Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New blog

I have set up a new blog.
If you want to take a look, it's called Going to Extremes

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bullying and suicide

Apparently researchers have found a link between bullying and attempted and actual suicide.
I wonder how much they got paid?
Tiz logical that bullying might lead to suicide attempts, as the victim loses self worth.
It isn't just children who are bullied though, it goes on in all walks of life, and causes stress and depression in adults, as well as children.

That darn horn!

I'm sure it isn't just me who hates the sound of those horns they are blowing at the World Cup matches.
Yes! I know it's called a vuvuzela....and in the right setting it is probably a good instrument. My three all play instruments, but if they played the same note non-stop, it would get annoying. Let's hope this isn't something that catches on over here in the next season.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The sights you see when you don't have your gun!

Tonight, taking the dogs for a walk...I saw someone, female, obviously going out for the night.
She had on a sheer mini dress..in taupe or light grey, and she had chosen to wear a black bra and thong under it!?
Perhaps she wants to display what is on offer? I don't know...but feel that she should have taken more care before going out for the night.

Politics at work?

Just a short post.
Apparently one of the departments I work for, want my predecessor back! Why? Cos she is not as contentious as I am, and is quite willing to take a break and chat, rather than do her job! The person in question is lovely, but it hurts that they would want someone less efficient in place of me!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bad couple of days

Last week the doc said that I didn't need to take one lot of pills I have prescribed if I thought they were ineffectual, but put them on repeat for me just in case.
After a week without them , I have found that they were doing something.
The last two days I have had painful joints, so have started taking them again.
Because of this I haven't been very sociable. Sorry about that. I'm afraid I go into my shell when feeling ill.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Don't know if I agree with this.

This article caught my eye today.
Yes, I've read it.
I don't know if stopping hard working Eastern EU people would make any difference to the supposed "unemployment problem".
The jobs were there before the Eastern Europeans came here, they just weren't being done. The wages that some of the work for I happen to know are less than their UK counterparts, yet they manage to have a good living from the wages.
The "unemployment problem" to my mind has not been made worse by Eastern Europeans immigrating, but by many UK "unemployed" not wanting to work for meagre wages. They don't twig that if they only get basic wage they would qualify for working tax credit, possibly.
My special friend works very hard for his wages, working at least 12 hours/day for the best part of six days of the week, he sleeps in the lorry he drives. HGV drivers have to be qualified to drive HGVs, so they are not unqualified. In fact, he is trained as a civil engineer, specialising in heating.
He and many other immigrants from the Eastern EU are educated to as good, if not better level than their contemporaries in the jobs they do here. Also many of them speak more than one language. Learning to speak English is not an easy task, but, perhaps I should leave that for the subject of another blog?
To my knowledge the country is not in possession of a giant time machine, to go back in time and put right what Ed Balls considers they did wrong, but surely the UK can put measures in place to prevent an influx of poorly educated migrants. However, my argument here is, only the better educated will be willing to risk uprooting themselves for a better standard of living, as we continually see by losing our highly trained UK citizens to better paid posts in foreign countries. And..if we curb immigrants, it would be only right that other countries should curb theirs in response. I believe a lot more thought needs to go into any future potential policies. Perhaps it is a good job that even if Ed Balls becomes leader of his party, he will not immediately be PM, but Shadow PM.
Discussion on important policies is necessary between all parties, and I hope our coalition government continues to implement this proposal.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

guess who I saw?

The other day I was on my way to the doctor's when I couldn't believe my eyes!
I saw the subject of this "toon" crossing the road by the Battery! Cat Face's old lady is not fictitious! She's alive and well and living in Morecambe!
For any of you who aren't sure who I mean, follow this link, to Cat Face's Old Lady.
And YES! I really did see an old lady who looks just like that. Couldn't stop myself laughing