Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pressies, and other stuff!

Tiz Ma and Pa's wedding anniversary on Tuesday...not a bog standard wedding anniversary, but their 50th...wonder if my darling brother can add up.......will he realise that it is their 50th?
I have got them a DAB when I was little the radio always seemed to be on...even now it is.
It is the same here.

The other stuff...whenever I phone my Mum, or my sister, they go on about ..what Kelly did for Erin.....and why she doesn't even want contact with her any more....
They completely blank the fact that for 10 years I was there for Erin...when she found herself pregnant at 16, raped at else wanted to she has decided..for her own reasons that she has no hurt me..but at the time...I could do no other. I know she is fit and well...and now has 3 children..but when all my relatives go on about how her sister is fed up with her..and they have no idea what I did ..just cos I didn't make a song and dance about Kelly makes me sick
One of my nephews is 21 in ex is one of the godfather's...I have mentioned that it MIGHT be uncomfortable for me to be at a function where he is also..but I don't think anyone heard.
If he gets an invite to this event..I WILL NOT GO.
I can't hurt myself like that wittingly.
What would you do?

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