Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a peaceful start to the new year, and didn't have to put up with the sort of stuff my neighbours are coping full volume tonight!
One person is berating another because they are taking Valium...when "they could have scored whatever they wanted here tonight!"
New year's eve is crazy...
I am glad it only comes once a year.
Am sad that I didn't get to spend time with the man I love, but I am sure we will remedy that.'s almost 3am here now..I should go to bed.
Night night all and Happy New Year

Monday, 28 December 2009

A late solstice gift

I had a slight surprise this morning when AmberMoggie called briefly. I had won a solstice giveaway on her blog, the roads had been bad around here, so it was surprise just before lunchtime when she turned up with the beautiful shawl and homespun skein of yarn. No doubt in weeks to come you might be able to see what I have created with the yarn over on Fidgetty Fingers.
Thanks Amber, they are beautiful.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Idiot Motorists! apologies here
There are plenty of idiot motorists about.
For instance...the lady who was waiting for her car to warm up...with snow all over it and spraying her water bottles in minus temperatures.
Or what about the mobile snowballs...who only wish to get their cars going...and forget that they need to have their lights and number plates visible.
Then we have the idiots who insist on doing the speed limit..or perhaps more...despite the fact that the driving conditions are difficult.
I am not an any stretch of the imagination...but it took me from 10am this morning until gone 6pm to do several small jobs.
I had appointments in Galgate at 11.30am and Noon..then I needed to deliver pressies to Catterall, and Forton, then drop my son off in Lancaster. Then I went to Asda.
I arrived there around 15.30...I know this as I rang Edwin to see if he knew of anything we may want. I was through the checkout by 16.30.
I then sat in a queue until around 18.oo-18.15!
A wagon had ended up on it's side at the large roundabout, and the weather was making the traffic signals temperamental...coming out of Asda...the green light was only showing for 5-10 seconds
Over the next two days...if I want anything from the shops..I will walk...if I can't get ain't necessary.

Back soon

The last few weeks have been madly busy, and I have been a little to exhausted to blog.
Normal service will be resumed...on all blogs...soon.
Thanks for your patience
First topic...Idiot motorists..unless Politics for Novices beats me to it.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Why not kick people while they are down?

I know, a strange title for a post.
I have just read this article, and wonder what the world is coming to. These days if you are off ill from work, where I work you have to undergo a "return to work" interview. When you've been off work ill, you just want to get back into your work, and yes, I know many companies do this now, but why when you have long term conditions that are made worse by stress, do they make the interviews as stressful as possible.
This past week my asthma went out of control, I don't know why? But to such an extent that on Friday I coughed myself sick, and was unable to go to work.
While I'm grumbling about draconian measures taken these days, perhaps I should point out something else the current government initiatives have caused. I have a very dear friend who suffers from Arachnoiditis, this is quite a rare condition, but they were retired from their work because of it. At one point they were hospitalised almost totally paralysed. This person has enough courage and determination to get them self mobile again, yet they have to take very strong painkillers to ease the condition. What is the latest indignity this person has been subjected to? They have had their Disability Living Allowance taken off them, which has meant losing their car, and this at a time when they have successfully overcome throat cancer for a second time, and keep ending up in hospital with vasovagal syndrome. Yet an overweight neighbour of mine, who has never worked as long as I have lived here has a "disability", yet he owns a minimum of 4 vehicles, all with the tax paid by the government.
This doesn't seem at all fair, especially when my friend keeps himself busy, and this neighbour seems to do nothing but help keep the local hostelries open

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Private education

Several years back I wish thatI could have sent my daughter to Chethams in Manchester...thankfully she is motivated enough to "teach herself" on the saxophone she JUST BOUGHT

Sunday morning.....reflecting on this....if I had the money at the time I would have paid for Chethams, but not for a run of the mill private school, as sending a child to Chethams is investing in their future as a musician.

Pot of gold?

I'm sure everyone at sometime has heard the story about the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
Well, this morning I walked the dogs and one end of the rainbow was on the Midland Hotel. Yes, you need to own a pot of gold to be able to stay there, I believe it is very pricey. It just made me smile, rainbows always do.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I wonder

Is it illegal to drive if you are on crutches, and don't put your foot on the ground when you are on them?
I would think so, but one of my neighbours is getting in his car..on foot of the floor..then driving. The car is not automatic, he breaking the law?