Friday, 24 August 2007

Last couple of days

Right, I noticed how I'd phrased the quilt thing on my last post. It looked like I was going to unpick the whole thing. I was intending unpicking a couple of seams on the last block I had finished, but when I measured it, it was the right size. What I meant was, I am going to make another quilt, same style, different colours.
I finished the statement and e-mailed it to the solicitor, it was like writing an essay for university. (My printer ran out of ink.)
Also, yesterday, I got a swim in, and collected my GCSE result. I'd done Textiles as professional development, I got a A, so am happy about that. (I did put a lot of work into it.)
My youngest is happy, his gf came back from her grandma's.
Last night/early this morning one set of the neighbours surpassed themselves, there was a whole load of noise, shouting, etc. Then a police van came up the street, and a policeman ran up after it. The youngish lass that lives there walked up. The police went, and shortly after more shouting, and questions being yelled at the tops of their voices. I was just considering ringing for the police, when it went quiet. Then the "husband" came out, and drove away. His van woke me when it returned this morning, but usually he's to and fro all day, and there's been no sign. He's self-employed.

Have also been making home-made soup today, as my neighbour is ill, and I know he's been off his food. I made sure there was enough for him as well. Well, the recipe asked for 1/2 tin of tomatoes. What do you do with the other 1/2? Answers on a sealed down envelope or postcard to..........
No, I won't, it's just another of those great mysteries like the ones I asked the other day.

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