Wednesday, 22 August 2007

What to do next?

Have been to solicitors. The nub of the solicitor's problem is proving that the teacher, or the school were negligent. I now have to write a statement of the events, and history. Then ...light the blue touch paper and retire....(I wonder if in this case you also refrain from approaching said explosive device?)
If negligence can be proved, it is then straight forward.
And in the morning, I am going to find out my textiles result. Am not bothered about my grade, as it was done as professional development, and I know I have passed the exam.
I have also finished the 6 blocks for my first EVER patchwork quilt.......Bluejeanfemme asked, "does it matter if it isn't perfect?"...or words to that end. Answer there me..if it doesn't look does matter. I might re-do the 6th block, but then again..I think re-doing the whole quilt will be a better learning curve.
Anyway..tiz way past Pumpkin time here in the UK, so I'll say goodnight to you all

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