Saturday, 27 October 2007


Am sitting here munching my way through some yoghurt coated raisins.
Why? I hear you ask.
Ok. In April last year, I met my soulmate in Eastbourne, (I already knew him,) and I went on a tour with him. [That is love, I hate, normally being driven by anyone else but myself!] I don't know if he knows of my distrust of other drivers, stems back to my ex falling asleep whilst driving. (I bought the raisins in Battle.)
Anyway, the tour for the day was to go to Battle and Hastings, and he added on a trip to Beachy Head at the end of it. We'd been there the evening before, and what I'd thought was just chatting, was my soulmate collecting information, so that his passengers would know a little more about the place they were visiting. [He totally knocked me for six with this!]
I wish he knew how much I care for him, things are difficult for us right now. Him being a tour coach driver, and me being a high school technician, signed off, cos I can't do my job right now.

I won't add the fact his son is currently in his year 11, and can't move schools, [OK, I have done,] but you get the picture.
Without adding that I have an ankle injury that means I am very limited in my movement, you'll see how hard it is
I love my soulmate, with all my heart, soul and body, I know he feels the same, we will get through this

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