Saturday, 31 October 2009


The only thing I have done tonight besides make Mum's birthday pressie up is light candles to celebrate Samhain. We have had a few trick or treater's around, but the sweetie tub is still above half full. To me..tonight...last harvest, celebrating good harvest...the earth is preparing itself for it's winter rest period....except...our weather is screwy...and the temperatures are far higher than normal for this time of year. In my books it just means we are going to have really mean November and January..dunno why, but December never seems as harsh.
Peaceful Samhain to all.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Who emmigrates?

Yesterday I mentioned in my post that more people emigrate from the UK than immigrate. After looking at the post again, it set me thinking.
Two of my uncles and aunty's went to Australia in the 60s, possibly on the £10 ticket, my other aunty and uncle who live abroad moved to France after my uncle retired. Similarly my sister's in-laws, sold up and retired to Spain. I have a half cousin who lives in Switzerland, and he's part of the "brain drain", he went there to gain a better paid post. A friend's son lives in Greece, again, he couldn't find a suitable post using his qualifications here in the UK.
When we lose these people in that way, they don't often come back to the UK, apart from visits. So we lose the next generation of that family, who may be as intelligent as their parents. A true "Brain Drain".
However some of the immigrants are bringing their education into the country. But we put up barriers against them using their qualifications.
Teachers who are qualified in the country of their origin are only allowed to teach as unqualified teachers, unless they complete our standards. [An unqualified teacher can only teach for 5 years, the idea is they qualify within that time.]
One immigrant I know is a civil engineer in his country of origin, but has taken a much lower level post here, just in order to get a good standard of living. Also my Mum's current dentist is from Poland, as our NHS dental service seem unable to keep hold of enough NHS dentists. I'm sure Mum's dentist is just a proficient, but we still have people training as dentists here, only to either emigrate as soon as possible, or go into private practice.
Ironic isn't it?

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Racism , and does it really happen in schools?

Before I start to discuss this topic, this is the article that sparked it off.
In today's UK there seem to be many immigrants, however throughout the centuries there have always been immigrants. After all what were the Romans, Saxons, and various other races who have in the past invaded the UK. I'm not saying that the current ones are invading, the new EU laws allow free passage between EU countries, and around a year ago I remember seeing a comedian doing a "stand-up" about just this subject. Apparently more UK residents leave than we have immigrants. Indeed, of my Mum's family of seven siblings 3 of them live abroad, my sister's in-laws have lived in Spain for several years.
Anyway, my objection to this "surveys findings" is as follows. Yes, I agree that children under 11 may not know the meaning of the racial comments they jeer at classmates, however, they must have heard the terms used somewhere, and 9 times out of 10 they have heard elders they mix with using the terms. These elders DO know what the terms mean, and unfortunately the names do hurt the recipients. I know as I have been on the receiving end of misplaced racial comments throughout my life. I have a sallow skin that takes a tan really easily, and every now and again I will hear someone refer to me with a racial slur, they don't know that I was born in Derbyshire, or have British parents, and I know they are wrong in their slur, but even now they still hurt.
I have also heard neighbours dismiss the eastern Europeans who live in our little street with racial slurs. These slurs are incorrect as they pertain to the country of origin of the hardworking eastern Europeans. Another complaint is that they don't speak English, well, having got to know more than one of them, I have found out there is a very good reason for this. They work for a shipping company, who thoughtfully have provided translators for them. The upshot of this being that as they tend to drive most of the time they are working they have very little opportunity to learn English. The one's I have become friends with can speak their own language, Russian, German and a smattering of English, so who are we to belittle them, when the majority of English people can only speak English, and we also have a high level of adult illiteracy in the UK. Most Eastern European immigrants are here for a better quality of life, and are usually well educated.


The aren't just in story books. The reason there are so many tales about pirates is because they did exist, and still do in some parts of the world. This story from Yahoo, is one of modern day pirates.
The myth is alongside the one of highwaymen, who are all now seen as ruthless but "romantic" characters, when all they really were was very cunning thieves usually oozing charm.
Today's pirates don't seem to have the charm, just desperate times seem to require desperate measures. Isn't it funny how people's perceptions change?
I do hope the couple are soon released.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Driving at night

I don't have a problem with this, but the following link has some very good common sense ideas.
I learnt to drive over the summer months, and was lucky enough never to have to use my wipers or my lights. [British Summers were better then?] However....the first time I drove after passing my test, it was pitch dark and chucking it down. I just took things slower than I was used to doing until I felt comfortable. There is one thing that is not on the list there, and that is...if there is a driver travelling slower than you expect, they have either only just passed their test...or know the road well, and know about possible hazards that you might not be familiar with.
OK...sorry for going on...must check my wipers in the morning, and the washer bottle. Also will get Sam to check my lights are all functioning, and will check hers in return.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Go proselytise elsewhere.

Why do Western religions feel the need to proselytise themselves?
I don't push my beliefs in anyone's face. On paper I am Church of England, but I consider myself a Pagan. This does not mean that I have no beliefs, or make blood sacrifices, or dance around naked every full moon.
I won't say what I do, because that is private, between my goddess and myself. Consequently I wouldn't push it in anyone's face.
To my knowledge, and experience, Eastern religions do not feel the need to proselytise. I know there are the Harri Krishna group, but I don't think they actively push their beliefs. They are just visible and people become interested. [I might be wrong in this, but this is my impression.]
So....if the Mormons..or whatever they call themselves come around again during the week..I will politely point out I have my beliefs, and don't require converting, and if I wanted a "recognised religion" I would go back to the C of E, and try to work through it's hypocrisy!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Half term

I have never been so glad that half term has come around.
I have been falling asleep on my bed after a bath or shower. Work has been non-stop, but I have enjoyed it these last two weeks....even though my voice is unpredictable, and I seem to be needing my reliever inhaler at the mo...perhaps that is due to the flu jab I had last Thursday evening?
The Autumn/winter term is always the longest, and can drag in parts.
Today I cleaned all the cupboards and drawers in the food room, and parcelled the sewing machines up, so that they could be sent for service. Amongst other stuff. I was more or less flat out all day.
Perhaps I might have the energy to do something in half term? Who knows. Would love to finish the "Giraffes" UFO ...get Edwin's new room up and running.....etc
Would also love some time for me.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Early start

Got up early today, as someone said they were going to be on MSN at 8am, and asked if I could be then we could chat. Well.....I was here, but they weren't, and they still haven't appeared over 3 hours later. No, have not been sat here waiting all that time. I've walked the dogs and been to the market. I have also worked my way through a rather large pile of ironing. Also, when I got up it was fine, and I put some washing out that is almost dry, I brought it in as it started to spit. I don't really want to put it in the drier, as 1) the drier costs money to run, and 2) the biggest articles are the sheets off my bed, and my drier is only little and tends to ball up my sheets.
I've also got some chickpeas simmering away on the hob, I'm going to use them in an Indian recipe later. I tried it out a few weeks back and it is very tasty, much to my surprise. I'll also make some garlic and ginger paste to use in Indian recipes, as it saves a lot of messing about when cooking.
I think I'll be able to catch up on my book blog as well today. I have read 4 books, but not yet blogged about them. I think I'll even have time to work on some cross stitch, although the light isn't good for working on the giraffes. I might start a christmassy design. I do have one of St Basil's Cathedral, but I want to do that in a holiday. I'll let you know what I do. I'll obviously find time to do a little knitting as well.
To finish the day off I'm having an early night as well. I did make the tomato/chickpea thing, and the garlic and ginger paste. The paste is well worth the trouble, it takes ages to peel all the garlic and ginger for it, there are now three small jars languishing in my fridge. :)
Night night

Monday, 12 October 2009

Do Do floats, and then falls copiously

This is a question, or should I say one of life's great mysteries.
Why do inept, incompetent people gain positions of "power", and get good pay? Whilst the honest people prop them up by working hard, dragging their sorry butts out of scrapes only to be shit on from a great height.
I can't disclose at the moment what is making me so angry, apart from the fact....that stress related illnesses are made worse by stress..not better.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Why have I got such a soft heart?
Why is dating/ finding the right person no easier as you get older?
I didn't even have time to try to learn his language...I know he wanted to learn better English, but I thought me learning his language would help as well.
Never mind
Perhaps I am meant to be alone.
One comfort is he said it wasn't my fault.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Silent reflux...part 2

I saw doc. I should rest my voice whenever possible....times when it is impossible at work...and follow advice sheet..also..wait for L&ST appt!
in the voice has deteriorated to slightly little above a whisper!
If it doesn't recover over the weekend...I am going to have to resort to a communicate. I have told the HR peep at work...all she was bothered about the peeps I work with know...yes...ok
But.............hell I am not a "rude" person..if my voice don't work...don't want to be classed as "ignorant bitch!"
I dunno if JEC will let staff know...but if she don't....:P to her

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with a condition called "silent reflux". In essence my stomach acid is burning my vocal chords.
Well...the consultant gave me an advice sheet......which is great...presuming I can read it....I know there are many adult illiterates, but I could.
The two sided advice note suggested diet changes......I have been doing those since April this year! also it says how I should have 2 lots of antacid/day...because I was on one dose..nothing was said. There was no suggestion I should rest my voice..or anything....only upon consulting my family doctor did I get clarification. OK the consultant was ruling out extreme nasty problems..but a bit more advice would help. I have no idea when the Speech/language/voice therapist will have a vacancy to see me...and as my sons both had speech therapy I appreciate their workload. I do not expect until Mid might appreciate...a little more advice would have been very useful...what a shame I had to visit my family doctor...when 2-3 Min's more of the consultants time would have been enough! It took me 6 days to get an appointment with my family doctor...I appreciate that consultants are on a much higher wage...but a couple of minutes to dispense advice would have been welcomed in my case.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Cold winter?

Sorry that I haven't posted for a bit. Been ill and pretty unhappy, and worried.
My voice keeps going really hoarse, the doc sent me to ENT dept at the hospital, on a two week appt. I didn't realise until a few days before the quick appt was because the doc wanted to rule out anything sinister, and then when I twigged what they wanted to rule out I got worried, as my very dear friend, Darkstormrising has just beaten throat cancer for the second time.
After a consultation with the ENT consultant I was told that I am suffering from something called silent reflux, which basically means that my stomach acid is damaging my vocal chords. I have to see a voice/speech therapist, but as I was just given a printout I thought I should try to see my doctor for further advice. I need to rest my voice when possible, take more antacids? just basic practical advice.
I have also had gastric flu, left me feeling really down.

Let's return to the title of this post, why "cold Winter?" Because it is only very early October and there have been two Vs of geese fly over already, also there is a large number of berries on the trees/bushes. So long as it is fairly dry and cold...I don't mind winter appearing early. Saying that..the conker trees seems to be keeping hold of their leaves longer than normal.