Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sorry am quiet

I have got a lot on my mind right now. It might help to write it down, but to me saying things makes them more real.
Was off work ill yesterday, and don't feel any better today, think a bout of gastric flu, as I had the usual S & D you get. Well, no, not usual, I hadn't even begun to digest what I was bringing up.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Am happy to say that school has passed the inspection.

Friday, 18 September 2009

What a load of twaddle know we have been inspected during the last two days at my workplace.
I have no idea as yet to the outcome, although feedback was favourable when I came home today.
Since we learnt of the impending inspection, on Tuesday...things have been very tense. Yet 99.9999% of the staff were pulling make the best impression possible...with the least deviation from normal .
Inspection is very hard on the teachers...some have had trouble both sleeping and eating. NQTs are especially nervous....their first ever qualified inspection!.
As I say...from things I have heard, it sounds like the result is favourable. I really hope so....because this time all departments..and most of the pupils have been determined that we will pass

Thursday, 17 September 2009


We've got the inspectors in at work. Everyone is quite tense. I have worked an extra hour the last two days in order to help take the pressure off the teachers. I no longer work in the printroom, but have stayed behind to help out with the Ofsted "rush". I also tracked down one of the inspectors today, and gave him my input. Our teachers work very hard, against some situations they can often not change. My three all gained good, if not excellent, overall results. I know my daughter got as good results as her primary school best friend, and her friend went to the local girl's grammar. Samantha was also ill a lot in years 10 and 11, so considering that she did really well.
I have no complaints at all with the standard of teaching, but then again, my children are eager to learn, and will work hard.
I've spent some time tonight baking buns and scones to put in the printroom tomorrow, for any teachers who go in. The scones aren't up to my usual standard, but am sure they will just melt away. And I haven't put chocolate on the chocolate buns, but I know they will go as well.
Tomorrow night I think I might duck out of cooking and get a takeaway, bath and early night. Not sure. Am glad the inspectors are in Thursday/ the time since the inspection was announced has been hectic. It was only announced at 11.20-ish on Tuesday. None of the DT or Art teachers have been inspected as yet, we suspect that the corridor is

Monday, 14 September 2009

CRB checks....where to stop?

I saw an article on the evening news about the CRB checks that are now "supposed" to being implemented to ensure the safety of children.
This might be controversial, but when an individual gives their time freely, without recompense, they should not be required to pay for a CRB check.
I have 4 of these, and one was gained when I was working for a registered charity. I gave my time freely, but it put me into regular contact with children who were not my own. This was before the big CRB push, the charity managed to find funds to put all the trustees through a CRB check. It was not compulsory, but at the time a CRB check was not the price it is today.
My point is, if the government wants people to have the checks, they should be cheaper to run, or there should be a body that provides the finance for charity/ voluntary organisations. It is wrong to ask these people to dig into their own pockets.
Another thought occurred to me, where is the line going to be drawn. If parents giving other children lifts in their cars will initiate a check, what about when children have parties? Will there be an inspectorate set up checking that the correct adult/child ratio is maintained, and that the adults have been cleared?
Also...who will pay for these checks?
My daughter works in the leisure industry, sometimes parents will leave their children where she works to entertain themselves whilst they do another task, like the week's shopping. Do these places need checking?
Also, travelling fairgrounds?
To me a huge can of worms has been opened. Will anyone who occasionally babysits have to be cleared?
Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour of keeping children safe .....but where will this all stop? Your sister/brother needs their child looking after, alongside have to refuse as you don't have the regular paperwork? I really don't think this has been thoroughly thought through.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

You couldn't make it up

Just a quick post here.
I was looking at receipt from Matalan earlier, and was very surprised to find this at the top of it.

store's phone number

Store manager - Vivian Westwood

Thought I'd share as it made me smile.

Perhaps her "hobby" doesn't pay enough. Yes ...I know the spelling is wrong, but I bet it makes people smile when she introduces herself.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Last day of the summer break...wish it wasn't.
Got up at 8-ish...did normal morning stuff...then went into Lancaster, via Promenade Music ....with Oliver and his new bass guitar. We left with an amp, case and strap. Lancaster....straight to Waterstones..more or less...bought books..back home.
Then we both went swimming.
After dinner I walked the dogs down to the market, bought some yarn for another cardigan..decided tiz time to ditch most of my cardigans......start again.
Made tea..Moroccan chicken stew...then thought it was time to catch up on crafty stuff.
Now am shattered...don't want to go back to what there was before summer break..hope stuff has changed.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mind gone off at a tangent....again!

Right, I'm sat here knitting and chatting to my friend, Blue, in the USA. She left a BRB message. I carried on knitting, and my mind wandered. I'm knitting an amigurumi. [Note to self, put spelling right on Fidgetty Fingers.] but I digress.
The one I'm making is a common octopus. You work the legs first, or as some corrected me the other day, the tentacles. I have just started the 8th one and I thought I would let Edwin know that I had finished the tentacles. My brain asked me...."why aren't they octuples?" after all there are 8 of them, not 10. I answered myself...nope then they would be dectuples...or however you wanted to spell it.
So, I reached for my dictionary, and looked up what TENTACLE means.
Tentacle noun. slender flexible appendage of animal, used for feeling, grasping or moving. doesn't have a numerical meaning. I should have known that after all ten is not a Latin root.
Perhaps this is why I'm comfortable with my own company, I can entertain myself quite easily when my mind takes a wander.

Spark is cheeky

Yesterday I had a few dried apricots, there were only 5 left in the tub, so I ate them from the tub. As I picked the last one out, I put the tub down on the blue box that I use as a foot rest. Spark had been sat nearby sniffing...his nose twitching like it does when he can smell something he likes. He tipped the empty box onto the floor, and then looked me , and the apricot paused on it's way to my mouth.. He knows not to beg for food from us, as he doesn't get any, just told off for begging. But after sniffing at the box he tried to give it back to me. Yes! I gave him the last apricot, and he really enjoyed it. I'd forgotten he likes dried fruit. He deserved the apricot for being smart and amusing me.


One of the things that has happened since I found out I have heart trouble bothers me quite a bit.
Yesterday was very busy, drove to Galgate , boys had their hair cut, and I had my legs waxed, then we called at Asda and did the weekly shop , then called at Matalan for clothes for Edwin for 6th form. I dried some washing, made tea, then after tea Oliver and I walked down to the swimming pool, swum 1/2 a mile, then walked back again.
So....yesterday was very busy, and today I am very tired. I intended going into Lancaster, but as it's 1.15pm and I haven't had my dinner yet....don't think I'll be there today.
I don't have the energy I used to have, and if I have a busy day, I generally end up taking it very easy the next day. I thought this would change when the doctor found a blood pressure pill that suits me, but it doesn't seem to. I might mention it to him when I see him next week.