Monday, 30 July 2007

change that is gradual..stays changed?

I'm on holiday! yes...and have been since 19th of July.
But today I haven't had a minute to call my own.
Take this for instance, I thought I might sit down and write my blog Monday afternoon, but nope! Edwin didn't get up until 11am, so we didn't set off into the city until 2pm....almost.
First stop....Edwin's glasses!.....On HP7 day they were ready, but some bright spark decided that he was long sighted, not short the glasses then were wrong and had to be remade...yawn!
They are right this we HAVE to visit Waterstones, (bookshop for all USA readers,) but it has to be the branch that was Ottakars, as the staff are much more friendly...and they know me by my first name...can't think why? **** glances at bookshelves****
After that it was a quick visit to Asda..for is always for milk..if I could I would keep a cow...the rate Oliver goes through milk.....and other animals...for eggs, maybe wool, maybe spitting at undesirables..etc! I can never get around Asda in less than an hour...why?
Right..get home...give Oliver the A to Z I bought him......Manchester...fingers crossed he's going there for his M Phys in September. I got one for I can visit my soul mate in his flat...after 20 last he can say that he is seeing me...right now..he's in the Italian Lakes...sleeping peacefully.
other things wanted my attention..
Am seeing to them
Never said about the change...well..when I put on my dressing tied so much easier!...let's hope the scales agree

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