Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Not recommended, part 1

One thing I don't think you should do, unless you are the Duracell Bunny's closest relative, is stay up late...real late.
It was half past two this morning when I went to bed. Not so bad I hear you say..odd late night never hurt anyone, But I'd been up before 8am!...not done that since I used to deliver milk!
Noooooo....I get up fairly early most days..around 7 on a weekday/workday.
So...I'd been up 18 hours..and with my ankle as it is...it wore me out.

so!!!! to sum up, number one on my not recommended list is getting up early, being busy all day, then going to bed real late.

Might think of some more...

Lastly, why did I stop up late?
Oliver went out and as he's been set on twice by chavs, I was worried, but tiredness won.

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