Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Big Smile

As I posted on here a few weeks back. I have finished my first ever patchwork quilt. I used the step by step idiot proof "lessons" online at Sew a quilt, and when you have finished, you can send in a photo of your finished quilt. So mine's on there. Amongst all the USA ones. It's a lovely little quilt, the only complaint I have had from daughter about it is....."It could do with being bigger so you could snuggle under it when cold". At the moment it's on the back of the rocking chair, it makes leaning back a little comfier. So, I suppose that is another thing to be added to my list, the mental one, bigger quilt to snuggle under when cold.
At the moment I'm making t-shirts, the pattern isn't quite as straight forward as I would expect a t-shirt pattern to be, it's got a fancy over lay on the bodice top, looks nice though.
I think my next project will be making something for someone extra special to me, for his Xmas present.
The link to the quilt site is at the side.

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