Friday, 25 July 2008

Winding up the school year.

When you were a kid, you'd think..."great, nearly summer holidays!" and probably think that the school were just unwinding prior to the summer break. I don't know about other schools, but the department I work for have been getting things ready for the return to school in September Yes, the classes have been more relaxed, but there's been loads of preparation done. To me, it is the busiest time of the school year, not the most relaxed. Mind you unwrapping huge rolls of fleece fabric and cutting it into lengths for next year's groups is lovely. As I don't order the fleece I never know what is in the rolls until I unpack them.

I've been tired from adjusting to full time work again, and my ankle has been slightly achy.

What else has been happening?

Well, Oliver and Samantha have been off to festivals, Samantha is off to another on Tuesday. Then, they are both working Leeds festival at the end of the month.

As promised there are photos of the Kite Festival, and I have made two more of the fish bags.

And, been doing loads of reading, which I am trying to remember to enter on the book blog.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

It WAS my birthday!!!!

Well, this last week I have been busy at work again, and on Thursday, it was my birthday.
Still managed to get a couple of swims in, doing a decent amount of swimming each time.
My birthday....dunno why...I enjoyed it in a low key way, got some lovely presents, and a very special card from a very special person in my life.
The weather this week has been rubbish, most of the time, although not too rubbish. It tended to rain in the mornings, and had clear up by 11am. But getting washing dry was a pain.
I got a pressie from OLD BEAN, which I am sure will get some use during the summer break from school.
Well, the Kite Festival has come around again, and provided the wind doesn't drop completely, it should be good day tomorrow. Will try to get some photos and post them on here.
Oh!!! and before I disappear, my wall cupboards are up in the ktchen, at long last, just need to fasten the spice rack on the inside of one of the doors.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sorry, again!

I can't believe it is over a month since I posted something.
Oh, well, time has been flying past here, and I didn't realise.
Right, what has been going on.
I'm now back at work on my full hours, and for three days last week the entire school were "off timetable", for "enrichment". How this worked, the teachers offered to run short sessions in areas that interested them, and the pupils were allowed to choose what they wanted to do. This had all been set in place prior to me going back to work.
The activities/sessions the pupils could choose from ranged from cycling to relaxation classes, cookery to bard games, various sporting activities to fishing. During the three days all the pupils were very quiet and happy, so were the staff. Design Technology were off timetable an extra day ...nearly as well, as there were year 5 children from the feeder primary schools in, for Toplink Sports Festival, (or something like that.) During these DT is always involved.
Other things have been going on as well, I have managed to figure out how I can still fit my swim in, whilst working. It means going into work and hour earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that then frees up an hour between 12 and 1 for a swim.
Oliver is back from Uni, and both Samantha and Oliver are off randomly to music festivals over the summer, working.
I have to tell you the quote of Enrichment week.
One year 7 girl was asked, did you enjoy your activity, she said it was rubbish, when asked why, she answered, "All I did was fall asleep", when asked what she had chosen, she answered "Relaxation". These pupils are the future? Who knows?
Another little fact has emerged. One group made "garden furniture", and part of the seats they made were made up from slats of wood with various "signature" insertions. (A circle hollowed out, then random abjects put in, and set in resin) After just one day of these seats being in place, it has been noticed that ants were eating their way through the resin to get at sweets in some hollows. These ants aren't "super" ants, they are just ordinary little black ants, you know the kind that always know where the picnic is.
There's loads of other stuff that has gone on over the last few weeks, but it would be too long a post I might write more soon.