love of it's pets, but a dangerous dog is just that, and perhaps our laws are not tight enough.

To dig or not to dig?

If you a regular visitor, you will know that I live in "sunny" Morecambe! No joking, it is sunny today, there are loads of people on the prom, there's a free music festival on at The Platform, and has been since Saturday.
The beach had quite a few people on it, families, with children, enjoying the late summer sun, and even braving the water.
It made me smile to see children enjoying the sand, building sandcastles, etc. Then I saw this little kid climb out of a huge hole. The family left the beach, but the kid had a huge smile on his face. I have never dug holes, just for the fun of it, but both my sister and brother would do whenever we went on holiday as children.
So, I wonder if there are life's hole diggers, just because it's fun, like people climb mountains because they are there.
Are you a hole digger, or not? I know I'm not.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

How did the spy die?

This story is current news here.
The authorities are unsure how he met his death.
Taking into consideration he was found in a sports holdall, I'd say that they can rule out suicide.
I might be wrong, but the dead man was a spy, there is no mention of him being an amateur escapologist, so I am pretty sure they can safely rule out suicide.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What NOT to wear?

At all times of the year there are fashion hints and tips for the public, on what to wear, what NOT to wear.
This article is very useful in that it tells you what NOT to wear in certain countries, in order not to cause offence, at least, and avoid arrest in the extreme.
However, there really are very few articles on what combinations are bad, or just plain wrong.
I'm not claiming to be a follower of fashion or anything like that here, in fact I have my own style, and it could be considered eccentric at times, but that's just me. And luckily Doc Martens come in lots of lovely colours and patterns these days, as they are the only thing that will accommodate my orthotics, without which I would struggle to walk any distance.
Me aside, in my my docs and long, ethnic skirts, with stripey or plain socks, depending on the boots.
Why was the young woman I saw the other day, with a lovely figure, showing it off in very short shorts and skimpy top wearing Ugg type boots. Not only are they ugly, I believe that is why they have the name Ugg, but I have not yet seen anyone walking correctly in ugg type boots, everyone seems to "scutch", my term for the draggy, slidy walk all ugg type boot wearers adapt.
Living in a seaside resort I do see some rare migrants in strange clothes, but there are people walking the streets who don't seem to be in possession of a mirror, or an honest friend.
Mind you, it all helps brighten up the day.
Oh! and as a postscript, apparently Doc Martens will be one of THE types of footwear to wear over the next fashion season or two, as top models have been seen wearing them.
Yay!...I'm setting the fashion for once! rofl :)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Compared to Beijing, Lancaster has light congestion!

I read this story about congestion in Beijing.
Next time I get delayed sitting in traffic in Lancaster, I will think of this and count myself lucky.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Nice to see there are incompetents in other countries as well.

This story made me laugh.
At least it isn't just the UK transport system that sometimes goes awry. Imagine getting on your train, to Milan, and it's an overnight train, so you settle down to sleep. You have no reason to expect to wake up anywhere other than Milan.
Apparently the train was one of those that gets split at a certain point. The two parts were sent in the wrong directions. The part that should have been going to Zurich was re-routed after the mistake was recognised, so WHY did no-one realise the other part was going to the wrong destination as well?
I think it is ironic that the train was named after a famous surrealist, Salvador Dali. I would guess even he might have thought heading for Milan and ending up in Zurich a little too hard to swallow.
My sympathies are with the travellers, but on the plus side, they may never have been to Zurich before.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Blue's visit [part 2 ]

On the 2nd of August, Blue returned from 13's home in Gloucester. I was to collect her from the railway station at 11.30pm, but I waited until everyone got off the train, and the platform was bare, apart from me and a railway employee. I texted 13 saying that she had not arrived, he texted back that she had been on the train. After an hour Blue arrived in a taxi from Preston, the train she'd been on had been delayed, and it missed the connection at Preston, apparently Preston is notorious for this. In fact I do remember having to collect friends of Sam's from Preston once, when they had missed their connection late at night.
Tuesday, the day was dull and wet, we had planned to go to the South Lakes Wildlife park, but as very little of it is undercover, we made alternate plans, and drove around Pendle, stopping to look at places connected to the Lancashire Witch story. (There are even little brown signs saying "Lancashire Witch Trail").
Wednesday we visited, Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway, so Blue could see a working British steam train, then onto Near Sawrey to visit Beatrix Potter's home, Hilltop, and the village. We had dinner in a pub that features in at least one of her stories, toured the house, gardens and village. we then went on to Hawkshead, which I wandered around whilst, Blue visited the Beatrix Potter gallery there. I found and excellent shop called Relish that sells all sorts pickles, chutneys, herbs, spices, etc. Blue bought a bottle of Hawkshead Beer to take back, as her family has a "Hawkshead" in it's past.
Thursday was a more laid back day, visiting Lancaster firstly, to visit Waterstones....of course! What else would we want to visit for...lol.
Then after some lunch we went to the market here in Morecambe. Blue bought gifts to take home with her. The evening was again restful as Blue had to pack, and as her train to the airport was early, we had an early night.
I had a holiday in Blue's company, without having to stay in a strange place over night, as many of the things we did, I probably wouldn't have done on my own, apart from visiting the bookshop and driving around Pendle.
There is a whole raft of things still to do, but we'll have to wait until Blue's next visit for those.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Blue's visit [part 1]

Blue landed in the UK on Friday 23rd of July, and arrived in Sunny Morecambe on 24th.
Most of the day we just spent relaxing, and she got to meet my "someone special", yes, he has a name, and she does know it. We had a relaxed day with a roast for tea.
Sunday, Blue and I went to have a belated birthday lunch, for me, at the Hest Bank Hotel, Oliver had come back from Manchester as well to join us. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, chatting and reading.
Monday I drove Blue up to Kirkby Stephen for her chauffeured motorcycle tour of the Dales. I'm so glad she didn't ask me to accompany her, the helmet would have scared me. we wandered around Kirkby Stephen when she returned, then drove home. After a Nice and Spicy for tea we watched Tv and chatted. At 11.30pm I went to Lancaster station to collect another friend, 13.
On the Tuesday we three went to the Falconry Centre near Skipton. The displays were amazing, I took the wrong camera, so didn't get any photos, but I did have a Barn Owl and a young Kestrel land on my hand. Whilst we were there a local Buzzard dropped in for a visit, apparently, it has figured out, if it comes close enough it will be rewarded for it's boldness. The young Kestrel was clearly ill at ease with it though.
Wednesday we explored locally, OK..we walked along the prom and looked at landmarks.
Thursday, I took Blue and 13 to St Patrick's Chapel, whilst I went to the doctor's, then we went into Lancaster, looked around, visited Waterstones, then just before 5pm I said goodbye to them as they both caught the train down to 13s home in Gloucester.

Early start

I woke at around 6.30am this morning, and after lying there listening to music for about 40 minutes I decided to get up.
I'm sure I'm going to meet myself coming back today. I've finished taping all the music I was going to tape, done two lots of washing, caught up ...almost...on blogs, I don't have a photograph of something I made for Edwin, but that can soon be remedied. I've got some meat ready for when my "someone special" returns home, it just needs to be turned on and cooked.
Yesterday, I had a "baking and cooking day". I made tomato and lentil soup, black rye bread, two cakes, and two lots of chocolate chip cookies. I also sewed up the jumper I have just finished knitting, and sewed some of Blue's dressing gown. I SHOULD have been worn out today, I usually am when I've had a busy day, but don't feel the slightest bit tired, despite having been awake since 6.30.
The sun is shining and the wind is blowing, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if the washing is almost dry and ready for ironing.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sorry butterflies!

Well I've done what I said I would do.
I've cut Bertie Buddleia back
Sorry butterflies!
If I didn't do it, the council would have done, and last time they did it they butchered it. Which is why Bertie went mad ...Buddleias should be cut back when they are dormant, not in their growing period.

Before and after photos show that people can now get past without taking too much away. The top one is the after picture

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Catch up

I have so much stuff to catch up on my blogs
I think I need to set aside a day for catch up.
Since I last blogged on BAA I have read 13 books, and well into the 14th.
I have knitted, and created.
The only thing I haven't done is work on my current UFO
Must remedy that.
Thursday/Friday this week will be my catch up time...but I must trim back the buddleia as it is taking over the alleyway.....I'll take pics before and after trimming.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Another tiny catch up

I've just spent 15 minutes in the yard watching for butterflies, as part of The Big Butterfly Count.
I planted a buddleia several years ago and it attracts butterflies, so I managed to count 26 in 15 minutes, there were also many bumble bees and honey bees drinking the beautiful scented nectar.
Edwin is back from Kendal Calling festival, and is currently showering then getting something to eat.
I have had a lovely restful weekend with my "someone special".