Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Back to swimming?

Earlier today I went swimming.  It's the first time I've been for a while, so am rather proud of the fact that I managed to swim 32 lengths, which is 1/2 a mile.  I didn't really stop for any length of time between lengths either, so perhaps I am a little fitter than I thought I was.
I'm going to try to get to the pool at least once a week over the summer break, twice a week would be better.
I have always liked swimming, and if I could carry on swimming at least once a week after I return to work in September I know it will do me good both physically and mentally.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Another observation

It's funny what you notice when you are walking around.  This observation seems only to apply to 50%, roughly, of the population
I bet you'll have seen it too, no matter where you are, and it's always men that are doing this thing
What? What are men doing?  I hear you ask.
Well, it's simple.  I think this is a fairly recent thing, but whenever I go out, if I pass men dressed in jogging pants you can almost guarantee that they have their hands down the front of their pants.
Are they checking that they are still there?  Why do they feel the need to carry out this fairly personal task in public?  If you have any theories why this sort of thing is becoming more frequent, I'd like to hear your theory.
You wouldn't see a woman walking along sticking her hand into her bra and rearranging herself, or have you seen different?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Silver Cross

Ok...most parents will know what that title means, I will explain to others.
Last night I was watching a "documentary" about how much it cost to "raise" a child...all very topical given that the Duchess of Cambridge has just given birth.
They kept going on and on about how much everything cost...of course every new parent buys brand new for every child....get real...they don't!
Anyway, the MD or whoever he was from Silver Cross was saying how good for business it would be if the royal couple chose a Silver Cross pram/pushchair for the new baby, and how disappointed they all were that the royal couple had chosen a Bugaboo, (hope I've spelt that correctly,).
It got me thinking...if it was really good for business, why didn't Silver Cross gift the royal couple a sturdy Silver Cross pram or pushchair? Surely that would have made economic sense in the long run, gift one item to ensure the sales of many more?
Maybe I'm wrong...I seriously hope that Silver Cross baby transport is as good as it always was, and the canny parents will still chose to buy Silver Cross.
There were many other items I was cringing at during the documentary...of course the royal couple can not be seen to be using second hand goods, but the money conscious parents do....
And I hope the new baby will be using terry towelling nappies rather than disposable ones, after all, it isn't as if Kate will have to actually wash them!  After all, "Grandpa" Charles might have something to say about the eco  unfriendly disposable nappies.
And in answer to your question...Yes, all three of my children had a Silver Cross pram and pushchair.  The pram was given to me by a colleague of Dad's who had three girls, and had used the pram for each of them.  And the pushchair...bought new for Samantha ....but was still in good condition after Edwin no longer had use for it, around 8-9 years later.
So...yes, by all means buy cheaper baby items, but if you do...be prepared to have to replace them!
And the four dozen nappies I bought for Samantha lasted through all three babies as well.

Summer clothes

Usually the summer here in the UK is warm, but not over hot. We haven't really had protracted periods of sunshine in recent summers.
And I'd almost forgotten what hot summers bring out, can you remember?
Hot summers bring out summer clothes. For men this just seems to be t-shirts and jeans, and in cases of extreme heat shorts, or cut-offs.....and no, I'm not going to say anything about men's legs.   Although, it is obvious that some of them are usually wrapped up in long pants, and resemble well cultivated celery.
No...my observation is that many women don't seem to possess underskirts, or for that matter think about their undergarments, mainly their knickers.  The other day I saw a woman in a beautiful white linen skirt, it had some very pretty applique on it and some heavy cotton lace fastened to the lower edge of the skirt, it really was a pretty skirt, then I noticed that she mustn't have been wearing an underskirt, as you could clearly see her knickers, and what is more, they were black, so really did show.  Given the person, I don't think she knew that her pants were visible through her skirt, as I'm sure she would have been mortified. It wasn't a case of visible pantie line, but visible pants
Other things I have seen when walking around are skin tight dresses clinging to the wearer's body, as they should, but to such an extent that the underwear might as well have been worn over the top.  Skirts riding up the wearer's legs is another thing I've seen, both these would be prevented by wearing an underskirt, but I'm guessing that the women wearing these dresses, etc might normally wear trousers or jeans most of the time, and didn't even consider that an underskirt might be necessary.  Or is it just a generational thing, as I have always worn one, and when my daughter was younger she did, but she "lives" in trousers.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Difficult post

This has been on my mind for ages, and I keep thinking I will blog about it, but it is very difficult to put into words.  It is my emotions about it that make it difficult, and should I write about it?

Here goes...
Three or four years ago I got a telephone call from my next door neighbour.  He told me he was struggling to get out of bed and could I go around and help him.  (What you have to bear in mind about this, before you judge me is his age.  At the time he was somewhere around 85-87-ish, I was definitely under 50 at the time.)  Now people who know me in person will know that I am what my Mum calls a "soft touch" and will help practically anyone, so I took his request at face value, and went round.  He had said the door was open, now if I hadn't been so na├»ve that should have set an alarm bell ringing...but I just went in assuming that he had forgotten to lock up the previous night. 
I went into his bedroom expecting to have to help him from the bed as he had asked.  As I got close to the bed he pushed the covers back....me still thinking things were as the seemed on the surface...however I was shocked to find out he was exposing himself, and then he asked me to "relieve" him.
I'm sorry this is very difficult to write about.  Needless to say, I left quickly.  I was so shocked that he could have been so devious and act as he did.  This neighbour had been accused, and found innocent of making sexual advances to three young girls who used to live close by, and at the time everyone presumed because the girls sometimes embroidered the truth as young children do, that they were lying about this.  They had moved away because of the court case, etc.  I now found myself in a position where I wasn't sure if anyone would believe it of an old man, and I phoned their Mum and told her what he had done, and that I was sorry that I ever doubted the girls.
A couple of days later he came to my front door and apologised for his actions, but the incident set me on my guard.
Last year after a conversation with another neighbour, I found out that he had made indecent suggestions to her whilst her husband was in hospital. 
Since then I have felt even more uncomfortable around him.
He keeps knocking at my front door with the flimsiest of reasons, and I have since a couple of weeks back, started to ignore it, if I know it is him.  (Again, if you know me, that is against  my nature.)
My reason for this is, a few weeks back he went into hospital, his son and daughter-in-law brought him home, yet shortly after they left he was knocking on my front door, I'd had a bath and was ready for bed.....the day had been very warm...yet he asked me to go round and put is central heating on.  Another neighbour who knows him well was actually outside doing something at his car, so I said "No" and suggested he ask the other neighbour, he had the cheek to ask me why, and was quite nasty when I said that I was going to bed soon.

As I've said he keeps knocking with flimsy excuses.  This man makes me feel very uncomfortable, despite his age, and then I get annoyed with myself, but I honestly do feel threatened by him.

It isn't nice to feel like this about someone who lives so close to your own house.  I wish I knew a way of making myself feel not so bad.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Early birthday pressie

Thanks to Samantha, John, Oliver, Edwin and Becki for taking me to Saffron tonight for a meal.
It was an early birthday pressie, and Samantha rang me on Wednesday asking me what I was doing Friday night....When I said nothing much she told me she'd booked a table at Saffron on Friday night, and she was treating me for my birthday!
***Happy Dance***
I really do like Indian food.  Saffron is a "BYOB" place, with a corkage charge.
We had a lovely evening, and I did wonder if Oliver would come as he is off to Italy next weekend.
***Smiley face*** Yes, he did, he has brought me a tiny owl ornament from his trip to Japan.
Right now I am full of delicious food, and happy

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Are public sector wage rises fair?....across the board

Mr Osborne has decreed that public sector workers should only get a 1% wage rise per annum for the next two years...after having their wages frozen for THREE years!
But the public sector workers he doesn't include are MPs!
MPs are elected by the public and on paper, work for their public.  To be nit picky, they are supposed to work for those who elected them.
In my books they are also public sector workers, but has their wage been frozen for the past 3 years, are their unions now in negotiations with the employers?  NO!
These fat cats at Westminster are raking in their wages....plus expenses...when the people who put them there are struggling to pay essential household bills.
I do not wish to discuss my own financial position here, but the gap between the "workers" and the "bullshitters" is getting greater, perhaps it is time for a change?