Thursday, 1 November 2007

What next?

I found the story below on the homepage of my browser. This is proof positive that the UK is going totally PC mad!

The think-tank in question obviously haven't "thought" their proposal through properly. Christmas is not only celebrated in the UK, it is a worldwide celebration. I realise that it is the commercial side of Christmas that they are thinking of, but it can't just be banned.
Also, as my friend, Blue said to me; "the reason I want to move to another country is because it is DIFFERENT from my own. What's the f-ing point of immigrating elsewhere if you're going to end up living in the same type of environment?????"

Your thoughts on the matter would be interesting.
Although Xmas/Yule has the most importance to me, due to having children.
There were always larger celebrations around that time of year as it was thought to be the turning point of the year, the "darkest day" after that day nights became longer, the earth started to warm up, and soon things would start growing again, animals would have their young, life would re-start. Just my thoughts.

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