Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Internet vagaries

Am sure I'm not the only one this has happened to.
You see something you want online, decide to order it, place order and it arrives?
Well, that's the theory, and it usually works...apart from the time when you think you want what you have ordered as quickly as possible.
Yes, that is what happened. Ordered a phone, was told it would be with me within a couple of the didn't appear, so I used the order progress said.."problem with your order, we will be in contact, soon". Then phoned the company..."Oh, it will be with you on x-day." x-day came and passed..still no phone, I called again, got same response.
Still NO PHONE!!!!
Called tonight, and the lady was very helpful, she explained that the particular handset I had chosen tended to cancel itself off the otherwords...there was something wrong with their ordering system, that cancelled placed orders.
Nice lady took the order over the phone...and it should appear soon.
Meanwhile, the phone has become less "urgent".
I've noticed this daughter likes e-bay..and has ordered something she really wants..only to be informed the company has shutdown, and they have refunded her money. OK, they refund the money, but when you have planned something special..and it doesn't happen...yawn. Perhaps next time I will just go to the shop.


Sinclair said...

You know I had the same experience with those silk trousers. Did I tell you?

Sea said...

Yes, Sam had the same trouble with a Chinese jacket, and a pair of trousers. Yet one com[pany sent her two pairs of the trainers when she complained!
You just can't win.