Sunday, 26 February 2012

What do people expect?

When all you've ever had from some people all your life is to be pushed aside, or ignored, or left to cope on your own, do the very people who have done that to you expect you to do as you are told, fit in and ask for help coping?
This is what has happened to me lately. And to be perfectly frank, I am finding it difficult enough coping alone without having to "share" with others...who I am sure haven't suggested me "sharing" with them for my own good, but suspect that they want me to "share" with them so that I can shoulder their "upsets and concerns", rather than have chance to share mine.
I have always tried to put others first, but at times when I find it difficult to cope, I turn into a hedgehog, curl up inside myself and hope my prickliness will keep others away.
After all, in the past, I have mistakenly thought people were being kind to me and found out that they weren't being in a very nasty way. What I mean is I have let people get close to me, and ended up being "kicked in the teeth". It's not me that's at fault...or at least not now. It is how I was brought up, stand on my own two feet, cope with the bad stuff alone, be pushed out by others and not complain, so the very people who made me like I am should not be surprised when I react as I do.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

sleep loss

I have not been able to sleep as much these last couple of nights. After all..something bad happened while I was asleep.
Perhaps that is why I am finding it hard to sleep?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

So sad

It's never good when someone calls you in the middle of the night.
Around half an hour ago the phone rang here.
It was Mum, my Dad has died.
I can only imagine how upset she is right now. They were marrried on July 24th 1957, that's an awful long time to spend with someone.
I have just been sending massages to cousins, but will probably be awake early and ring them before they read the message.
I love my Dad and right now am very upset. 71 is no great age these days.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

dating websites AGAIN!!!!!

No, I haven't visited this one....but there is one out there that claims to "cut to the chase"....and deliver what the person wants!
The advert shows two people getting ready for a date....but...the directors/researchers/WHATEVER have not done their research right..or they are male!
As the advert shows a man and a woman going to meet each other on a "no-holds barred" date...
However, the woman is wearing stocking and suspenders.....Yes! I know...a turn on for most red-blooded males
But as someone who has regularly worn suspenders and stockings..I can only say that the woman/model has NEVER worn them in a normal situation!
After all, the suspenders should go under the panties and not over...otherwise, it is time consuming if you need to visit the bathroom..also...the panties can be removed whilst the suspenders are kept in place!
Why don't the advert makers think!

By the way...I haven't used this site or even "browsed" it. All I know of it is the erroneous ad on TV...and that puzzles it is also shown before the 9pm "watershed"

What's your Dickensian name?

You take one of your Great-grandparents name, although I heard it as grandparent, and the street name of where you first lived,or primary school name.
That makes me either Florence, or Ellen North. Using my grandmother's name as I don't know what my great-grandmother's were called.
My children would possibly have to use their primary school name for the surname, as I don't know if Slyne sounds right as a surname, unless they were Dickensian baddies.
They would be Doreen or Margaret Bolton-le-Sands, and James Bolton-le-Sands and Alan Bolton-le-Sands. I think I'd rather have them as posh Dickensians than baddie ones.
Work your Dickensian name out and leave me a comment with it, if you want.