Sunday, 28 March 2010

A quick explanation

After re-reading yesterday's post, I realised that there might be people who do not know how to play cheat. So I had a look for instructions, and found these on BBCs H2G2 webpage.
What it doesn't say though is if only two people play, it is a good idea to randomly discard a few cards, because an intelligent player will be able to work out what the other person is holding, as they have half the pack each, if the suggested precaution isn't followed.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Edwin's birthday, and other stuff

Today, 27th March is Edwin's birthday. He has friends around, they have calmed down now, and are playing cheat. One of them is falling asleep.
Oliver is back from University for Easter, and I saw my love this morning. So all in all today is a good day.
Colleagues have been upset at work this week by the highest tier of management. If they carry on as they are doing they will alienate 99% of the staff, and when they leave...NO ONE will miss them!
One of the incidents was a very public denunciation of a member of staff, for organising a "staff association"...Senior management are never asked to these meetings. Yet the organiser was told they were not allowed to do that?
One rule for them, another for us? Senior management have regular meetings which none of the other staff are invited. Usually if senior management want to meet with a member of is best to take your union rep along.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Blood test!

first thing tomorrow I have a blood test!
I hate blood does not will stop mid-flow for no obvious reason...that is why I can no longer "donate" blood
To me..this is very annoying!
I know my Mum, and my sister are exactly same blood type as I am..maybe some of our children are!
If it ever came to it...I would give my blood for a younger generation to continue.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Questions just pop into my head.

The last few evenings I have noticed the nights are getting milder, and I wondered where the bats go in winter?
So tonight I decided to find out. I put bats into the search box and came up with this link, it was the first in the list. It's a very useful site if you are interested in bats. Although I live in the middle of a town we get bats flying around at night, and I know that spring is here, and summer on it's way when I see bats.

Insurance again!

This article caught my eye. It doesn't, however, give one very good tip. mind you seeing as the article is littered by insurance adverts, there's a strong possibility that it might be a sponsored article.
My tip is, before your student child goes to university and lives away from home, by all means make sure that they are covered with insurance for the belongings they take with them. However, what it doesn't say is.....before taking out individual insurance for them, check your own household insurance, as many cover for events like this. Mine does, it gives cover for up to £5,000 worth of belongings in circumstances like this. How do I know this? Because Oliver is in student accommodation, and we checked. I do appreciate not all policies will cover, but as a general rule of thumb, check your household insurance, a good household policy might mean slightly higher premiums, but in the long run could save money, as you won't have to take out several smaller policies, covering individual circumstances.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Visit To Mum and Dad's

Yesterday I went straight from work to Mum and Dad's.
On Sunday, as well as being Mother's Day here in the UK, tiz my Dad's birthday,.
Weekends are crazy for I visited yesterday.
In 1974 we moved from Tintwistle to Catterall. In 1980, Mum and Dad bought their first ever house..of their own...before that we had lived in rented accommodation.
Where Mum and Dad bought their house, has now changed so much. Recent building around has almost doubled the family accommodation, but....the local school has only had one classroom extra built on!
The upshot is..that children from families who have lived in the area for a generation, or more, are being told that their child has to go to another primary school. Why do the county council allow this building without the appropriate facilities?
If you drive from Preston to Lancaster, by way of the A6, there is a school in Bilsborrow, and then the one at Kirkland [aka Churchtown] , the next is in Forton. If you go along the B road into Garstang, yes there are three schools there, but the potential housing is way and above the places available.
Why keep building family homes in an area where the school places are lacking? Garstang High will only have so many places, due to it's location...there is only limited scope for expansion. When will the planners wake up?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Government dog proposals

The Government have today made a proposal, that all dog owners should have case their dog bites someone, and they should have their dogs chipped.
I'm sorry....but all RESPONSIBLE dog owners have probably already had their dogs chipped, and I am not 100% sure, but I think my household insurance covers this.
Just WHO are the government wanting to target?
The dog owners with dangerous or illegal dogs are hardly likely to visit a vet, have their dog chipped, or even have house why think they will take out pet insurance?
I would love to know what the author of Politics for Novices thinks of this proposal, as I know he is a responsible dog owner.
To me, it is just a way for insurance companies to make more money from the general public. I seriously hope it doesn't become law, as the persons intended to be caught..will escape...9 times out of 10, and it will end up responsible dog owners footing the bill, and out of pocket through unnecessary insurance policies!