Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lending Money

Several years back I did just this...and I also wrote a reference for the person. It went bad, and I lost out finanicially.
Recently I was asked to write a reference.  I did.
Thankfully there was no request for a financial back-up this time.
However in the future I will be alert to requests such as these.   Because, I earn little nough without being ripped off

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tv and Radio public information ads

Over the past few months there have been adverts on both TV and Radio encouraging people not to suffer in silence.
The first was for screening potential bowel cancer, the latest is for potential lung cancer.
The adverts have said make an appointment to see your GP (for USA readers family doctor).  Fair enough, but I can't help thinking the makers of the adverts have private GPs, because our GPs are some of the most overworked people around.  If I need a routine appointment, I can wait for up to four weeks.  In the area where I live there are too many residents/GP and it is that fact the causes the long waits. There are also a lot of people who make appointments with the GP and don't turn up, or turn up too late.
I used to work for a dentist and appreciate what sort of chaos late patients can create.  The person who turns up late always has a them...reason for being late, and many seemed to be blithely unaware they were causing problems by being late.  Although it can frustrate me if I am late in for my appointment, I know this and other factors can be at work. At the dentists a simple filling might become a root filling, similarly a doctor might think that his patient has a routine problem and it can turn out to be much more in depth. 
What we need to do is make sure we are early or on time for appointments, and the government needs to be more realistic with their "public information" adverts.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Men's fashion?

Ok, I've posted about women's fashions that I find bizarre, and now it's the mens turn.
There are a lot of teenage and young men in their early 20s wearing very tight pants with a dropped crotch, or just normal trousers just about managing to cling to the wearer. the young men who wear these also seem to expose the top of their underwear.
I'm sorry, but I really don't find this look attractive and think it looks like the wearer has been taken short....OR.....are they wearing a nappy, as the dropped crotch would accommodate one!
And today when I walked the dogs I saw a few lads wearing trousers like the ones I mean, and realised that they actually have a deepened crotch area, so it hangs halfway down the wearer's thighs. I bet they can't run as well in them. Mind you the wearers seem to be trying to look "laid-back" so wouldn't run anywhere.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

After divorce for children

I can't find a related article to this posting, but it has been on the radio all day.
The courts are trying to stop children becoming estranged from their "non-resident" parent after divorce. [Usually the Dad, hence the rise of "Fathers for Justice".]
I suppose my three, the youngest now being 19 are lucky in this respect, although our divorce was one which involved no third party, my ex did not want to see the children at first. Despite an agreement being reached at mediation.  Before any divorced fathers start muttering. It was my ex's decision not to see the children, and for around 6 weeks he didn't.
But as I say, my three are lucky, because we only live 5 miles apart. I spoke to their Dad, and pointed out that he was their Dad and should see them, and he didn't stop being their Dad when we stopped being married.  At first visits were short, but a routine soon settled, and the elder two still make sure they see Dad.  They get on very well together.
But I put aside my personal feelings so that they could see their Dad, not everyone does, or is able to. 
If one of the couple has cheated/played away, however you want to think of it, that can cause deep rooted ill feeling on one or both sides. Mediation is needed for amicable agreements to be reached. Personal feelings have to be put aside for the good of the children.  Plus, the single/divorced mother if able to do this would be able to maintain a positive role model in her children's lives.  I know my ex became a more "hands on" parent after divorce, through necessity, but it befitted the children.  I also happen to think that mediation should involve grandparents, but that is another blog my ex's Dad commented when he found out about the pending divorce that I needed locking up...a Victorian outlook if ever there was the Moor Hospital, (local madhouse, as was,) my crime?....applying for divorce.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Going to Festival!

This time last week it was all stations go here.
The youngest and his G/f of 5 years were preparing to go to Download with 3 friends.
On Bank Holiday Monday the youngest g/f , (Becki,) set off to come here. Her clutch the time the only thing foremost in Becki, my youngest and their friends minds was....." How do we get there?"
On Thursday, hit me...if the clutch had gone on the motorway...they would not have to be finding alternative ways of getting there......can't say the rest..except the journey was on the busiest motorways at the most busy time!
I am so glad Becki's clutch went  at home on a nice peaceful country lane.....rather than two days later on the way to Download!
Mayhap they might never see how what could have been...I hope not...Edwin is my son...Becki has been with him almost 5 of the friends 11+ so glad Becki's car wimped out two days before. I really could not have coped on top of Dad's death and my soulmate leaving country!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Euro 2012

Love football or hate it, we won't be able to ignore it the next few weeks.
However, I have noticed something when reading several articles about the forthcoming tournament. Every person asked who they think might win has named Spain, Italy, Germany, and even England has been named
Similarly, when these people have been asked who is the player to watch, they have again named "traditional" European players from the western part of Europe.
Are the Eastern Europeans only in to make the numbers up?  Are ALL their players rubbish?  I don't think so for one moment. I am guessing that not that much is known about the teams or the players. After all, Russia has a team in the tournament, and surely they MUST have a pretty good team, with the vast number of Russian citizens to choose from. 
The articles I have read seem to imply it is a forgone conclusion that one of the "usual suspects" will win, but I for one would like to see some decent football played in true sportsman like fashion, and not with players throwing themselves about like people just learning to ice skate.  Let's have some decent football worth watching for a change.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Alarm, or what wakes you up?

The sound of the alarm is although sometimes unwelcome an expected sound that wakes you from your sleep.
But what about the other things that wake you?
Some are pleasing to the ear, others aren't.
Those pleasing to the ear, you don't somehow mind, even though they may have disturbed you.
For example, I like hearing the sound of a thunderstorm and don't mind if one wakes me in the night.
Also, the "dawn chorus" is acceptable, the sound of rain during a hot humid spell, the sound of a baby crying.
But there are some sounds that are very unwelcome.
Screeching tyres up the street at silly o'clock in the morning, taxi doors slamming, or, and this one is the most annoying to me.  Party goers going outside for a smoke, or to talk on their mobiles at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am and finally shouting goodbye to each other just after 5am.  Once in a blue moon you can put up with, but every flaming Saturday night/Sunday morning for three weeks is getting beyond a joke.  I must be the only person in the street who sleeps at the front of the house with good hearing as I haven't heard anyone else complain.
I hope they don't have a party again this Saturday, but if they do will the behaviour change?  I very much doubt it.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Some clothing trends should stay in the past.

What piece of clothing am I going to have a complain about today?
I'll give clues.
The people who wore them in the 80s thought it was the first time around.
They only look good on people of a specific build.
Back in the 80s, as now. Most people have no idea how to wear them.
Any idea?
It's leggings, for every 1 person who might, just might look good in them, the next 99 look hideous.
The wearer should have nice shaped legs, and bum, as leggings reveal far more than they hide.  They look best worn with a mid thigh length top.
So why, can anyone explain, do people insist on wearing tops that stop at their waist, or even above with leggings. The leggings outline everything, and personally I think worn in the way I have just said looks crude.
Another thing about leggings is people who are far too old to be wearing them wear them.
In the same vein as leggings are the sprayed-on jeans.  You know those that are so tight they look like they have been sprayed onto the wearer, these again leave little to the imagination.
At least men don't wear them, which is something to be thankful for.
I think leggings will possibly go out of fashion again soon, well I hope so, but they are sure to surface again in the future as they seem to have been around in one form or another since the Middle Ages.
It's just with all the creative designers around today, you think they would remember how hideous they looked last time around and not inflict them on the fashion slaves again.