Sunday, 21 October 2007


Here's something I didn't know, pain raises your blood pressure.
I found that out on Friday when I went for my preoperative assessment at Kendal. I don't drive too far at the moment, it was a lovely drive, but once I got there and parked it was a fair old walk in an unfamiliar hospital before I got to where I needed to be. (Oh, didn't find out about pain putting blood pressure up, until my friend B told me on Saturday.) When the nurse took my BP it was high, for me, and I was shocked, started to worry, which probably didn't do me any favours.
Anyway, that is one appointment out of the way, another one tomorrow. Then just wait for the actual operation appointment to come through, which they are saying is likely to be December.
I'm still sewing, reading, and cross stitching, so keeping well out of mischief.
My youngest, Edwin, has gone with his girlfriend to Scotland, to see her Dad, for a few days. So, it's really quiet here, just me and Samantha, and the dogs.

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