Thursday, 15 November 2007

At last

It's come through, at last, the date for my operation.
So now I can order the parrot!
I have to go in the evening before, and will probably be in for 3-4 days after the operation.
So, I won't get to blog while I'm in the hospital, obviously, but might have some funny tales to relate afterwards.
One of the other technicians is having an operation on the 6th of December, a couple of days after mine, so if we manage it to the technicians Christmas meal, we can bookend them. Although I don't know If I'll be able to as I know I have to put no weight on the leg for two weeks, and the meal is just outside the two weeks.
So that gives me two weeks to sort out pressies before Xmas. I have a couple of things for Sam, but need another idea.

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