Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What do you do with "stuff" you no longer have a need for?

That's a good question.
Yesterday, the city council delivered their "calendars" for bin collections in the coming 12 months. Along with this they delivered a leaflet for "Bulky Matters".  This used to be a free service run by the council whereby household items that householders had replaced by newer items could be collected, refurbished and then sold on to the less well off for a fraction of the price of a new item.  However the purchaser would know that the item was as good as new.  They ow also take electrical items and PAT test them, and again sell them on for a fraction of the cost.
A worthy cause you might think....
BUT....this collection service used to be FREE.  I know as when I replaced my table with a better one, they took away my old but perfectly serviceable drop leaf table.  I remember clearly that there was no charge, and at the time was happy that someone would be able to have a table for a low price.
The leaflet delivered yesterday said that there is a collection charge of £18 now, for up to 3 items and then an additional charge for each item above three!  That means you are paying for the privilege of having your item removed, and they will be profiting a second time when they sell it on.  If you are rolling in money, I don't suppose you would care too much, but let's face it, in the current financial climate there aren't many who are.
So what is the point of this post?  You might well ask.
My point is, these days most people can access the Internet at some place or other, and there is a website called Freegle, (used to be Freecycle,) on this site you can post items you no longer need, and for items you might want.  If you know the item is sound advertising it through this medium means it finds a home where it will be needed, and the person who wants the item collects from the person giving it away usually.
I know which service I will be using in the future if, or when I have items that are still good and no longer require.
I have found new homes for several items and have also found some items I required. 
Which would you use?  The council one, at a cost now, or the free one?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

My kind of weather

OK, it's the 11th May today, and here in Morecambe we have what can only be termed "Autumnal weather".  There is a very strong wind, that is gusting, and it has been raining.  The rain, I can take or leave, but the wind always makes me feel invigorated.  I'm sure there are many people who would think I'm crazy for loving windy, gusty weather, but to me it always feels like it is blowing away the stale air, and maybe stale ideas, scouring the area so it is ready to accept new ideas, and new events.
I have had a walk along the prom and the wind is playing with the sea, teasing it into waves with sea foam along the top of them, and as they hit the sea wall, the reflected waves are making lovely pointed waves topped with more sea foam, as they meet with the incoming waves.
In my book, a perfect Autumn day, plucked from the back end of the year and dropped into spring.
There are even some brave kite surfers out on the bay enjoying the wind.