Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I received a Kindle

Yes!!! For Yule my children....all adults now, clubbed together and bought me a Kindle.
I have always loved reading...from as young as I can remember.
On that tack...I don't recall exactly how old I was..but Mum asked me to keep an eye on the level of the water in the washing machine. All I clearly remember is Mum shouting a me because there was water overflowing and I hadn't told her that the machine was full. Another thing I know clearly is that this incident occurred before I started school! (In the UK....children usually start school at some point in the "school year" they turn 5) I started in the September after my fourth birthday, (July).
However, Oliver had talked through last time he was home ...IF I would welcome a Kindle. I said yes....because...all the classics are free, and when an author releases a HUGE won't be hard to handle on the Kindle.
And I love knowing that I could store reading on a Kindle was a plus.

I did receive other Yule gifts...Music, a book, a Waterstones see a theme here?

And then my fridge died!
Why did my fridge chose 27th December to die?
Summer and Yule/Xmas are the two times of the year you need your fridge to co-operate.....and last night my fridge laid down and went into a hasn't died...the light is still on....but to all intents and purposes...My fridge is dead!
I am blessed with some very good friends who when I asked to borrow their mains cool box loaned me their "spare" fridge, with a no-pressure loan....they would like it back in Late February..plenty of time to shop around for the best buy.

So...although I have had a pretty disappointing closing months of 2011. I do have some really lovely people around me...and hope they will be there to push me, kicking and protesting, into 2012...where I think I should begin my search for that someone special....who wants to be with me.

I did think I had found him.....but a phone call on Xmas Eve...bitter/sweet made me see that my beautiful, strong Eastern European friend was not the one. I'll never forget him, and he will always have a special place in my heart...Tiz a really good job a person's heart can expand to accommodate the love they feel for the special people in their life...otherwise we would have people exploding everywhere...but there again..I am presuming people are as soft hearted as I am

Monday, 26 December 2011

What did Santa bring you?

Amongst other things...I have two ...sorry three really best pressies.
1. A Kindle...Sam, Oliver and Edwin clubbed together and got me one
2.The latest Ozric Tentacles CD
3. a voucher to buy "books" for my Kindle

and a close 4th...A Waterstones voucher.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Peaceful December

I wish everyone who reads my blog a peaceful December..and hope January isn't too harsh

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Heading for another recession? RUBBISH!

They keep saying this on the news!
In many areas we never came out of the previous recession, therefore we can not go back into something we have not come out of.
Certainly in this area there has not been any signs of coming out of the previous recession.
So! news announcers, can you please take off your blinkers and look at the bigger picture...and all the bits you usually ignore around the edges before you make such sweeping statements?
By announcing the likelihood of "another" recession....or "double-dip" you are implying there have been better times in the interim. For the people on high wages this might actually be true, however for your average UK worker this is not true.
Just keep your mouths shut...haven't you heard the sayings? "No news is good news!" and "empty crates make the most noise".
In other words, if you don't have anything positive to say, why not just keep quiet instead of making meaningless noise which can cause people to worry?

Pressure phone selling

I'm sure most people are aware of this..
A company will phone you up...9 times out of 10 when you are eating a meal, and claim they are not trying to sell you anything...they might be a company you deal with in one way or another....but then...they try to sell you something.
I know I have a strong accent, but I am fairly sure that "I am happy with my current provider" is pretty clear.
It was my mobile phone company trying to get me to change my home phone and broadband to them. AND.....when I said I was tied into a contract...they offered me a cash incentive to change my provider! :O
After I put the phone down on the the pushy salesman...I thought of another possible scenario....

woman answers phone
"hello....I'm from blokes'r'us"
"What do you want?"
"Are you currently in a relationship?"
"Are you happy with your current relationship?"
"Yes, in fact I have just entered into a lifetime contract"
"Lifetime contract?"
"Yes, we were married two weeks ago"
"Ah, well, we can offer you an up-grade!"
"Yes, we can guarantee any relationship we provide for you will be more romantic, more loving, and will work out much less costly"
"But........I have only been married two weeks. I promised to stay with him until death do us part"
"Well, we can offer a cash incentive to free you from your contract."
"You mean like phone service providers offer?"
"Yes, exactly like that"
"But I've only been married two weeks!"
" that case we can offer you a sizeable sum...because breaking your contract so soon would carry very heavy penalties" what point would you put the phone down..or would you take them up on their offer.
Is loyalty negotiable, and at what point does it become non-negotiable?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Why don't most Americans speak English?'s not so much the spoken as the written English Americans speak that I have trouble with. They should admit they speak American, then English people would know to have a phrase book at hand when reading something written by n American author.
For example, in the book I am currently reading one of the characters keeps her laptop in her purse! That is one hell of a purse! (I do know that one)
But why sidewalk? What is wrong with footpath, it says exactly what it is..unless you live around Morecambe where it seems to mean cycle matter how busy it is with pedestrians
One I am never sure of...why would someone have bangs on their head. To me a bang is what you get when you drop something heavy, or there is a crude slang meaning. But neither of these have anything to do with anyone's head.
Perhaps my American friend who speaks sensible English could help me out? Blue?
Why claim to speak a certain language, then change words as and when you like?

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I now have over 50 followers!
This is just my blog....just my thoughts...sometimes daft, sometimes off at a tangent
Still is nice to know.
My "craft" blog only has three followers....and I really should update it
Anyway...thanks to you "followers"

Most smart people don't need to be told this.

Did that title make you wonder what I have to say?
My comment is in response to this story on Yahoo's homepage today. If you haven't time to read the article, it details how "the school run" can work out quite expensive.
To me the item must be targeted at the less smart people. Most car owners know that short journeys can create a lot of wear and tear on their car, that sitting in traffic burns fuel. you know..I don't think it is obvious to many people.
I used to attend St Martin's college in Lancaster, now the Lancaster campus of the University of Cumbria. It is situated on the South side of the city, Morecambe to the West/North West of Lancaster. One of my lectures finished at 6pm on a weekday, and I was asked why I drove around the Crook of Lune to get home, tracking out to the East and working my way then Westwards to Morecambe. The journey took around 20-25 mins. It could taker longer than that to get from the South side of Lancaster to the Asda roundabout in Morecambe, at peak times that journey can take an hour easily. I figured I was burning the same if not less fuel by my detour, causing less wear and tear on my car, plus it was a relaxing drive, compared to the frustrating journey of less than 2 miles between the two places I named.
The other thing the item states, is that exercise is good for you, and a 15-20 minute walk is preferable, as it is healthier.
I agree with all the points the article makes. doesn't go far enough. Most days I walk to work, as it is only a 15-20 minute walk, so all the arguments about wear and tear on my car still stand. One that it can't say is that it is better for me most days, as I have osteoarthritis, and if I can keep active it is better for me...for now at least.
One of the reasons I chose a house in Morecambe when I got divorced was it was close to my elder two children's school, close to plenty of shops, the promenade...and this might seem strange when you know I am a car owner, but close to a bus route and the train station. At this time of year unless you are going into Lancaster for a huge amount of shopping it is much less stressful to take the train or bus, and cheaper, because after you have sat in traffic to get where you want to be you still have to pay for parking. The local bus route to me runs every 10 minutes during the day, never long to wait A Bay rider ticket probably works out less than taking your car into Lancaster and parking it whilst you shop. The train is even cheaper, but not as frequent.
I seem to have gone off at a tangent, but my point is, the article, though informative really tells an intelligent person nothing they couldn't figure out for themselves. One last thing, the article doesn't say this, but...people take their children to school in the car, because of the amount of traffic on the roads...if they ALL stopped, the problem would go away, and it would be MUCH safer to walk.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Perhaps I don't like him so much now

Jeremy Clarkson made some unforgivable remarks about public sector workers.
He's roughly the same age as I am...but I would hazard a guess that if he wished to retire tomorrow he would have ample funds to do so.
Meanwhile, due to the "chancellor's" thing on Tuesday, I now have to work until I am 68 until I can draw my pension, and then it is only projected to be around £4000/annum. Gilt-Edged? only if you can live off a £1/week..maybe £2 occasionally. After paying utilities bills, and buying food, there will be no money left for luxuries.
As I said in a previous post, my wage was frozen over two years ago. I am currently weighing up my options as to my car. The insurance is due in early February...My wage was frozen, but prices of food, etc were much so I touched on...I am wondering if I can afford to keep my current car, as the insurance is something else that has not been frozen.
I bet Jeremy Clarkson doesn't have to think twice about keeping his current car...or "downgrading" in order to afford the insurance, and consequently keeping his car...or maybe cars, on the road.
I wish people on high wages would think, then think again, and maybe think a third time before opening their mouths on subjects they know little about.

P.S I did e-mail the Top Gear team when they kept classing cars as women's cars..offering to drive the cars for them..I didn't even get a jokey reply!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Just a quick one

If the public sector strikes today were a "damp squib" as Cameron says..that only goes to prove the man walks around with blinkers on. When I went shopping earlier there were more Mum's and kids than is usual for a Wednesday during in school hours

Damn government ....again!

Today has been a day of action by the public sector unions. Although I do work in the public sector, I don't work on Wednesday, so was not on strike.
But I have just turned off Newsnight in disgust. The government minister was on first talking to Paxo..and talked over him when he didn't want to answer a question, or didn't like what Paxo was saying. Then a union rep was on...the bloke did not get the "fair" hearing the government bloke did..cos no-one bound and gagged the government bloke, and every time the union man said something that the government bloke didn't want to hear..he would begin to talk over him..more and more loudly.
Is that any way for an elected member of our government to act? Perhaps it is just me, but his attitude is too much to the fore these days. We have people in positions of power taking the attitude "I can talk louder and longer than I WILL win"
Respect amongst people of equal ages..or standing..roughly..should be earned, and not assumed, just because one of the two has been to public school, and was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, does NOT make them cock of the walk.
As for public sector wages being better than private ones...that I very much doubt. Perhaps the spouting government ministers should try to survive on a high school technician's wage for a few months before they tell us we are on "better than average wages"

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Limbo land dilema

That is where I am at the moment.....LIMBO LAND
The partner I had and lived with has gone away, over 12 months since...BUT we have been in contact. Both He and I want him to come back to the UK.
I am doing everything I can...but with our current economic state there is not much I can do.
Should I look elsewhere and find a new path? or wait.?
I feel I should wait until I know what is happening....but others say I should look elsewhere. Right waiting. To me when someone says they will return...I take it that they will

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Changing governments = changing policies

I am not going to cover the normal gripes most people have about "changing policies", however, I sometimes wonder about the thinking behind the decisions.
Back in 2008 the government started to roll out a new initiative in secondary education. The initiative was called "License to cook", and the idea behind it was that from ages 11-14 pupils would learn a variety of skills used in cooking, and make good consumable foods using these skills. I went with our food teacher to a meeting about this. And since then we have been using the recipes in the school I work in. The recipe cover basic "pizza toasts" and smoothies, up to making curries and pizzas. In other words, the full range of cooking is covered. These lessons have been very popular with the children, meaning that they are making foods they know and love for themselves.
Sounds great doesn't it, and this September the initiative was to become compulsory for all 11-14 year olds. The upshot being, no child would leave school unable to make their own meals. There were to be nationally recognised certificates at the end of each year, so that children who didn't wish to take food education any further would still have a sound basic education and certificates to prove it.
You probably think there is nothing wrong with that idea at all, and especially at a time when less and less people seem to be capable of cooking a meal for themselves, preferring to buy ready meals or takeaways. I agree, it WAS a great idea..........
That will be why the current government have decided to shut down the website, and no longer make the teaching of certain food skills in schools compulsory. At the school I work at, this isn't a problem, but in areas where the initiative never even started, those children are missing out, especially if they don't have an inspirational food teacher, like the one I am technician for.

The government have possibly contributed to health problems in the future by scrapping this scheme.
There is no active link, to the recipes etc any more. Oliver took a copy of the disc I had been given, with him to university, and managed to self-cater for himself throughout his Masters, and when he was at the school I work at he cooked four times, in two years, making very unappetising dishes (It was a different teacher then)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I "want stuff!"

This story caught my eye and I was immediately caught!
I have children, albeit that my youngest is now 18 and a half. But I also work in a school, and see the effects of the "I want that!" culture every day. Bearing in mind I live where I do, the culture is to look "up-to-date" which I interpret as chavvy!..The latest thing for girls around here is to wear a quilted shiny jacket...BUT!!!!! it has to have I "heart" PB on it....The wearers of these jackets might not know that the jackets are normally worn by "equestrians"....(do I hear a swift search for the dictionary?) The true stars of tomorrow will not follow the crowd, and the sheep of today will be performing menial jobs, if any!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

busy afternoon

Because of how I was feeling, I decided to keep myself as busy as possible.
So, between then and now I made two lots of buns, one chocolate chip/chocolate and one choc chip/vanilla, two lots of biscuits....peanut and oat one's, and two lots of toffee. Traditional English treacle toffee and some golden toffee...then I had my tea and a bath....carrying on keeping busy by knitting.

not a good day

Do you ever have days when although nothing goes wrong, it just doesn't feel like a good day?
I do. For no reason that most would accept as logical, I feel like crying.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

noisy neighbours!

Why do some of my neighbours think it is ok to have very noisy parties...that spill out onto the street?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

"Switch to cheaper"

I was reading an article about feeding yourself for less. All well and good, but at what cost. I totally agree with the article saying go for cheaper longer cooking pieces of meat, and bulk out a meal with vegetables.....but it's what it doesn't say about fish that gets me. I says go for cheaper fish! The cheaper fish is without a doubt a fish called "River Cobbler".....sounds quaint doesn't it? River cobbler is farmed in a far eastern country, and force fed...if you can force feed is also...apparently plumped up with not that cheap really.
Anyway I'll leave it up to you to decide, but do look up river cobbler online.
There is one money saving tip it doesn't mention, and that is baking your own cakes etc.
Yes! the initial set up, buying scales, cake tins etc, is a little costly, but once you have the cake tins, scales, and a stock of basic baking equipment you can tackle most baking projects at a fraction of the cost. It's a great and satisfying way to to fill some free time, kids love to help, and you have a much more tasty product at the end of your baking. Scones for example...the basic recipe makes around 10, at a rough cost of around £1, but the finished product is far superior than anything you would buy in a shop, and there is really nothing better than a scone fresh from the oven...better bake double quantities...they'll disappear quickly. Best scone recipe...go to the Bero website!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I am going to have to pay about £50 to get my wing mirror fixed!
I am so cross, whoever broke it would be totally aware that it was broken, yet they didn't bother to let me know.

I also had a screw pushed into one of my tyres, and with them being "low pofile" it didn't look flat, only became obvious when I drove the car. By then I had ruined the tyre. Thanks a lot you unruly brats who have been hanging around our street, when none of you live here.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I just bruise easily!

My latest bruise is on my right forearm. It was very blue earlier today, but now it has gone purply/black. I have no idea how I got it....suppose tiz just my skin type as well as being rather clumsy.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Is this what is wrong?

I wonder if this is why young people are out of control.
My computer is next to a window that looks out onto the street. The girl from across the road is talking to some boys, but the boys are in the next door yard. they are quite blithely larking around in front of someone else's window, making a general nuisance of themselves. Have the girl's parents said anything? NO, because they frequently have [parties that disrupt the peace.
These kids have no respect for other people's property, and obviously neither do the parents.
I think one of the problems with today's young people being out of control is that they are not taught any respect for other people and their belongings/property/etc.
I know this doesn't apply to all young people. There are some who have respect for others, etc. But they are becoming a minority.
The people who have no respect , think they have a right to do whatever they want, where they want, and to who ever they want.
I suppose it won't surprise you to know that these "kids" are also freely swearing, as if the words they are using are not offensive.

10th October
This morning I went out to find my wing mirror broken...I have been told that it has been deliberately the mechanic who looks after my car! Well, the kids were running around all the cars on the street and pushing and shoving at each other

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Flaming government

I don't often make comments about political stuff, cos I can't say that I'm over enamoured by politics. However, I decided to look up state pension age....and was astounded to see that it had been put up in June of this year...for women to 65....I know technically i may cost more to pay people pension rather than pay young persons dole/jobseekers/ call-it-what-you-will....but as people get older they start to have health issues, and it is on this point I think the government are wrong. Why didn't they for a change...make the men equal to the women..just in this instance. I am not looking forward to working another 5 potential five years...with my health problems. Perhaps I should try to find myself a "sugar daddy"....except I wouldn't even look, cos my heart belongs to my special friend, even though I haven't seen him for over 13 months...we do talk though.
Should I tell my kids to hold off the grandchildren bit for a few more years?
When I Mum was a grandma at 38 and hasn't worked since she was 34...and Dad was luck enough to retire at 52.
The coming generation aren't going to be able to get to know their grandparents, or just see them as dried out, worn out husks.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

"new" toothpastes, just who are they aimed at?

I know the answer could be fairly obvious. They are aimed at people who wish to maintain dental health.....BUT if you watch the adverts, they really aren't. People who take care of their teeth properly won't have "loose gum seals" or other things that are mentioned. So, who will go out and buy the "latest" toothpaste...quite possibly the people who don't really need it.
Having worked for a dentist in my past, I can say the people with the worst dental problems are those who don't look after their teeth properly. Visiting the dentist at the right intervals will not make a persons teeth in good condition, it is what they do between the visits that will ensure they keep their teeth for a long time.
I was "lucky" enough to assist one of the dentists who was treating a case of "terrible toothache!" And I'll be honest, I don't know which smelt worst, the "patient's" breath, or their clothes, (it was a pig farmer straight from work).
I do, for the record, use a "sensitive" toothpaste, as nothing any dentist can do will stop your gums receeding as you age.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Last night of the proms

OK.....I try to watch this every year...I love classical music, but tonight it went from one extreme to another for me.
I like to watch the BBC1 coverage, which is usually the last 1-2 hours of the proms. One of tonight's soloists was Lang Lang who I think looks very similar to Michael McIntyre.
Then there was a "feature"...then the usual "winding-up"...This made me cry...cos I can't sing any more, and it woke up so many memories.
At the same time there were fireworks going off, part of the "heritage weekend" held by my current hometown. Tomorrow should see the display of vintage/old cars on the prom, and maybe a display by the Red Arrows..and tomorrow night another firework display.
Two years ago this weekend I met my lovely Lithuanian friend...and I miss him so very much.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back at work

I have never felt so utterly tired as I have in the last few days.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Come dine with me?

No, not the TV programme.
I lifted this question from a friend's blog.
Assemble your dream dinner guest list. Think of all the famous, or infamous, people living or dead, and pick 6 to share a fine meal with. Who do you pick? Why? What do you expect to happen?

1. Alice Nutter (One of the "Lancashire Witches")
2. Nell Gwynne (Chelsea Pensioners were founded in her memory)
3. My Grandad Sharp
4. Tom Holt (The novelist)
5. Lewis Carol (Author of Alice in Wonderland)
6. Nimue. (I think that is how her name is spelt, from Arthurian Legend)

Grandad is easy, I was only 5 when he died, and would have loved to have spent time with him, at 5 you are still a very young child, and I think he'd like the company. I think Lewis Carol and Tom Holt would soon find common ground. Nimue was supposed to be the downfall and at the same time apprentice to Merlin, Alice Nutter was found guilty of Witchcraft, but as ideas have changed, she might have been guilty of nothing less than being a strong Catholic in times when the country was being brought by force almost to the Protestant beliefs. And I'm sure Nell Gwynne would liven up the evening. All I've ever read about her shows her to be an open hearted loving person. Perhaps Tom Holt would inspired to write about the meal.
Oh! and if you read one of my previous posts, Alice Nutter might have been an ancestor.
Oh, and if it had to be filmed, could Dave Lamb please commentate?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Busy Tuesday

I've had quite a busy day today.
Walked the dogs after breakfast, then went to be tortured and pampered. [Hair cut, leg wax.]
Then I had to take Spark to the vet, more pills for him, and return visit in 6 weeks. He's got alopaecia (think that is how it is spelt), or rather did have, he's getting much better now.
I then walked to the market for some more yarn for a baby blanket I am making. Now I'm chilling out for a while and wondering what to make with the chicken I have for tea.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Schools and teaching

Why do schools expect teachers who gave English and literature, etc up after GCSE ...expect them to teach "Literacy" ...this might be ok up to KS2...but after that surely it is asking for trouble?


Lithuania means one very special person to me. So when ever I see articles naming Lithuania, I usually read them. This one I saw a couple of months ago. Never having visited Lithuania I don't know if this is true, but from what my someone special has told me, and photos I have seen, I would imagine that in summertime the aroma of fruit, and trees would be very strong. Lithuania looks so clean and unspoilt.
Then I saw this story, and I just had to laugh. I don't think the residents of Vilnius will part illegally a second time, after the mayor has taken things in hand.

Things about me [part 8]

Last week my sister-in-law rang me. She has been researching the various family trees, both sides of her family and both sides of my brother's, which of course is mine too. She'd come across something she thought might make me laugh, or at least smile. In the paternal side of my family we have ancestors who were called Nutter. So next time someone calls me a nutter, I'll just smile and tell them they are quite right, a small part of me is definitely a nutter.
And she hasn't dug too deep as yet, but the Nutter in question does hail from the same area as Alice Nutter. I'm sure Janet will let me know if we are related to the notorious Nutters.

Friday, 12 August 2011

I've never seen a volcano erupt....up close!

One of the Manchester rioters is quoted as answering "I've never seen a riot before!". I suppose we should excuse him because of his youth..only 12 years old, but as my post title says, I've never seen a volcano erupt...up close, or a tsunami, or an earthquake..or for that matter been involved in a war.
BUT!!!! I do not need to experience them to know that they would more than likely not be kind to me.
Perhaps the problem is with the dictionary definition of the word riot. I looked, and the first definition is the obvious one. "wild disturbance by a crowd of people", there is a second one, which is sometimes used to describe the humour/hilarity in a situation. An amusing person can be riotous, but I would guess the "rioters" are not sufficiently educated to know this second meaning...or let's face it, they wouldn't want to find out which meaning of the word riot is being used.
As fort other things i haven't seen/done/had.....well I haven't heard of the black death just around the corner, but if it was...I wouldn't go to investigate.
I'm sure you can add to my list of things you haven't seen/heard of/ done /had...but would know to keep away from them if they were happening just around the corner.
(Adding one thought..when the mother of the said child left court with him...instead of answering the reporters when they asked her why she didn't know where her son had been...she swore at them! To me that says a lot.)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots! :(

There have been riots, and they are still going on. Mostly in London, but today they have spread to one area of Birmingham.
I just watched the late night news, and they had several "figureheads" debating about the causes, and if they were like the riots of the 80s.
Well, when I heard about the riots on Saturday, I think that was when the first one was, may have been Friday. I had a sinking feeling, thinking that the economic climate and the time of year were the same, also the job market was in a similar position.
They talk about local government cuts being the cause....they might be right? who knows? But what they don't look into, and probably daren't, is a where are they now type look at the rioters of the 80s.
My job is local government, but they don't say anything about our wages having been frozen for over two years. The place I work at has had to make a huge saving this year, some has been scrapped together by people taking voluntary redundancy, but they have not ruled out...YET...the need for forced redundancies. I will say the place I work says goodbye to workers with many years under their belt to replace them with young, newly qualified workers, generally female.
It is never mentioned that we are going to have to work longer years until we are eligible for retirement. This I find annoying. And why can't the government see that by keeping local government employees in their jobs for a couple of extra years, there are no jobs being freed up for the general public. Young adults leave school/college with no idea what direction they will go in, as jobs are so scarce on the ground. (OK, whatever they pay the young people to not work possibly costs less that letting the older people retire at the age they expected to when they started their working lives.)
It is possible that the rioters of the 80s are now in local government jobs and are completely behind the rioters of today. But joking aside, I really don't think keeping local government employees in work for longer is the way to go.
When I was at school, we were told women work until they are 60, men 65. I will not receive my local government pension until I am 67, or is it 68? Does it really make sense to keep older people in work, considering as people get older they usually develop an age related illness?
There is no easy answer to this problem, but blaming the rioters of today, because they feel they aren't getting what they have been told they will get is not the answer. And considering if they keep the dwindling number of local government workers, that includes, besides your council, anyone who works in a hospital, fire station, police station, school, courts, their jobs..perhaps they should keep children in education until they are 18? 21? 25?...any advance on 25?
I'll sign off now...I have probably posed more questions than possible solutions, which just proves that there is no easy answer. the way...when I first heard about the rioting this weekend I felt a sinking feeling in my heart...but you have to watch the news about it...just like you have to pick the scab off a sore...It doesn't make you feel comfortable, but you have to see what is going on.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

It might be cleaner, but is it also cheaper?

You might have noticed that several car manufacturers have been developing either "hybrid" cars, or electric cars of late. There is one question I really would like answered about this.
Okay, we all see the sense that whilst driving an electric car it doesn't pollute the atmosphere. However, in the long run does it pollute by the same amount, somewhere along the line? After all the electric needs to be generated to charge the car up. And I know it would be marvelous if all the countries needs for electric was generated via natural , sorry I mean, environmentally friendly generation. Windmills, hydro electric, solar power, and the like. But we are still a long way from this. Plus not everyone likes the windmills....but that's another post. Lastly, the energy providers keep putting up the price of electric, so would an electric car work out cheaper? Maybe, maybe not! It's something to think about.
Just as a crazy aside, the ideal "environmentally friendly" transport would have solar cells, and a small wind generator....and in this country, maybe even a small waterwheel as well! (Bet that's made you smile.)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Polar bear attack!

I seriously don't think the Polar Bear knew where the people it attacked were from! I think it was just protecting "it's" territory from incomers.
Don't get me wrong...I am sorry people have lost their lives...but the Polar Bear is a HUGE predator...he/she was just protecting their Territory the only bodies at fault here were the humans...for straying into Polar Bear territory without knowing it was OK to proceed

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Been catching up on sleep

Have been a terrible blogger lately. I have just been so tired, that catching up on sleep has taken priority to practically everything else. Any hoo! I am now a week into my long summer break, and think I am beginning to be on the winning side of my tiredness.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Strange things about me

When I'm ironing, towels just get folded, as do tea towels,and sheets, and even underwear....but for some reason I ALWAYS iron my handkerchiefs
I think it might be a throw-back know well brought up young ladies always have a freshly laundered handkerchief.
I really don't know why I do this, but do know it is quite an odd quirk.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

what a fix!

I haven't watched "From Popstar to Opearstar" for the entire series, but I have spotted that the entire thing is to me a fix.
Take Tonight. Joesph sung a very demanding piece, and from what I saw very well, whilst Joe sang an easy piece. Surprise, surprise....Joe gets through. The Joe in question to my knowledge has had no success as a popstar, since he won whatever "reality" TV show .
No disrespect to him...but...he is young, and he can undoubtedly sing, yet has made no impact on the "pop" world, perhaps opera is where he will find "proper" fame..rather than the dubious fame a "reality" TV show winner experiences?
That's enough of me grumbling....the show is a fix...but it has helped me appreciate opera.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm very pleased.

Oliver has finished his Masters in Physics, and has got a first. I'm very pleased for him. I knew he could do it.
He came home last Saturday, and yesterday he flew to Northern Ireland to visit a friend he made whilst at Uni, after spending the weekend with Steph, he's planning on taking the train down to Dublin. As he puts it, "I might as well do while I'm there!"

New baby

My neighbour has had her baby. It's her second and she's been lucky in having a girl this time. I know she wanted a girl. So now I have to sew buttons on one of the baby jackets I have been making. Also another colleague has had her baby, another girl, and another neighbour has had a baby girl, too. Later on I'll post on my craft blog Fidgetty Fingers with a picture
There is a picture of the baby hats I have been making. As Edwin is having a "get together" tonight I may get around to posting a picture later on today, because at 18, I think they don't really need me around so much....perhaps just to produce a bit of something to eat around 10pm.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I was diagnosed as having asthma around 2 and 1/2 years back. I really wish I didn't have it. This year I seem to be reacting to the pollen. At the moment my sinuses are aching so much, and I am dreading the moment when it comes lose and travels south. Am struggling to breathe and feel quite miserable. I wonder how long it will take for me to be used to it, and be able to predict bad days...and do something preventative in advance?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some people are just SICK

I have started to follow Alice Pyne's blog. She is a 15 year old girl who lives, as the crow flies, very close to me. Quite a way by road though.
She has been getting for want of a better word "sick" comments on her blog.
I was always told, if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't speak.
These people leaving nasty comments are having to purposely make their comments. It's not as if blogs don't allow you to leave them unless you comment.
Mind you, I was also told as a child that "empty crates make the most noise". (That saying dates back to when crates were usually metal and all bottles were returnable and made of glass).
I have read what Alice has blogged to date, and she's a very brave young lady.
My only thought on the nasty comments she is getting, is what goes around comes around. And if you are hurtful to people you shouldn't be surprised when someone is hurtful to you.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spam folder in 24 hours

I thought I would leave my spam folder for 24 hours to see what I was offered. I was looking for scam type e-mails, and I did get a few.
Without further ado, here's the list;
  1. 2 lots of medication for "gentleman's problems"
  2. 14 chances to "test" an i-pad 2
  3. 5 parcels of which I need to confirm my details in order for the parcel to be delivered.
  4. 11 chances to have my palm read.
  5. 3 people who NEED my help in order to get their hands on their inheritance.
  6. The remainder were varied between letting me know that my bank account...(That I Don't bank with!) being suspended to chances to buy Replica Louis Vuiton.[Hope that is how you spell it]

Friday, 27 May 2011

What is wrong with USA TV?

Why has Cheryl Cole been dropped from the USA X-Factor?
They think that people won't be able to understand her because of her "Geordie" accent. What rubbish, they just aren't trying.
I have two solutions that could both keep her on the show.
1) She could have subtitles; for the benefit of the people who can't understand her, or can't they read?
2)She could sing all her comments, because she doesn't sing with a Geordie accent.
I know both solutions are a little daft, but I really think they should have tried harder to find a solution.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

What next?

You'll have heard of train spotters, bird spotters, Eddie Stobart spotters. This list is quite extensive, and some will go to great lengths to "spot" their chosen object/animal/whatever to be spotted.
But.....I have never heard of this before! Yes! you read it right, a list of where to spot the Queen has been published on Yahoo.
Ah well, each to their own. I think I'll stick to butterflies.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Time to blow our trumpet?

You might have seen on the news, and announced on the radio, that the UK has awarded it's Blue Flags for this year.
I was intrigued to know where all the ones in the North West were, because in the past the beach next to the Midland Hotel has won. I think we lost it last year though.
I looked Blue flag beaches in the North West
Both the North and South beaches in Morecambe have been awarded Blue Flags, so why haven't they been mentioned on local TV and radio?
Perhaps it's time to blow our own trumpet?
If you look at the list there are some very surprising ones have got the Blue Flag. Not in bustling town, but more "off the beaten track".
No wonder we are still a "joke" resort. Morecambe is perfect for family holidays in my eyes. Unfortunately children have to be "entertained" these days, which makes things difficult when the sun isn't shining. You rarely see children outside playing some imaginary game. The need for children to be "entertained" and protected from potentially being abducted makes parents stifle their children, so when left to their own devices they are often at a loss what to do.
Back on track however, like I said Morecambe is almost perfect for a family holiday, it just lacks the one thing the council has done away with,an outdoor swimming pool, as it is too dangerous to swim in the sea here. And for rainy days, the area has plenty of attractions nearby.
Perhaps I am being too simplistic, but holidays when I was young, at least the ones I went on, meant long lazy days on the beach, or walking, with the minimum necessary trips into the shopping area to buy food, as we always went self catering.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pitman painters

I am still watching this programme on ITV.
One thing that caught my attention was what Rob Green said about why the pitmen decided to take art appreciation classes.. They were taking evening classes supplied by WEA. They had finished the economics courses. And were looking for other classes in order to "better themselves".
I think the whole ethos behind the idea of learning has been undermined in the past few decades, and now school age pupils/students do not want to learn in order to "better themselves", as they have the misguided opinion that they are above learning.
I think it is a crying shame that the number of children wanting to learn is declining in certain areas.
I hope the people who can change things have seen this documentary, and realised that many of our population do not want to "better themselves" they think they are the best anyway.
I am not sure how the trend can be reversed, but I do know that other "cultures" still think that "bettering yourself" is a good thing.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday night TV

Sum it up in one word......RUBBISH!
I caught part of a programme titled "So you think you can dance?" I think that was the title..anyway...the people I saw obviously couldn't. In fact, if I saw someone making those movements...I'd be on the verge of ringing for an ambulance, as I thought they were having an epileptic episode.
Now I know why I get through so many books.


I have a facebook many people...tonight I replied to a comment made by someone who knows my family..yet they presumed to know about my parents than I do?
I got a bit narked and corrected the wondering if it will elicit any response?
The person had made a comment about a certain designer..and how she went to the same school as my parents..I added that myself and my two siblings had also attended the school that this designer had...only to get a comment back that we were not the "same generation" I commented back..that the designer went to my Dad's "primary" school...not the "grammar school both my parents went to.
It ain't that important...but the designer did not go to the same school as my any point.
Unless you know won't have the foggiest what I am wittering on about.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Why would anyone do this?

Just a quick question really
Recently there has been an advert on the radio by a company who will "take your rubbish/waste away!"
Why would anyone in their right mind avail themselves of this "service"?
It amounts to paying double for your refuse disposal, as I very much doubt that the local council would reimburse anyone the "refuse collection/disposal" portion of their council tax.
If the service does take off, and find itself blooming it will probably be businesses who use the service, as ...and please correct me if I'm wrong here, they do have to pay an additional tariff to their local councils for their waste collection.
If an ordinary householder uses this service, they are in essence paying twice for the same service, and only getting it once.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Have you ever had sleep evade you, no matter what you do?
We all have coping mechanisms that we employ when we can't sleep. Tonight/this morning, I'm going with one I have never tried before....if you can't something until you feel sleepy again. So far I have been awake for 2 hours. I woke on top of my bed. I had fallen asleep reading. I got into bed, and then found I couldn't settle. Perhaps it's the fact that this week the weather has warmed up considerably. The temperature on the local weather station, that I looked at just before starting to write this said that it is between 9 and 10C. A couple of weeks back that was normal daytime temperature.
I don't mind the warmer weather.....but I do mind the fact I will not be able to wear sandals...AND walk in them...ever again. Ever since my ankle operation I have had to wear insoles in my shoes,and support my ankle, as I have been told it WILL give way again, and next time there is nothing they can do. As soon as the weather started to warm...out would come my sandals, and they would only go away when the frost started to nip at my toes. Now I wear Doc Martens every day, as they are the only thing I have found that will accommodate my insoles. I am so glad that Docs are available in different colours. So..I either wear flowery ones and plain socks..or plain ones with stripey socks. I might have to go all Aussie if this warm weather continues..and wear boots with shorts...who knows?

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I like watching Waterloo Road...fact.
Today I was stood in the office at work...(a school,) and a member of staff walked in with someone...
My first thought...that must be X's brother/relative, (X being a member of staff.)
Then I thought..hey..he looks like the bloke who plays Grantly Budgen on Waterloo Road...but am not a big "celeb" I just finished what I was doing, and carried on with my job.#
Later...I found out he was who I thought he looked like! Duh!
At least with folks like me around "celebs" won't need to worry about attention.

Friday, 1 April 2011

what is life for?

when you are young enough to have children.....and you WANT them...a happy settled life in which to bring the children is your ideal.
Later on, when the children are young adults, all you wish for is that they are happy and don't go through the "doo-doo" that you did.
My children are now at that last stage..and it is good to hear one of them laughing with their partner.
My life stinks at the moment..but at least my kids are ok

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Why I keep getting so tired

I was diagnosed less than a year ago as having, secondary hyperparathyroidism. Sounds serious doesn't it, but it is quite simply put in plain English as Calcium shortage. This is controlled by taking a calcium tablet each day, and getting my blood checked regularly, to ensure I am taking enough calcium. Calcium shortage sounds innocuous, until you look up why your body needs calcium, and the things a shortage can cause. I don't like having to take so much medication...and the calcium tablets are don't swallow them, they are suck or chew ones.
Anyway tiredness is a symptom and towards the end of a day I start flagging.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


I had a visitor yesterday. It was my friend, Piers. He'd been out walking and called round. He brought me a couple of postcard sized pieces of his art work. Two new ones.
Piers produces abstract art, and I quite like these two new ones.
To see Piers' art visit or

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A sign of the recession?

Two weeks ago tomorrow, the newest registration came out for cars. Any cars sold from March 1st 2011 until August 31st 2011 will be given the number 11 on their number plate. There are plenty of 60s and 10s from the last 12 and 6 months ago, but to date I have only seen one 11 number plate. Is this a sign that the recession is still biting hard?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Car insurance

This doesn't affect me, due to owning beautiful MG ZR, but....I am sure it will hurt many young women in their pockets. The EU court has decided, in their infinite wisdom, that women should not pay less for their car insurance, as it sex descrimination. Last time my insurance was due, and other times in the past...I have checked out "women only" car insurance, and for the older driver, they actually worked out dearer.
One thing I would love to know though, if they are going to be obliged to put premiums up for young women, will they split the difference, and cut young men's car insurance? You half way? Or will the insurance companies just get rich from bumping the young women's insurance up to the same level as the young men's? Is anyone going to be monitoring this at all? Or will insurance companies be boasting huge profits in the near future?
I feel sorry for my daughter, Sam, and Edwin's girlfriend, Becki, as they will both suffer from this. Although Oliver passed his test shortly after he was 17, he has not had his own car to date, as the insurance is prohibitive for him, plus probably higher premiums because he lives in Manchester.
Is the barmy court going to pass a ruling that people living in rural areas should not have lower premiums than those living in urban areas with higher crime rates? I would say these crazy ideas being bandied around lately would be a good enough reason to opt out of the EU, but..unfortunately..the people who make these decisions are all on high wages, and don't think of the lower wage earners when they accept these summary rulings.
Sorry for going on a bit, but sometimes things catch my eye that incense me.

Last Sunday's post

Good news, the crazy idea that the government had, (the subject of my post last Sunday,) has been decided against, and as I predicted, it was opposition from the North of the UK that swung it. I glad that for once the government has seen sense.

TV ad

I like this one!
The little girl is so cute! :)

Sunday, 27 February 2011

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it

The government, in their "infinite" wisdom, are considering putting our clocks forwards what amounts to an extra hour.
The purpose, they say, is to give us longer evenings. But it will also result in darker mornings in the winter.
Perhaps they should forget about trying to put our time equal to that of Europe! After all the Greenwich Meridian runs right through London. We have to have time zones.
These policies are being made by people from the south of the UK. Here in the North West, we have around three months of it still being light after 9pm. In fact if the day is good, and there is very little cloud, it can stay fairly light until 10.30pm. We have sunsets here, that take a long time from start to finish. Further North in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, you may not see the sun actually set in Summer, I know they also have much shorter daylight hours in winter. For just ONCE, can the politicians take into consideration the rest of the UK....above Watford Gap? Taking the clocks forward two hours at the end of March might suit the Southerners, but in the long run it could, and most possibly will create more problems than it solves.
There is NOTHING wrong with our current GMT and BST, it isn't broken, so please don't try to fix it!
And, as an afterthought, you can bet sure as eggs are eggs, this looney policy will be rejected by the Scottish Parliament! So, that would effectively divide the country, if it does, please can we be Scottish here?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mediation in divorce

This story caught my eye on Yahoo's front page.
When I went through my divorce around 10 years back, I was obliged to go to mediation, as I was getting legal aid. But most of the divorce went through quite easily, with very little acrimony.
At the time I did not like the mediation sessions, I will say that they did help sort quite a few things out, with just a neutral third party present , and probably a lot quicker than they would have taken in court.
Who the children were to live with, and visiting the other parent, plus some nit-picky small issues were sorted.
I hope that people who are advised to follow this course find it useful, although I can't understand why it has taken so long to filter upwards.....perhaps solicitors did not point this option out to fee payers?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday off!

I don't work Wednesday any more! I still work 30 hours, but over 4 days instead of 5.
Today I had mental plans...go into Lancaster, go to Waterstones and Mung Mee. I did this and extra...I also went to Fabrix..initially to enquire about lace for a fascinator...for a colleague, but then I returned after doing my other jobs...candles/books and a visit to Mung Mee.
I had seen some canvas with "Banksy" inspired designs. I bought a metre of both the black/white option and the coloured option. I intend to make messenger type bags for Edwin for his art equipment. I also bought him some drawing pens!

On another thread! Advert on local radio!....A romantic weekend every month ...for two people!".....Duh!!! surely a weekend away every month for a year on your own ain't romantic...unless you are seriously narcissistic.
I just cringe when I hear some adverts these days.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

What is VAT..that's Value Added Tax...for?

After doing my shopping yesterday I thought carefully about which items had VAT added and which didn't.
I did working in a supermarket in the dim and distant past, when items were priced with a pricing gun. White for no VAT items, orange for items that included VAT.
When working on the checkout as well as inputting the price on the tag, you hit the relevant button.
VAT is only supposed to be paid on so called "luxury" items, and indeed one widespread supermarket chain picks up the VAT on a very controversial item......BUT I thought, and remembered from pricing food has VAT payable on it! Perhaps if a dog/cat/rabbit...(go ahead...substitute the animal of your choice,) was to go in and buy their own food...would it STILL be liable to VAT?
I would love to see my dogs go and buy their own food..and maybe get money knocked off.
Is this VAT fair? Like the other one the supermarket picks up...perhaps it should be should several other VAT liable "products"! Who knows?
I would love input.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Free review copy

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I love reading.
On Wednesday the postman brought a parcel that I wasn't expecting. :) Always a good thing. Inside was an advance copy of The Gallow's curse by Karen Maitland. I started reading it yesterday, and I will post my review on Waterstones when I have finished it. All I will say is so far I keep picking it up when I should be doing other things.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A little sad today

I'm still recovering from the flu, chest infection mostly gone. It doesn't sound like a kettle when I breathe now!
This weekend my sons are staying here rather than going to their Dad's as they usually do, as he has Flu. I was feeling OK until I started tom prepare the veg for tea, it brought back getting meals ready with my "someone special". I miss him so much, I suppose it's the closest I'll get to knowing how someone who is bereaved feels when they lose someone very dear to them.
I am lucky I had the year that I did with him, and if he never returns, at least I had a very happy year.