Sunday, 23 September 2007


I'm not wondering about mine. A couple of times I have put a comment on my friend, Blue's, blog, and when I looked later, despite the doodah saying it was going for moderation, it hasn't appeared. I hadn't put anything that would make it unsuitable for publication, so I can only surmise that my pop-up blocker is being over zealous.
But sometimes I wonder about things like that. You trust things to the ether, or in hard copy, you pop a letter in the post, and then it's completely out of your hands.
Although I haven't experienced it, the post very rarely goes astray.
One year all of one of my cousin's sent xmas cards never reached their destination. She claimed compensation.
That is what I miss, letters in the post, proper letters, not junk mail, or bills, real, letters from people who you know, or don't. They are all fun to have.


Blue said...

It won't appear until I sign onto the other site which maintains my comments and approve them.

Sea said...

aha! And there was me thinking the ether had been hungry.