Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Midori gone to be fixed

Midori is the name of my car, she's was picked up by the accident and repair people yesterday. [She's an MGZR 2ltr diesel turbo, Midori is Japanese for green.]
They left me with a courtesy car, have been told by someone that is a like for like courtesy car, but I don't like it. Blue told me off for complaining about it. I don't like it for one aesthetic reason, it's ugly, but more importantly there are at least two practical reasons I don't like it. The first being the siting of the clutch pedal, the car must be designed for people with small feet as it makes my ankle ache after driving 5 miles, and as I had an operation on my left ankle I think this is an important problem for me. The other thing that I find peculiar is, yes, the car is a five seater, and the rear seat has three full seat belts instead of a lap belt in the centre, and two full ones. But the anchor point for the third one is situated just above the rear screen, to me partially blocking the rear view, and if the rear head restraints are up, they partially block the rear view as well.
I did promise Blue I would try to find some positive things to say about this car, and I will. Cos Blue pointed out, it is a temporary car, and I should be getting Midori back again.
I have already found one positive thing to say about this car. It's really easy to park, but as the wheels are almost at the corners of the car itself, rather than set back down the wing a little, it's hardly surprising. It also has a digital speedometer, which means you can keep a very accurate eye on the speed you are travelling at.

OK! after a drive to have my hair done and legs waxed, I have found something else I quite like about the car. It tells you how economically you are driving, with a MPG readout on the digital display. Plus the "cabin" area is quite roomy, or perhaps that is just one of those things, as the interior is pale grey which could make it feel roomier. The boot space however is very small, although there is a lift up section, with more space beneath.....perhaps the spare wheel is one of the "space saver" ones.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Things about me [part 5]

Think I'm up to part 5.
I don't like watching reality TV programmes, apart from one particular one.
The one I like is called Come Dine With Me. The format is quite simple, the producer picks 4 or 5 people from a town who like throwing dinner parties, think they are excellent cooks and hosts, and throughout the week each person hosts their own dinner party for the others of the group.
At the end of each dinner party the guests give the host marks out of 10, and the one with the highest vote at the end of the week wins £1000.
Why do I like this programme so much? I don't know apart from the fact the narrator/announcer talks you through each episode, making some really funny comments. It's also fun to watch people getting in a flap.
I would never be brave enough to apply to be on it, but it would be fun to see how low a mark is possible. The lowest I have seen so far is a 9, and that was from 4 guests, they'd all given really low scores. I don't know if the host receiving that mark was particularly bad, or the guests just didn't like the style of food.
Another host/contestant had a caterer come in and cook his meal, how he won I'm not sure. I'd have given him 0 or 1 for that.

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Think I have said this before, but I do like watching Emmerdale. It has serious plot lines, alongside run of the mill ones. It was the only soap to reflect the recent local council elections.
Emmerdale has made me laugh, cry, and get annoyed..and made me happy through the years.
at the moment there is a plot line developing...and I can only see one "soap" outcome for it.
Should I get my crystal ball and shawl out...and cloak my prediction in mystery?
Nope will tell you straight what I think might happen in the next 2-4 weeks on Emmerdale...with the plot line I am referring to.

Mark Wilde...aka Daniel is Ryan's Dad. Maisie and Natasha will come back..Maisie will be interested in Ryan...and ........it has to come out that Ryan is Mark's son....Mark will get very stressed...Natasha.... who knows...
Cain will sit on sidelines relishing the chaos.

I seriously am looking forwards to Charity's return, as it can only mean a whole new twist to the plot, and...who knows...maybe Gennie is now pregnant ?
Nothing like affairs to cause a stir!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Please can we start all over again?

The first week of my summer break has now passed.
Today I attended a BBQ hosted by other non-teaching staff. I took along 3 different potato salads, and a heap of mini tomatoes. And Spark and Shadow.

Those two thoroughly enjoyed themselves.......hoovering up dropped food, and being spoilt, and not being a nuisance.
I only have two more days until Edwin and Becki are back....but.....they are both going to work their very first festival a day after they return...so I won't see much of them for around a week.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

What have I done wrong?

Please can I have the last couple of days again?
It seems to be a catalogue of upsets for me.
My fridge has started leaking water on the floor.....I may be able to sort it, but might have to get a new fridge.
My pc is being the moodiest machine in the world, will switch on, or won't, depending on how tiz feeling. Calling a useless heap of junk and telling it I'd get it seen to seemed to work today, to get it to switch on.
My car has been run into......Wait a minute...my parked car...with no-one in it was crashed into by a runaway car, also with no driver in it. The owner of the other car is supposed to be sorting it out for me, she doesn't want me to go through my insurance, or hers? She has a friend who has a garage who should be able to fix it. I really hope so, would hate to have to write my car off.
That was yesterday.
This morning I have woken up with my left shoulder aching like mad and going tingly. I think I have trapped a nerve to cause the pain. Just had a warm bath to help ease it. My friend is coming to put some muscle rub on it when she returns home from the barbeque she has gone to. I think an early night is in order.

Friday, 17 July 2009

New BP pills

Seen Doc tonight, he's given me another batch of BP pills. I really hope these work, as I am getting fed up of feeling so flaming poorly all the time.
I know that in the grand scheme of things my BP pills are a tiny drop in the ocean, but getting them wrong might cost me my current job. I seriously hope it doesn't.
Right now, if I could find a post that was 75% what I wanted.....I would go for it.
Am going to apply for a post I have seen advertised ...please pray to whatever gods are your's for me.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Eventful week, but would rather not discuss

This past week has been a little hectic, to be truthful, but am sorry I am not going to blog about most of it.
I did enjoy the cruise on the canal again, and the response from our invited guest when we presented her with a token of our esteem was lovely.
I wish her and her husband well in their new home, which is in a new country, to them...but they have relatives there.
The token I had picked was well received, and am happy to say I got it right.
Am now off work because of my medication. The harassment I am getting for being ill, when most of the time it is adverse effects of medication is becoming unbearable. I should be OK to return to work on Wednesday, and I can say..hand on heart..at least this has not knocked my asthma out, which is a blessing.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

All quiet on the North Western front

My two boys have flown the nest, only for a holiday, but they are both away for a month.
There's only Samantha and me here, and Sam is off to another festival before long. It's my birthday soon, and next week is looking to be very busy. Hospital appointments, meetings, and then enrichment at school, as well as another canal trip.
We've had some very warm weather here these last few days, today though it wasn't as warm, and when I went out I could feel the thunderstorm brewing. Sure enough by 4pm we had a thunderstorm. The rain has made the temperature more bearable, us Brits ain't designed for hot temps, even people with sallow, easy tan skin like mine, although I think I could easily become acclimatised. Would love chance to find out.
Been sewing something today and started another lot of knitting. I also bought the wool for the enrichment activity I am leading. Got a slightly funny look from the lady on the stall, until I explained why I wanted 20 x 100g balls of double knitting yarn.