Saturday, 17 November 2007


No, not the strange unexplained flying objects.
Unfinished objects, craft things I started and put aside while I did something more important, and somehow never came back to. As I've said in a previous post I am trying to get these sorted, and I finished one today that I started back in April 2000. Nothing spectacular, it's a mini quilt. It was supposed to be a foundation quilt, which means you piece the quilt together over a paper template. I had started to put it together by sewing by hand. After my first ever go at quilting, I felt confident to make this up using my sewing machine, the QE in it's name actually means Quilter's Edition, so, have made the quilt up, without paper. It's not perfect, but it is a decent second attempt. I don't know what I'm going to use it for as it is only about 22 inches square, but I'm chuffed with it.
Yes, one of my three said, "Oh, you've done another quilt! Too small to do anything with. What's it for?" My thoughts exactly, as it is supposed to be a wall hanging, but somehow I don't think it would look right in any of my rooms, just hung on the walls. Maybe if I lived in a log cabin, but I don't.
It's a little too large to make into a "superhero" dog coat for either of my dogs as well. [They look good in their tartan dog coats.]
So, it's back to the cross stitch UFOs now.


Blue said...

Looks lovely!

Sea said...

Thanks, it's not perfect, but it is only my second attempt