Saturday, 27 February 2010

Late Yule celebrations

Yes, you read it correctly.
Last night we eventually managed to have the technician's yule do. We were lacking in numbers, this is why it was so late...every date had a problem. We just went ahead and booked a table at Saffron, an Indian restaurant, for last night.
It ended up only 8 of us, including one technician's girlfriend, but we had a great time, and a good laugh.
I think we should start planning the next Yule do now, then we might get it at the right time of the year.

The other thing of note that has happened since return after half term is ...where I am in the school now. I now work 2 hours in food, 1 in ICT, and 3 in Maths per day. The Maths block is a haven of quiet in a sometimes mad, mad school. Only disrupted at change of lessons.

Monday, 22 February 2010

results from blood tests

Last Tuesday morning I had a blood test. They were after something specific, and because of this couldn't use a tourniquet to help get the blood out. It took the phlebotomist, three goes before she could get any blood.
This afternoon I went to see the doctor about the results. I have something wrong with my parathyroid gland, and I do not have enough calcium in my blood. I have been given bumph to read, and some great big "donkey pills" to take...luckily they are suck or chew, and not too revolting. I have to return for another blood test in 6 weeks, and then return to see doctor, to see where we go from there. The chest pain problem has been put on a back burner until this is sorted out.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sneezes etc

I am fed up of this winter, I seem to have a cold almost non-stop, have spent this weekend sneezing, eyes watering and taking Beechams powders. At least my knitting was something I didn't have to concentrate on too much, just knit. I suppose I should say that I have almost completed half the scarf I am currently making.

Unsung heroes of the Baftas

I have just been watching the Bafta award ceremony.
At one point the "took some time out" to remember all the film related people who have passed away in the last 12 months.
Most of the names are unknown to most of the viewers, apart from the actors.
One however struck a chord with me.
You may remember back in May 2009 I went to a Jean Michel Jarre concert, this was shortly after his Dad had died. His Dad, Maurice Jarre, is not a name that many will recognise, but if you click on the name, you will be pleasantly surprised. Maurice Jarre was also a composer , of music most people would recognise, but not know the composer's name.
At the concert in May, Jean Michel dedicated one of the tracks?, (is that the correct description?) to his father.
To me they are both brilliant musicians.
I wonder if any of the other "non-actor" names struck a chord?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I was just looking through an entry on Yahoo.
It listed ways to reduce the cost of a "big day...aka wedding day".
I loved the last alternative,
If I ever marry again, I want it to be with the most important people in my life around me, and his with him, without involving any extended family.
I did go down this route a few years back when the bloke I was seeing proposed to me. I didn't get a ring, we didn't plan.
I might be bitter, but next time, if there ever is one...I want it to be just US.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ill and lack of sleep

I'm not in a very good mood today.
I've been cooking up a cold this past week, so much so that it made me have an asthma attack on Friday, so I spent most of Friday and yesterday in bed resting/sleeping.
Last night I was so tired I went to bed early. My youngest had gone out to a party. As luck would have it, it was being held in the flat where my daughter's bf lives. She and Becki brought him home, they rang me just as I'd managed to get to sleep..for around 30 mins.
So then I spent a very fitful night worrying about him and the neighbours....different ones from usual ...had a party that seemed to go on all night. Every so often a noisy bunch would erupt into their front yard, arguing, or just talking very loudly. The Police came to sort something out at 5am-ish, and took one person away in their van. So I had a lousy night, hardly slept, my temperature is all over the place. So, I'm a little bit grumpy at the moment, plus when I was just doing the ironing, Spark walked straight across me, I nearly fell over him, and he nearly knocked my ironing board with the iron on it over.
If I ate chocolate, I'm sure indulging would make me feel better.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Salmon fish finger up-date!

I have just returned from Asda.
The salmon fish fingers that I have previously blogged about are "on offer" at £1/pack,[10 fingers]. Even at this price they are still over priced, as the haddock fish fingers made from fillet are roughly £1/10 fingers, made from "whitefish"...they are considerably cheaper. While the idea was not silly, it hasn't really taken off. People obviously would rather buy a salmon fillet.

The other thing that is puzzling me, is why do all of Asda's own brand cereals seem to be disappearing?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Salmon fish fingers!

This is a recent "development" in the fish finger "line", and one I think I could live without. Fish fingers are normally around £1.00-ish for 10. These beauties were £2.49 for 10...However, despite being a pretty pink, I really don't think salmon is meant to be fish fingers, or toes, or any other extremities. I think, in future, I'll stick to normal fish fingers, and have my salmon in a recognisable piece. After all, I could have bought nearly two salmon portions for slightly more money, around £3, and would have enjoyed it much more.