Saturday, 27 December 2008

catch up time

I'm sorry, I haven't been so well, and been too tired to blog.

I never found out what the firemen were doing back in November. Ah well!

I've spent most of the past month just trying to make sure I got everything ready for Yule, and some of that seemed to be very last minute.

However, everything was done in time, apart from getting my hands on a fibre optic tree for my dining room. The decorations went up on the ceiling for the first time in three years, the last two years I was unable to climb the ladder to put them up

The tree is a beautiful tree, but my lights are pitifully short and looked stupid, so I took them off.

I don't go for houseblinging, unlike my neighbours. You can either do understated and subtle, or garish....I go for the first option.