Sunday, 31 July 2011

Been catching up on sleep

Have been a terrible blogger lately. I have just been so tired, that catching up on sleep has taken priority to practically everything else. Any hoo! I am now a week into my long summer break, and think I am beginning to be on the winning side of my tiredness.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Strange things about me

When I'm ironing, towels just get folded, as do tea towels,and sheets, and even underwear....but for some reason I ALWAYS iron my handkerchiefs
I think it might be a throw-back know well brought up young ladies always have a freshly laundered handkerchief.
I really don't know why I do this, but do know it is quite an odd quirk.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

what a fix!

I haven't watched "From Popstar to Opearstar" for the entire series, but I have spotted that the entire thing is to me a fix.
Take Tonight. Joesph sung a very demanding piece, and from what I saw very well, whilst Joe sang an easy piece. Surprise, surprise....Joe gets through. The Joe in question to my knowledge has had no success as a popstar, since he won whatever "reality" TV show .
No disrespect to him...but...he is young, and he can undoubtedly sing, yet has made no impact on the "pop" world, perhaps opera is where he will find "proper" fame..rather than the dubious fame a "reality" TV show winner experiences?
That's enough of me grumbling....the show is a fix...but it has helped me appreciate opera.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm very pleased.

Oliver has finished his Masters in Physics, and has got a first. I'm very pleased for him. I knew he could do it.
He came home last Saturday, and yesterday he flew to Northern Ireland to visit a friend he made whilst at Uni, after spending the weekend with Steph, he's planning on taking the train down to Dublin. As he puts it, "I might as well do while I'm there!"

New baby

My neighbour has had her baby. It's her second and she's been lucky in having a girl this time. I know she wanted a girl. So now I have to sew buttons on one of the baby jackets I have been making. Also another colleague has had her baby, another girl, and another neighbour has had a baby girl, too. Later on I'll post on my craft blog Fidgetty Fingers with a picture
There is a picture of the baby hats I have been making. As Edwin is having a "get together" tonight I may get around to posting a picture later on today, because at 18, I think they don't really need me around so much....perhaps just to produce a bit of something to eat around 10pm.