Sunday, 9 December 2007

At the mercy of the kids

Yes, until I can put my left foot on the floor again, this is how things are to be.
I'm at the mercy of the kids. And although Sam says it has been a bit of a shock, she also said she feels more organised.
This morning she got up at the usual time she does for work, and gave me my breakfast, and saw to the dogs, washed up, with time to spare. She was so surprised that she commented on it.
I'm keeping busy, reading etc. Have been watching DVDs I had bought and not watched, the kids had, but I'd been busy doing something else. Also doing the daily jigsaw at Lemon Grove Jigsaw PuzzleLemon Grove Jigsaw Puzzle

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Blue said...

I'm glad Sam's doing well with helping you out. It's really not that hard with half the effort.