Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Appointments all done

Went for my appointment with the consultant again yesterday. He was running late, so I was in late, didn't ask him about pain relief, but he has put me on the waiting list now,he also sent me for x-rays, there were 4 of them. There was no indication how long I may have to wait.
I went in on the bus, as I didn't want to drive through heavy traffic on my way home, as it would be "rush hour", and I didn't want to put myself through driving in heavy stop-start traffic with my ankle as it is.
Today I'm paying for it, as I have been in pain all day, and haven't been swimming, just been relaxing, either lying down reading my book, or sat on the settee with my foot up.
It's been quiet all day as well, cos Sam has been at Barrow, sorting the bar out there, and now she's working the evening here. She is supposed to be getting the bar in Barrow sorted out, so it can make money, cos by the sounds of things it is only just breaking even.
Edwin isn't back until tomorrow evening, so it's very quiet here.

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