Friday, 27 July 2007

Explorer Spark!

I have two dogs, or more precisely, a dog and a bitch.
The dog, Spark, is six next month., the bitch, Shadow, two in September.
Shadow is just beginning to settle down and become quite a nice dog. Spark settled at two year old.
Usually it is Shadow who is doing things she shouldn't, and lately, Spark has "tattled" on her. She digs up my plants and eats the roots, something I don't like her doing, as it kills the plants off. Spark has picked up on this, and now when she starts to dig..he comes and sits by me whining until I follow him. He's done this about other things as well.
Anyway, today, Shadow came and sat by me..and whined, until I followed her. I asked her what was wrong, and where Spark was. She sat by the back gate, just looking out. (It's wire mesh.)
So I called them both in, she came in straight away, Spark came up the alleyway and pushed his way back into the yard. Shadow knew he shouldn't be out alone. (Mental note to self, put hook and eye on bottom of gate to stop this happening again.)
I don't believe dogs should be out unattended, also he's a West Highland White, they are said to be the most stolen dogs in the UK, as to a non-Westie owner, "they all look the same". I think I doubled my dogs "nickability factor" when I got Shadow, as although she is a Westie/Scottie cross, she looks just like a Scottie. When I take them out, I often get comments that they are the "whisky dogs"....or I am the "lady with the Whisky Dogs"

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