Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Think I have crammed today.
No, not been studying for an exam, just got as much done as I possibly can.
The best thing about today...for my own personal goals is!!!!! I swum 1/2 a mile !!!!! Yay!!!!!
That is what I was doing before my op, it was the only thing I could do. My stomach muscles ache, as 1/4 of the mile was backstroke, but I do feel good.

Also put the shrubs in that I bought, although one looks dead!
No matter, will buy another, and plant it when it should be next year, I couldn't when I bought this one.
I sowed seeds....but will just watch to see what pops up

Then I cut out the outer of Sam's messenger bag, and the inner of one I am giving to a friend for her birthday..Hey! does it matter, Fluffy probably doesn't even know I have a blog!
Also cut out some shopping bags, although right now I am trying to decide if I should line them, and I chopped the t-shirts I bought, as the one I shortened looks OK, so should have a few new t-shirts soon, and can chuck the old ones.( they are about 5 years old, and I've worn them sooooooo much!)
The rest of the day was so busy, walking dogs, talking with my friend, now am sleepy, even though I woke at 3am last night and didn't sleep soundly after that

Monday, 21 April 2008


I've had a very busy day today.
Waking at around 6.30am, then dozing until 7.30.
Went for a swim, dropped Edwin and his gf at school, right next to the pool.
Swam 16 lengths without stopping, must try to extend that, but am sure if I was still seeing physio, he would tell me what I'm doing is good!
Then I saw Ratty at work, discussed me going back...I need to contact my solicitor about it, before I contact the personnel peeps at work.
Got back home, intended walking dogs before going to Asda, but Mr Casson rang, my sewing machine was ready to collect.
So.....I went to pick my machine up, then went on to Asda.
Had dinner when I got back, then have chilled since then
Machine is sewing great now. Pity I can't just cut off the excess of my tummy.
Although I did shorten one of the t shirts I bought.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Just a quick up date on the problem with my sewing machine.
After a good night's sleep I tried again to see what was wrong.
After changing the needle, thread, switching it off and on again, still nothing.
So I took it to be repaired/serviced. The man said that the timing was out, but he should be able to fix it.
Then I came back and tried to sort out my old machine, as it was refusing to sew as well. The man, Mr Casson, had told me what could be wrong with it, and after oiling and cleaning it, the machine still had the same problem. So when I pick my other up, am going to take the old one, so he can tell me if it is worth fixing it. As it has a metal body, and drop-in cams, it will probably be worth fixing. If not I'll have to consider getting a "stand by" machine, as I am seriously considering selling the messenger bags.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Can you see the smoke?

Am fed up.
I bought myself some t-shirts from Matalan, but they are too long for me, so I thought I would shorten them. So, I cut some off the bottom of one of them, then thought I'd overlock the raw edge before I hemmed the t-shirt.
My machine sewed ok, for around half of the lower edge, then it didn't like the side seam, and after that it wouldn't sew.
I tried to sort it out, but it was getting me frustrated, so I decided to go for a bath and tackle it in the morning.
***Sigh*** It's not a cheapjack machine, and I hope nothing major has gone wrong with it.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Just need some cord to fasten them

A day late, but am chuffed with the results.

I have finished the Big Mouth Fish bags.

The pattern is from Katie Lane, an American company. I used plain quilting fabric from Fabrix in Lancaster, and Gradations that I bought from Quilter's Haven.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Strange week

I always expected there just to be two of us left here...and I thought it would be Edwin and myself, but this week the world has been turned upside-down. Oliver returned to Manchester Uni to complete his first year at uni!!!!!!!! Yes! Already! And Edwin returned from France only to go to Scotland a day and a half later. Sam has either been working or with her bf, so it's been pretty much here, all alone. I suppose it is a taste of what is to come. The bloke I'm seeing is working in USA with no way of us contacting each other, so Ive been doing my usual distraction technique....that is bury myself in practical things to do so that I don't have time to feel so lonely.

The messenger bag I posted a picture of now has a home, but I may make others. In fact I did tell Sam I would make her one, and the lining is done, I just need to construct the outer. If you read this regularly, it will not come as a surprise that she wants skull and crossbones lining. The "fish" bags should be finished tomorrow, and I will be posting pictures of them here.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Been bothering me

Something happened a couple of weeks back now, and it has been bothering me.
The best way to relate what I has been worrying me is to put the e-mail I sent my friend about the incident.
Here it is;

Do I just pretend the incident that happened this morning , didn't happen?
If I'd been out for a walk, or something and a total stranger had flashed at me, and invited me to do"something" about it. Would I really have laughed and walked away like I think I would?
But's very different when you get a phone call from someone you look upon as a friend, (and they are old, ) and you think they might be having trouble. Getting out of bed or some such thing, and they do the equivalent of flashing at you.
I feel quite shocked at the moment, and am having trouble getting my head around this. I was being invited my a tart. This person knows I have a partner, even though I don't see much of him.
It's upset me.
Dunno what to think.

The person concerned has apologised for their behaviour, but since then I have not felt at all comfortable around them. There are also other events that have supposedly happened in the past that I now find myself questioning. Did I believe the wrong person? If I did, many others did as well.
It seriously unsettled me, and still does now.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hey, it ain't a train!

Sorry I haven't written much lately. That's just because I've been concentrating on getting myself back to fitness well as I can.

Anyway, I can now swim 16 lengths without stopping, but no more. OK, it's only half what I used to swim, but then I have had my foot reconstructed, and a tendon replaced. I've been told my progress is very good.

I've also been busy sewing. I finished a Chinese style jacket, and have made a few messenger bags, the one in the picture doesn't have a home to go to ...yet! Am now sewing a couple of Big Mouth Fish bags. (scales take ages to sew!)
By the way...the light at the end of the tunnel..just may not be a train this time.