Saturday, 29 October 2011

noisy neighbours!

Why do some of my neighbours think it is ok to have very noisy parties...that spill out onto the street?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

"Switch to cheaper"

I was reading an article about feeding yourself for less. All well and good, but at what cost. I totally agree with the article saying go for cheaper longer cooking pieces of meat, and bulk out a meal with vegetables.....but it's what it doesn't say about fish that gets me. I says go for cheaper fish! The cheaper fish is without a doubt a fish called "River Cobbler".....sounds quaint doesn't it? River cobbler is farmed in a far eastern country, and force fed...if you can force feed is also...apparently plumped up with not that cheap really.
Anyway I'll leave it up to you to decide, but do look up river cobbler online.
There is one money saving tip it doesn't mention, and that is baking your own cakes etc.
Yes! the initial set up, buying scales, cake tins etc, is a little costly, but once you have the cake tins, scales, and a stock of basic baking equipment you can tackle most baking projects at a fraction of the cost. It's a great and satisfying way to to fill some free time, kids love to help, and you have a much more tasty product at the end of your baking. Scones for example...the basic recipe makes around 10, at a rough cost of around £1, but the finished product is far superior than anything you would buy in a shop, and there is really nothing better than a scone fresh from the oven...better bake double quantities...they'll disappear quickly. Best scone recipe...go to the Bero website!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I am going to have to pay about £50 to get my wing mirror fixed!
I am so cross, whoever broke it would be totally aware that it was broken, yet they didn't bother to let me know.

I also had a screw pushed into one of my tyres, and with them being "low pofile" it didn't look flat, only became obvious when I drove the car. By then I had ruined the tyre. Thanks a lot you unruly brats who have been hanging around our street, when none of you live here.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I just bruise easily!

My latest bruise is on my right forearm. It was very blue earlier today, but now it has gone purply/black. I have no idea how I got it....suppose tiz just my skin type as well as being rather clumsy.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Is this what is wrong?

I wonder if this is why young people are out of control.
My computer is next to a window that looks out onto the street. The girl from across the road is talking to some boys, but the boys are in the next door yard. they are quite blithely larking around in front of someone else's window, making a general nuisance of themselves. Have the girl's parents said anything? NO, because they frequently have [parties that disrupt the peace.
These kids have no respect for other people's property, and obviously neither do the parents.
I think one of the problems with today's young people being out of control is that they are not taught any respect for other people and their belongings/property/etc.
I know this doesn't apply to all young people. There are some who have respect for others, etc. But they are becoming a minority.
The people who have no respect , think they have a right to do whatever they want, where they want, and to who ever they want.
I suppose it won't surprise you to know that these "kids" are also freely swearing, as if the words they are using are not offensive.

10th October
This morning I went out to find my wing mirror broken...I have been told that it has been deliberately the mechanic who looks after my car! Well, the kids were running around all the cars on the street and pushing and shoving at each other

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Flaming government

I don't often make comments about political stuff, cos I can't say that I'm over enamoured by politics. However, I decided to look up state pension age....and was astounded to see that it had been put up in June of this year...for women to 65....I know technically i may cost more to pay people pension rather than pay young persons dole/jobseekers/ call-it-what-you-will....but as people get older they start to have health issues, and it is on this point I think the government are wrong. Why didn't they for a change...make the men equal to the women..just in this instance. I am not looking forward to working another 5 potential five years...with my health problems. Perhaps I should try to find myself a "sugar daddy"....except I wouldn't even look, cos my heart belongs to my special friend, even though I haven't seen him for over 13 months...we do talk though.
Should I tell my kids to hold off the grandchildren bit for a few more years?
When I Mum was a grandma at 38 and hasn't worked since she was 34...and Dad was luck enough to retire at 52.
The coming generation aren't going to be able to get to know their grandparents, or just see them as dried out, worn out husks.