Sunday, 19 August 2007

Not good for sancastles

There was a sandcastle building competition on the beach today, I didn't go down to look, but it's been chilly and overcast. Not ideal weather for building a sandcastle, unless you are a dedicated sand artist.
I did take the dogs a walk, and as usual, little old ladies stopped me. (They just seem to appear, and their sole aim in life is to let dogs lick their faces!......yuck!) But they made all the usual comments. How lovely the dogs are. Aen't they well-behaved? Aren't they clipped nice? Do I like whisky? Do I get any money for advertising? (The dogs are a Westie and a Scottie.)
Squashed a whole pile of washing, and then just relaxed.
Tomorrow is going to be taken up with organising things for Oliver, in preparation for him going to Uni.


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Sea said...

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