Sunday, 27 February 2011

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it

The government, in their "infinite" wisdom, are considering putting our clocks forwards what amounts to an extra hour.
The purpose, they say, is to give us longer evenings. But it will also result in darker mornings in the winter.
Perhaps they should forget about trying to put our time equal to that of Europe! After all the Greenwich Meridian runs right through London. We have to have time zones.
These policies are being made by people from the south of the UK. Here in the North West, we have around three months of it still being light after 9pm. In fact if the day is good, and there is very little cloud, it can stay fairly light until 10.30pm. We have sunsets here, that take a long time from start to finish. Further North in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, you may not see the sun actually set in Summer, I know they also have much shorter daylight hours in winter. For just ONCE, can the politicians take into consideration the rest of the UK....above Watford Gap? Taking the clocks forward two hours at the end of March might suit the Southerners, but in the long run it could, and most possibly will create more problems than it solves.
There is NOTHING wrong with our current GMT and BST, it isn't broken, so please don't try to fix it!
And, as an afterthought, you can bet sure as eggs are eggs, this looney policy will be rejected by the Scottish Parliament! So, that would effectively divide the country, if it does, please can we be Scottish here?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mediation in divorce

This story caught my eye on Yahoo's front page.
When I went through my divorce around 10 years back, I was obliged to go to mediation, as I was getting legal aid. But most of the divorce went through quite easily, with very little acrimony.
At the time I did not like the mediation sessions, I will say that they did help sort quite a few things out, with just a neutral third party present , and probably a lot quicker than they would have taken in court.
Who the children were to live with, and visiting the other parent, plus some nit-picky small issues were sorted.
I hope that people who are advised to follow this course find it useful, although I can't understand why it has taken so long to filter upwards.....perhaps solicitors did not point this option out to fee payers?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday off!

I don't work Wednesday any more! I still work 30 hours, but over 4 days instead of 5.
Today I had mental plans...go into Lancaster, go to Waterstones and Mung Mee. I did this and extra...I also went to Fabrix..initially to enquire about lace for a fascinator...for a colleague, but then I returned after doing my other jobs...candles/books and a visit to Mung Mee.
I had seen some canvas with "Banksy" inspired designs. I bought a metre of both the black/white option and the coloured option. I intend to make messenger type bags for Edwin for his art equipment. I also bought him some drawing pens!

On another thread! Advert on local radio!....A romantic weekend every month ...for two people!".....Duh!!! surely a weekend away every month for a year on your own ain't romantic...unless you are seriously narcissistic.
I just cringe when I hear some adverts these days.