Friday, 27 May 2011

What is wrong with USA TV?

Why has Cheryl Cole been dropped from the USA X-Factor?
They think that people won't be able to understand her because of her "Geordie" accent. What rubbish, they just aren't trying.
I have two solutions that could both keep her on the show.
1) She could have subtitles; for the benefit of the people who can't understand her, or can't they read?
2)She could sing all her comments, because she doesn't sing with a Geordie accent.
I know both solutions are a little daft, but I really think they should have tried harder to find a solution.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

What next?

You'll have heard of train spotters, bird spotters, Eddie Stobart spotters. This list is quite extensive, and some will go to great lengths to "spot" their chosen object/animal/whatever to be spotted.
But.....I have never heard of this before! Yes! you read it right, a list of where to spot the Queen has been published on Yahoo.
Ah well, each to their own. I think I'll stick to butterflies.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Time to blow our trumpet?

You might have seen on the news, and announced on the radio, that the UK has awarded it's Blue Flags for this year.
I was intrigued to know where all the ones in the North West were, because in the past the beach next to the Midland Hotel has won. I think we lost it last year though.
I looked Blue flag beaches in the North West
Both the North and South beaches in Morecambe have been awarded Blue Flags, so why haven't they been mentioned on local TV and radio?
Perhaps it's time to blow our own trumpet?
If you look at the list there are some very surprising ones have got the Blue Flag. Not in bustling town, but more "off the beaten track".
No wonder we are still a "joke" resort. Morecambe is perfect for family holidays in my eyes. Unfortunately children have to be "entertained" these days, which makes things difficult when the sun isn't shining. You rarely see children outside playing some imaginary game. The need for children to be "entertained" and protected from potentially being abducted makes parents stifle their children, so when left to their own devices they are often at a loss what to do.
Back on track however, like I said Morecambe is almost perfect for a family holiday, it just lacks the one thing the council has done away with,an outdoor swimming pool, as it is too dangerous to swim in the sea here. And for rainy days, the area has plenty of attractions nearby.
Perhaps I am being too simplistic, but holidays when I was young, at least the ones I went on, meant long lazy days on the beach, or walking, with the minimum necessary trips into the shopping area to buy food, as we always went self catering.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pitman painters

I am still watching this programme on ITV.
One thing that caught my attention was what Rob Green said about why the pitmen decided to take art appreciation classes.. They were taking evening classes supplied by WEA. They had finished the economics courses. And were looking for other classes in order to "better themselves".
I think the whole ethos behind the idea of learning has been undermined in the past few decades, and now school age pupils/students do not want to learn in order to "better themselves", as they have the misguided opinion that they are above learning.
I think it is a crying shame that the number of children wanting to learn is declining in certain areas.
I hope the people who can change things have seen this documentary, and realised that many of our population do not want to "better themselves" they think they are the best anyway.
I am not sure how the trend can be reversed, but I do know that other "cultures" still think that "bettering yourself" is a good thing.