Saturday, 1 September 2007

Quiet, little cul-de-sac?

You'd think living in a street with only 11 houses on it, (well, 13 ,but two have been gutted by fire in the past, and are awaiting renovation,) that it would be quiet. You've obviously never lived in Morecambe.
For starters there are more cars than parking spaces, and as I mentioned on a previous blog, for some reason the self employed man has brought a boat up the street to do it up, it's beginning to look good, he's painted it a nice bright red, and just adding a yellow border as I type, either he'll be moving it before long.....or.....he knows the long range weather forecast better than we do.
Last night, I was chatting to my friend in New Orleans on messenger, when a car came flying up the street. Bear in mind here, that there is a stone wall across the end of the street, and last night there was a Ford Transit parked there. The car pulled up, sharply, I looked out of the window to see who's car it was. It didn't belong on the street, but I did recognise it as a car from the row of houses nearby. The driver jumped out , ran down the middle of the road, and disappeared into the alleyway between this street and the next. As I told the Policeman, It definitely WASN'T the person I know to be the owner of the car.
Within minutes a police car came up the street, then a very drunk young man staggered up the street, and a girl, who kept protesting loudly that she had two children and she hadn't been in the car, then another police car appeared.
After about an hour the policeman knocked at my door, and I gave him a statement. The driver of the car had almost knocked two police over, one of them was with the one who took the statement, he was a little shaken.
And that was only Friday night!

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Blue said...

Who knew a small city could have such excitement? :oP