Wednesday, 29 August 2007

If you've seen it, send it back, please.

Where has all the time gone these last few days.
The weekend was really odd, as there was only me and the dogs for two days. Then on Monday evening, I was expecting the youngest back home, and the older two arrived back from the festival in Leeds. They are both very brown, might be something to do with sitting up observation towers, fire watching. They both had a great time, and saw bands they wanted to see, and got paid, because they were working.
The youngest had been sailing with his godfather again on Monday.
I finished my quilt front, first ever, on Monday. I just need to back and bind it now.
I've been busy doing Mum stuff, like washing the two loads of washing they brought back, and getting them dry and ironed.
Been sorting other stuff out as well, and should get my missing certificate before long.

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