Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

We are now in 2011!
I am noit going to make resolutions that I will break within the first week...what I am going to do is make several promises to myself.
  1. I will try to complete at least 12 large projects over the year. Knitted/cross-stitched or other craft
  2. I will start and complete smaller projects as takes my whim, and yes! I will not leave them unfinished.
  3. I will try my best to keep up-to-date with my blogs.
  4. I WILL definitely make a butterfly for the butterfly effect project, [see button]
  5. This one is the most difficult, I will try to see the positive side of things....for "someone special" has gone back to his "homeland". We are still in touch, but because of network coverage, not as much as I would like. I will remember that we never fell out, he treated me very well, and that I love him very much. He has said he will probably return, but is unsure when.

What we all got for Xmas, but didn't want!

Things are fairly quiet here, as I think we have all had, or got the flu.
What a lovely xmas gift! It certainly wasn't on my letter to Santa, and you can't return it cos you don't want it.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Quiet Boxing day

Yesterday I had a very quiet and fairly tense day.
I was woken by Samantha, and then Oliver brought me breakfast in bed. [A sausage butty]
But then they said that during the night at least one of the dogs had eaten a chocolate reindeer. As the dogs are not that big I was understandably on tenterhooks for the rest of the day.
I suspected it was Shadow who had eaten it, as she is much more mischievous. Also I had woken in the night to her crying, and she was sat at the bottom of the stairs with her chin on the first step.
I carried her up and she seemed happy enough.
When I walked them my suspicions were confirmed, it had been Shadow who had eaten the reindeer, as her muck smelt strongly of chocolate, and there were bits of silver paper in it.
She is still a little subdued today, or was. I just caught her swotting Spark's nose to try to get him to play.
We are usually so careful keeping things the dogs shouldn't eat away from them. It was Oliver's reindeer, I suppose he forgot about moving chocolate from the floor. It was enough to have killed her, and I think if Spark had eaten it I would have had a much worse situation to deal with, as his stomach is quite delicate.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


My someone special may not be coming back to the UK. If he does he said it will possibly be summer .

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

work..and congestion!

I work locally...and it takes me 15-20 minutes to walk to work...maybe 5-10 if I drive...but it really doesn't do a car any good to be used for short bursts..especially a diesel like I have.

Perhaps if more people walked into work, [or cycled,] where possible..the congestion around Lancaster and Morecambe would ease. The number 2 or 2A service operates every 10 minutes during peak times...and weekly passes are reasonable....if you add the cost of running a car, parking it against a weekly bus pass...I think most would come out winning.,..and the return train fare is less...but I don't know if you can get a weekly pass.

I have no yet..but it would be great if the inherited a planet worth living on.

Friday, 3 December 2010


This article caught my eye.
It made me smile, and reminded me of one of my favourite poems.
Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy. This short film used to illustrate the poem is very atmospheric.
Some background to the poem is found here.
I'm not sure why I love this poem, all I know is that I do.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Is that what the advert is about?

This article caught my eye!
If you watch the advert, unless you know what thew advert is for, you could be excused for thinking it it for "hot pants/short-shorts" or whatever you want to call them.
Obviously the advert was made with the male buyer in mind. You sees all those skimpy shorts and buys a pair of the trainers for his nearest and dearest.
Or am I just being cynical?