Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Big Books

Am currently reading Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell, but am not reading as fast as I usually do. The reason being the book is huge. I have the hardback version, and it's 800 pages long-ish, so very heavy.
So..times when I read, book held in one hand are not possible......(I'm not Kim Jones, even though I went to school with her for two years.)
So, snuggling down for the night in bed with your book..out of the question. Holding in one hand whilst doing something else, also, impossible.
This is a book you have to sit down with, and put on a flat surface. A table, lectern..if you have easy access to one, or sprawl on the floor/bed on your tummy, book in front of you. Am tending to plump for sprawling, or on a table.
Although, all that aside, it is a very readable book, and I am enjoying it..and perhaps when I've finished I'll look like Popeye, after the spinach, but I'm not bothered.
Other uses for this book could be, as a step for when you are just not high enough, as a weapon, for propping the door open. I'm sure I could think of more.
Incidentally, it is said to be an adults book....I think this might just be a health when they won't let kids "pump iron" until they are 16. It's just too darn heavy for them. At last I've found a book that is heavy going in a totally different sense.