Friday, 20 July 2007

Lazy Friday

Laid in bed today until around 10 am. First day of the holidays.
Got up, had a lazy breakfast, then pegged washing out, pottered around, cleaned oven. pottered a little more, then had dinner. Now just being real lazy whilst the washing dries...might even iron it later on.
My youngest went out into the city, and has just arrived back. There is the bolognese sauce sitting ready on the hob. (I made some the other day..and I don't know what went wrong, but it had no taste at all.) There were cries of "Muuuuum....what is WRONG with the bolognese?"
I must identify the plant that has decided to grow in my yard this least I don't think this one is a poisonous plant like the one that appeared last year. Have also got the white flowered nettles growing..they look they can stay. (Think they are called dead nettles)
Tomorrow I have to get Mum and Dad a card and present, it's their 50th Wedding anniversary on 24th July. Think the pressie will be a DAB Mum and Dad both like to listen to their radio, and I remember it always being on when I was young.

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