Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Not recommended, part 1

One thing I don't think you should do, unless you are the Duracell Bunny's closest relative, is stay up late...real late.
It was half past two this morning when I went to bed. Not so bad I hear you say..odd late night never hurt anyone, But I'd been up before 8am!...not done that since I used to deliver milk!
Noooooo....I get up fairly early most days..around 7 on a weekday/workday.
So...I'd been up 18 hours..and with my ankle as it is...it wore me out.

so!!!! to sum up, number one on my not recommended list is getting up early, being busy all day, then going to bed real late.

Might think of some more...

Lastly, why did I stop up late?
Oliver went out and as he's been set on twice by chavs, I was worried, but tiredness won.

Monday, 30 July 2007

change that is gradual..stays changed?

I'm on holiday! yes...and have been since 19th of July.
But today I haven't had a minute to call my own.
Take this for instance, I thought I might sit down and write my blog Monday afternoon, but nope! Edwin didn't get up until 11am, so we didn't set off into the city until 2pm....almost.
First stop....Edwin's glasses!.....On HP7 day they were ready, but some bright spark decided that he was long sighted, not short sighted..so the glasses then were wrong and had to be remade...yawn!
They are right this time....so we HAVE to visit Waterstones, (bookshop for all USA readers,) but it has to be the branch that was Ottakars, as the staff are much more friendly...and they know me by my first name...can't think why? **** glances at bookshelves****
After that it was a quick visit to Asda..for milk..it is always for milk..if I could I would keep a cow...the rate Oliver goes through milk.....and other animals...for eggs, maybe wool, maybe spitting at undesirables..etc! I can never get around Asda in less than an hour...why?
Right..get home...give Oliver the A to Z I bought him......Manchester...fingers crossed he's going there for his M Phys in September. I got one for Merseyside..so I can visit my soul mate in his flat...after 20 months..at last he can say that he is seeing me...right now..he's in the Italian Lakes...sleeping peacefully.
other things wanted my attention..
Am seeing to them
Never said about the change...well..when I put on my dressing gown...it tied so much easier!...let's hope the scales agree

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Strange Sunday.

Why is today a strange Sunday? Cos I woke at 7.45am, without an alarm clock, and was wide awake.
I'd done all my usual Sunday jobs by 10 am, so the day was my own.
I'd also inadvertently woken Samantha. I didn't even know she was in the house....honest guv!

I sat for a while reading, but the book I'm reading right now is heavy, so you have to rest it somewhere if you want to read long periods of time. (Will need to get a book rest when my tum has disappeared! ROFL)

About 3pm, Samantha surfaced properly. She'd only got in at 4am, been out at Blackpool to a rock club. No...not that kind, although the mental image it conjures up is amusing.

Picture this, shady alleyway, a door creaks open.
"Is the the Rock Club?" a voice asks.
"Shh!" says the disembodied voice from behind the door. "We don't want to invite a raid. Where's your invite?"
The voice in the alleyway produces a hand, in it an embossed invitation, with a pink and white striped border.
"Everything is in order, enter" and the disembodied voice also produces a hand, which pulls the outside voice in.
When our hero, the owner of the voice grows accustomed to the light level inside......wonderful things meet his eyes. He wanders around speechless, as he just gazes at each new sight.
Finally, he finds his voice again. (He got like that sometimes in places he'd never been before, just losing his voice..and it took forever in an unfamiliar place to find again, being a soft brown voice it tended to blend in..or get lost in dark places.)
"I've not seen one like that in ages."
The other voice had been surrounded by a perfectly, ordinary-looking gentleman. (Well, he thought he was, even with his extra long arms.)
"Pulled that one myself. Most like them hooked over, like the small ones you see on Christmas trees, but me, I like them long and straight."
"Are you still allowed to make the blue ones?" our hero asks

And there we're going to leave them, as they wander further into the club and our hero meets other members....will a simply gripping adventure materialise out of this innocent meeting, who knows? (Answers on a postcard or sealed down envelope....to.......)

Anyway, Sam wanted me to take her for her car...that's why she keeps me around!
Then I went to the market, and bought loads of fruit, and a lettuce. The man who served me informed me "These greengage want eating, love!" What did he think I was buying them for?
(Saying that, I now remember I used the same phrase myself when selling fruit and veg. Must be fruit-and-vegitis. Or as I sometimes call it, stating the obvious.)
After unpacking, I read some more and have read roughly and 1/8th of this huge book I'm reading...yes..it is a normal book...with normal print, and only two black and white pictures so far. Apparently the writing style mimics that of Jane Austen, but I will have to bow to that critic's knowledge, never having read a Jane Austen in my life, despite the degree in English Literature....there are only SO MANY books you can read, and write essays on in three years.
Then the lads came back, and the dogs were happy again.

Saturday, 28 July 2007


When you work in school, and end of term comes, the days just merge into each other.
Is it really Saturday today...well......yes..must be. Why?
The Eastern Europeans are all here, so's everyone else, so it must be WEEKEND!...The other thing that gave it away, the ex came for the boys tonight. He only has them at weekend, they leave late Saturday, and are back late Sunday.
So..that is established...it IS WEEKEND.
So what have I done wonderful?
Nothing! Just done every day jobs all day.
So, I might have had more than a week out of my six week break off, but feel like nothing has actually happened.

Friday, 27 July 2007


This is Shadow, she's a real difficult dog to take pictures of because she's black.

Explorer Spark!

I have two dogs, or more precisely, a dog and a bitch.
The dog, Spark, is six next month., the bitch, Shadow, two in September.
Shadow is just beginning to settle down and become quite a nice dog. Spark settled at two year old.
Usually it is Shadow who is doing things she shouldn't, and lately, Spark has "tattled" on her. She digs up my plants and eats the roots, something I don't like her doing, as it kills the plants off. Spark has picked up on this, and now when she starts to dig..he comes and sits by me whining until I follow him. He's done this about other things as well.
Anyway, today, Shadow came and sat by me..and whined, until I followed her. I asked her what was wrong, and where Spark was. She sat by the back gate, just looking out. (It's wire mesh.)
So I called them both in, she came in straight away, Spark came up the alleyway and pushed his way back into the yard. Shadow knew he shouldn't be out alone. (Mental note to self, put hook and eye on bottom of gate to stop this happening again.)
I don't believe dogs should be out unattended, also he's a West Highland White, they are said to be the most stolen dogs in the UK, as to a non-Westie owner, "they all look the same". I think I doubled my dogs "nickability factor" when I got Shadow, as although she is a Westie/Scottie cross, she looks just like a Scottie. When I take them out, I often get comments that they are the "whisky dogs"....or I am the "lady with the Whisky Dogs"

Thursday, cancelled, due to lack of interest!

Sorry about yesterday.
it was cancelled
due to lack on interest.
I spent the day in bed,
My brain was asleep
in my head.
I just couldn't
keep my eyes open.
Wore myself out,
The day before.
So caught up
on sleep.
Hope I didn't

MIght come back and redraft this at a further point in time.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Torture, pampering and visiting

Today has been so busy.
I go up early and managed to swim..for the first time in weeks. I only managed 14 lengths...(2 short of a quarter mile,) but I did them.
I had waited to have my breakfast until I returned from swimming.
Then it was time for torture and pampering, had my legs waxed and hair cut....leave you to figure out which is which.
Then, while Sam was being pampered..I delivered the pressie to Ma and Pa. Dad was pleased with the pressie, I think it is the only one that was bought with both in mind..and long term use.
On the way back home, picked Sam up.
Did other mundane stuff..and now ma worn out and feeling dizzy....but I have managed to be good all day. I promise not to turn this into a Bridget Jones moan.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Can I start again, please?

Although I have got plenty done today..have felt really down all day.
Not feel like saying much here either.
TV works now...after new Aerial installed.
brilliant day for washing and ironing.

Monday, 23 July 2007


I am in ..or have, a quandary!
Lucky me..do the local zoo know? I hear you ask.
I am to lose weight prior to surgery on my ankle. Only because the injury is so bad, I am unable to exercise much. Even swimming is painful, and when I give up because my ankle hurts too much, I can't get out of the pool. I just can't climb the ladder, so I have to pull myself out with my arms.
Am eating less, but as I am not as active, it isn't making as much difference. My daughter says I should try Pilate's, as it should help.
If anyone knows any exercise that can be done safely with an injured ankle, I'd love to know.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pressies, and other stuff!

Tiz Ma and Pa's wedding anniversary on Tuesday...not a bog standard wedding anniversary, but their 50th...wonder if my darling brother can add up.......will he realise that it is their 50th?
I have got them a DAB radio..as when I was little the radio always seemed to be on...even now it is.
It is the same here.

The other stuff...whenever I phone my Mum, or my sister, they go on about ..what Kelly did for Erin.....and why she doesn't even want contact with her any more....
They completely blank the fact that for 10 years I was there for Erin...when she found herself pregnant at 16, raped at 21...no-one else wanted to know...now she has decided..for her own reasons that she has no family...it hurt me..but at the time...I could do no other. I know she is fit and well...and now has 3 children..but when all my relatives go on about how her sister is fed up with her..and they have no idea what I did ..just cos I didn't make a song and dance about it..like Kelly did..in spades...it makes me sick
One of my nephews is 21 in September...my ex is one of the godfather's...I have mentioned that it MIGHT be uncomfortable for me to be at a function where he is also..but I don't think anyone heard.
If he gets an invite to this event..I WILL NOT GO.
I can't hurt myself like that wittingly.
What would you do?

Saturday, 21 July 2007


Saturday's seem so long, but then so short.
I will hold my hands up, and admit that I miss my kids when they visit their Dad at the weekend.
It is not just the dogs who look for their return.
And today, it is exactly 6 years since I moved in here.
Things are still not finished, and to be honest, the kitchen could do with another coat of paint.
But, most of the work on the house has been carried out by me. (other than heavy stuff like timber treatment, damp coursing, and installing central heating.) The outside paintwork needs doing, but I acquired some "staging" for my friend's husband, he said he would paint my house in payment, am thinking..perhaps I should try to do the bits I can reach myself, as this is some years back now.
But ...can't do much due to injured ankle. Climbing stepladders is out of the question right now. (Well, I CAN climb them, one foot at a time, I just can't get down again.)

Friday, 20 July 2007

Must have been the tomatoes!

Well...the bolognese sauce was back to it's normal self.
There were two possible causes for it being "wrong" last time.
I'd used tinned tomatoes, and chopped them up. Have done this in the past, but lately have been buying chopped tinned tomatoes. I know it sounds daft, but the only other thing I'd done different was not let sauce stand and reheat. although since I've been working ...I have come in, made the sauce, and as the sauce nears it's completion, prepared the spaghetti, or pasta.
It WAS really funny the other night, as my three all sat there...all said it didn't taste the same..and then sat there,going through the list of stuff they know I put in my bolognese sauce...asking...had I remembered to put it in? Then one of them says..."Mum! you didn't put the kitchen sink in!"....It's true...stand still long enough when I'm making bolognese..you just might end up in it. :)

Have finished my crazy skirt tonight..I don't know why it took so long for me to finish it..and now..I'm not so sure I want it....typical.
My brain has been going into overdrive thinking of things I could make.

Lazy Friday

Laid in bed today until around 10 am. First day of the holidays.
Got up, had a lazy breakfast, then pegged washing out, pottered around, cleaned oven. pottered a little more, then had dinner. Now just being real lazy whilst the washing dries...might even iron it later on.
My youngest went out into the city, and has just arrived back. There is the bolognese sauce sitting ready on the hob. (I made some the other day..and I don't know what went wrong, but it had no taste at all.) There were cries of "Muuuuum....what is WRONG with the bolognese?"
I must identify the plant that has decided to grow in my yard this year....at least I don't think this one is a poisonous plant like the one that appeared last year. Have also got the white flowered nettles growing..they look pretty..so they can stay. (Think they are called dead nettles)
Tomorrow I have to get Mum and Dad a card and present, it's their 50th Wedding anniversary on 24th July. Think the pressie will be a DAB radio..as Mum and Dad both like to listen to their radio, and I remember it always being on when I was young.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

6 weeks holiday!

I have 6 weeks holiday from work....but before you all start queueing up to apply for any jobs that are going where I work...think on this... my wage is ok...if you don't have a mortgage..and HUGE demands on your income.
The technicians where I work get paid..."pro-rata"..which means..we work the hours..seems to get paid a real low wage..but what other job had 13 weeks paid holiday/year?
Like I say....OK...if you have no large outgoings.

Anyway, that wasn't really what I intended posting about.

It was the "leavers" do for staff.
I have worked at the school for 2 years and a term now, and although we have the "leaving" bit everyterm..the summer ones make me sad. Today so many of my youngest son's teacher's left. If this had happened 6 or more years ago..I would be very worried, but thanks to his BRILLIANT year 4 teacher..and the lovely teachers after that...he can now cope. He can even cope with the Brass teacher, who taught him for the last 6 years, leaving. And ...even after all this time ..I put his ability to accept these changes down to two people...
The wonderful year 4 teacher, who now teaches at a different school, and the constant brass teacher.
Thanks both to Ian and Peter...I will always be happy that you taught my son that there are men in this life who CARE what you do.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Cake again!

This happens most times after a cake raffle.
I'm usually asked to make at least one more.
This one was for a strawberry cream tea morning..or something similar. It is to be a guess the weight cake. Cake and sealed envelope with weight of cake were delivered today.
Am keeping a low profile tomorrow, until we finish...
Although the head's PA wants to know what was in the chocolate cake that she won in the raffle. :) Don't know if I should say, that isn't one of my Grandma's recipes, but two of the cake recipes were....and the fourth one, I adapted from the original.

Internet vagaries

Am sure I'm not the only one this has happened to.
You see something you want online, decide to order it, place order and it arrives?
Well, that's the theory, and it usually works...apart from the time when you think you want what you have ordered as quickly as possible.
Yes, that is what happened. Ordered a phone, was told it would be with me within a couple of days...by the site..it didn't appear, so I used the order progress checker...it said.."problem with your order, we will be in contact, soon". Then phoned the company..."Oh, it will be with you on x-day." x-day came and passed..still no phone, I called again, got same response.
Still NO PHONE!!!!
Called tonight, and the lady was very helpful, she explained that the particular handset I had chosen tended to cancel itself off the order..in otherwords...there was something wrong with their ordering system, that cancelled placed orders.
Nice lady took the order over the phone...and it should appear soon.
Meanwhile, the phone has become less "urgent".
I've noticed this phenomenom.....my daughter likes e-bay..and has ordered something she really wants..only to be informed the company has shutdown, and they have refunded her money. OK, they refund the money, but when you have planned something special..and it doesn't happen...yawn. Perhaps next time I will just go to the shop.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Am soooooooo happy!
Have heard from my soulmate, after such a long break...but I knew we were ok.
I love him.

End of term!

Tiz the end of term..and the school year at work. however, this doesn't mean that it is wind-down time for me.
I work in DT, and we need all the folders ready and in the correct rooms for September start. There are also the booklets used , and the IEP folders....
New labels to produce, booklets....etc, etc, etc
And there is a chance that I will not be there when school restarts in September, as I am due my ankle operation any time soon.
So, end of term, kids out, bowling, or complete day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It was sooooo quiet.
Lots still to do tomorrow though.

Monday, 16 July 2007


I don't know if I mentioned the Motorsport Club at school. This weekend they entered a soapbox race. Six teams had spent the past few weeks building their soapboxes.
Yesterday they went to the venue, with all six soapboxes. Three pupil built ones, and three staff built ones. There were two classes, rope steered and steering wheel steered ones. The ones from school were all rope steered ones.
Each member of the team was SUPPOSED to drive the soapbox down the course. One of my bosses won the rope steered class. Another staff built soapbox collapsed, the year 10s turned their's over, but just got back in and continued. But there were photos of the competition..teams that had been taking place for years..with soapboxes that looked more like buggatis.

There were several lots of photos flying around amonst the staff today, as it had been the cruise on Windemere on Friday evening. I think a fun evening was had by all despite the weather.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

St Swithin's Day

It's St Swithin's Day today. Started off warm and sunny here, as the day rolled on, the weather cooled. Then we got rain. I can usually tell when we are going to have rain, and I was expecting it between 3 and 4 pm...it was around then. I'm not a meteorologist, but am very interested in the weather.
One of my favourite websites is TORRO. This is the UK website for tornadoes, and other adverse weather. They have a wonderful notice that they post when there is no adverse weather expected. It says, " No organised thunderstorms are expected", (or very similar wording.) I wish I could could have that job. It would be great, you'd be at a party and someone would ask you what you do for work, and you'd say "I'm the thunderstorm organiser." Cos there would only be one...there'd have to be! Yes, I do love thunderstorms.
Back to what I started writing about, today where I live, we've had a bit of everything, sun, wind, rain...in pretty equal measure. To be honest, I don't think the weather will warm up significantly until about the second week in August. I think in this part of the UK an Indian summer is on the cards. (One last thought, are we still allowed to call them Indian Summer's, or do we have to call them something else..more PC? The world has gone PC mad!)

Saturday, 14 July 2007

new Jasper Fforde! Yay!

Or so I thought, until I logged onto Jasper Fforde's website, only to find vital bits have been missed out of my copy.
I can insert the extra text myself...from the kindly provided bits..or...send the title page back to an address..and get a new copy ..with the vital bits in place...FREE!!!!!!!!!
I don't know which to do...am very tempted to keep my copy as it is...and hope in future years...it will be unique...as everyone else will have returned their title page..making their first editions valueless?
I don't care really..it's a new Jasper Fforde.... :)


Perhaps I should save my Saturday blogs for the antics of the neighbours...
We have two Eastern European families in our little street.
At weekends there is always something of note happening.
Today, the one's at the top on my side of the street, (there are only 11 houses fit to live in..and only 9 have peeps in them at the mo.) They had visitors...there is a family in the top house, with 4 daughters..the visitors have 2 or 3 daughters..and ALL the kids were having races up and down the street. Then they took some rhododendron flowers from a bush..and decorated their car with them. These girls are in a foreign country, but laughing and enjoying themselves..and all playing together, just like my Mum said kids did when she was young.
The wife of one of the other East European families..across from me looks like she is expecting. That house..most of the men in it have left their wives back "home", and visit regular. They are all very pleasant.
(I hate the fact that one lot of neighbours is so..anti anyone who is not English)

Friday, 13 July 2007

No Baking!

The raffle......that I was making all the cakes for, was drawn first thing this morning. After distributing cakes...I started working. And I don't think I stopped all day...but different stuff all day. That is what I really love about my job, it is very rarely the same thing two days running.
There's a Motorsport club in the school, and only a limited number of pupils are allowed to join...(strictly limited!) I thought this harsh at first, until I saw the resistant materials room with 6 "soapboxes" in it. They are entering a "soapbox" race on Sunday.
One of them, one of the Geography teachers is in the team, and she has put curtains, an air freshner, tassels..it has to be seen to be believed. I am very tempted to go up on Sunday to watch. All members of the teams have to "pilot" their soapbox through the course. I really hope they get some photos. There is a screen in the main corridor at school, and pictures of the latest "event" are usually shown. Must remember to look on Monday.
Also, there is an end of term staff "do" tonight...with a "cruise" on Windemere..so there will definitely be pictures on Monday.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Raffle Cakes

I do other things besides bake. It just seems that this week, it is all I have done.
Tonight's task, after work was to bake cakes for a cake raffle I am holding at work.
The proceeds are going to a local hosiptal ward where they treat terminally ill patients.
A pupil at the school died there in late May, and his Mum is on the staff at the school. The lad dearly wanted to have a bath rather than a shower, so the money raised will...with a lot of luck buy a bath lift.
I had told myself that if there was little interest there would only be one cake, today I've had a rush on tickets, so there will be more than one cake being raffled in the morning.
One person has bought £5 worth of tickets...I think he would really want to win a cake..I could bake him one for less than that! But, as the money is going to a good cause....most people when asked directly...have put their hand in their pocket.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A Hot Potato!

Just a brief note about the technicians meeting.
There was a heated discussion about proposals in regard to the fire evacuation procedure.
It would be fair to say a couple of tempers flared up....and were slowly dowsed.

MORE pastry!

I said we'd be doing more pastry today, well, we did.
It was the special needs group's turn to make pastry. One of them asked me to help him, as he gets flustered, and he doesn't actually like the teaching assistant who is supposed to work with him.
Anyway, "The Queen of Tarts" suggested that I make something as well. So while the lad made his pie, I made a quiche. He was amazed at how quickly I rolled out my pastry, but....years of practise. Our baking was in the oven and we'd washed up...he kept saying...we're a good team us Miss. :)
Then the entertainment....oh dear! The group have several kids in it with "anger management problems"...and that is putting it mildly. One of the others kept calling the boy I was helping ..."gay" (They are special needs in more than one respect...and not that creative with their insults.)
Another kid was having trouble with their pastry..and so was another. One who had "forgotten" his ingredients made it his business to wind as many others in the class up as possible. As "The Queen of Tarts" was writing out a detention slip as his language and behaviour had just gone steadily downhill...and another kid flew round the table at the kid getting the detention slip, and kicked him! The first kid turns round and throws a punch, and a fight started. The other kids were surprised/annoyed,.....as they like cookery.
While the class teacher took the kid who got punched to the nurse. (It's no accident that the nurse's room is close by all the DT rooms and within easy access of the sports hall.) I sat down with a couple of kids and we just started talking about what we'd been making, and then I was asked if I knew the "doctor" one of them has to see...(I do...but not in his professional capacity..as he is a clinical psychologist!) The kid was impressed....but I've known the bloke for years..knew he worked at the hospital...but not in what capacity..until he signed my passport application.
I know the lesson sounds "eventful", but it is par for the course with that group.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Tiz officially Wednesday! (here in UK..it being 12.40 summat here!)
Second lesson today I have been asked.....by the pupil...to "help" him make his pastry!
The Food Teacher has suggested that I help the pupil..but also make something myself.
So, tomorrow night..my lot are having quiche and salad!
After the baking session....I have to change my hat...am not the section head of the technicians...merely the representative..please don't shoot me!
please rescue me from the mess after the meeting...please!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Queen of Tarts!

Today has been hectic at work. (I have several people I am answerable to, the printroom senior technician, the food teacher, the textiles teacher....these I am immediately answerable to...there are others as well...but today...I was needed in several places at once.)
The food teacher had 4 practical sessions, and three out of four were making pastry. :)
Year 7s , Jam Tarts, Year 8s pies or jam tarts, then for a change Y9s made chocolate chip cookies, then Y7 again, different group..more jam tarts. So whilst I had my sandwiches, I got the publicity technician to design a poster for the food room door. He put the teacher's name, and then put Jam Tart factory...with this super blobby thing behind the writing. She wondered why all the kids were coming into class laughing, so looked at the door. She started laughing as well...and she has a very infectious laugh. When she stopped ...she said I should have got him to make it say "Queen of Tarts ,Jam Tart Factory"
The textile teacher needed me to help her sew up juggling bags....after they had put their dried pea fillings in. (Not quite as hectic..but when both classes are running simultaneously......it meant I was busy. Don't mind that in the least!)
On Wednesday...a special needs group is making pastry, one of the group has asked me personally to assist him, (he does have a TA, but doesn't like her.) The food teacher suggested I bring some ingredients of my own and join in..working with him...and she suggested that I make a quiche...as that would really fox them.
More on pastry on Wednesday.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Kite Festival!

I forgot all about this today.
Tiz a shame in one respect....but not in another.
A shame...cos I love the kite festival..and seeing all the kites flying...but not in another..as I haven't had time yet..due to my ankle injury..to fly the kites I bought in previous years.
But...all being well...I will be fit for next years festival..and will have flown all my "new" kites by then.

Busy weekend

Usually..of a weekend.....my kids go to their Dad's. Sam is now working...so she doesn't go any more. And the younger two? Well Oliver, the middle one is litter picking at T in the park this weekend...it is his first physical job..as he has been working really hard to get his A levels ...so that he can get the place he wants at Manchester Uni to study Physics. I am so proud of him...he has worked without me ever having had to tell him.
So as you can imagine..this weekend is a departure from the norm in Oliver's books..but he's into the sort of music that is going on...so I think he'll enjoy himself.
He's due back late tomorrow..or early Tuesday
And..I mustn't forget my youngest...he's got a gf...he went to meet her in the city on Saturday...was back in plenty of time to go to his Dad's..but didn't want to go.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

My friend K wants to live in Beatrix Potter's house in the Lakes.
So...I think we'd better plan a bank job.

Not really, for a start off.......some of the banks around here have closed, and are now computer shops, pubs or cafes. Can you imagine if things like that happened overnight, and you had your plan all ready?
You'd get up ..drive to the "job" storm in and sling a sack across the counter telling the person behind to fill it with the "goods"! At best...you might get a new PC, but you might just get two pints of lager and a packet of crisps! Or a nice cup of Earl Grey and a buttered scone.

Now K tells me that ..anywhere nice and peaceful would do..what a relief..don't think I could stand the suspense of wondering if the bank job would turn out to be a picnic.

Oh..and I must apologise for the wrongly spelt words in my first post...my finger was bleeding and I kept hitting the wrong keys........no...I didn't cut it typing...I cut it on a can...I'll explore cans and can openers another time.

Couldn't put it down.

Ever had a book that you just couldn't put down? And no matter what else you were doing, you just kept going back and picking it up again, just to read a little bit more?
Well, I've just finished one of those books. It was The Abortionist's Daughter by Elizabeth Hyde. I could tell you roughly what the book is about, but I'm afraid it might spoil it for you.
I'll do a very brief summary of it. A high profile abortionist is found dead her pool. Her husband finds the body, everything points to him, he also has a high profile post. Their daughter is in her first year at university. The story is based around the investigation in the mother's death and how it affects the father and daughter. It is an intriguing read from start to finish, but if you don't like detective/mystery type stories..you probably wouldn't enjoy it. Saying that it was a very good read.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Be gentle!

Well, this is a first for me.
I don't really know what to write just at the mo.
My friend asked me if I wanted to share her blog....one about books...but I had to create my own so I could be invited.
My typing today is pretty dire, as I cut my finger on a tuna can this morning, straight cross the knuckle...and it keeps bleeding at inconvenient moments.
For the first time in a couple of weeks we have had a pink tinged sunset.
It's still not quite dark here, at 10.36pm!

But..back to Sin inviting to to share her new blog...perhaps tiz cos I'm a bookworm, and NEVER go anywhere without a book.
We've all done it, gone to the doctors/dentist/hospital/opticians....started reading a magazine...only to get halfway through a riveting article, and be called in. You can bet your bottom dollar that next time you go, the magazine will not be there...or..if by some freak quirk of nature it is...someone else is reading it...looking just as gripped as you were when you read it!
So, whenever I go to appointments at the doctors...etc...I take a book..waiting for someone to arrive at a meeting place..my current book goes too. Surely I'm not alone in this slightly eccentric behaviour?

Just thought I'd mention this briefly...there is a kite festival where I live on Sunday.....what sort of planning mentality, plans a kite festival, which needs wind...in what is supposed to be the calmest, and one of the least windy months of the year? Also, being a seaside town...we get visitors at this time of year anyway, but not in the cooler, windier months...why didn't they plan the festival for then. I don't know if I dare go this Sunday..as my kite collection is building nicely.