Friday, 3 August 2007

British Summer

I could say, summers weren't like this when I was kid, but I'd be lying. It's the simple beauty of a British Summer. One day rain, next, blowing a gale...who knows.
There aren't many to equal the summer of 1976.
At least the rain is warm in summer.

There was some real bad news on the news before. There is a case of foot and mouth in Surrey. I really hope it is an isolated case, unfortunately the farmer in question is having to have all his stock slaughtered. My heart goes out to him, and I hope it doesn't turn into an epidemic like it did in 2001. Farmers lose their livelihood, so do connected industries. Animals lose their lives, and the landscape looks strange bereft of it's usual animals.

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Sinclair said...

Can't possibly be as bad as summers are here. :oP