Saturday, 15 September 2007

Shock, horror!

I think something very odd might be going to happen before long.
Why? I hear you call.
This morning my daughter washed her car!
She washed all the mud from underneath her wheel arches, bet the car will go faster now. The mud was from her visits to Download and Leeds festivals, working.
I got her to leave the stuff out, and washed mine as well, and my neighbour wanted to know why I was washing it, as "it's not even dirty" he said.
It was, it had bird poop on it.
I finished off the skirt I made for Samantha, now I have to work out how to make the top she would like. And if possible, finish it by Tuesday evening, as it's fancy dress at Rock Nite this Tuesday. And Samantha wants to go dressed as a pirate wench.


Blue said...

Any chance either of you would wash mine? It needs doing BAD!!! LOL

Sea said...

You are in a queue, Seth, thee polish guy, the man from number 11, then you. And I wash cars good, not bad.

Blue said...

Okay so I'll tip well. LOL